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I would never do this in a play through, but I have to say that some of the best delivered lines in Inquisition come from Jonny Rees/ Greg Ellis in the armory scene after you tell Cullen to go back on lyrium. The heartbreak, is so palpable in the way his voice cracks in the delivery, especially when he says “are you leashed until the day you die, or lyrium takes your mind away?” It’s like Cullen knows that this will be the end of him and his actor just conveys that so well in the line delivery. 

overall Cullen is voiced so well. If anyone else voiced him I’m not sure how compelled I would have been with the character. Like especially if you romance him in the game, I love how soft he is with the delivery in the romance scenes, and how sweet his voice turns compared to the firm, resounding command he has in the war room. 

I flail. So hard.


Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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“We’ve been best friends for nearly 25 years. And he [Jude] had a great impact on my life. We shared two different flats together when we were younger. When he was younger, he was a very gregarious and outgoing individual, and I was quite shy. And he helped me overcome that. I guess that changed me.”

Ok, let’s look at the ambassador’s mail now...

*that one sound of cracking glass could be heard*

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Here’s a cool interview Thom & Jonny did with Hans