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Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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they asked jonny about the how good the young leafs are and they said “auston matthews and mitch marner” and jonny goes “i think youre missing some other names on that list” 


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Well here’s why. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: “A Beginner’s Guide to Coldplay”. Hope you all enjoy.


Edd has been standing alone in a corner watching in horror.

This is a wonderful subtle detail about how Edd feels about the kids. None of the kids ask if Edd wants to join them while watching this challenge. They’re not on his side. They’re here to watch Eddy get beat up not see him try to win.

The fandom has sparked conversations many times on whether Edd would he better off with the kids then Ed and Eddy. The kids have never given the Ed’s the respect they deserve. They have been nice to Edd, but not when it’s the three of them together.

Edd is happier with Ed and Eddy no matter what insanity they cause. They have helped him become more patient and to think for others ideas and not just his own.

Once the challenge has ended Edd immediately runs over untying Eddy’s terribly misshapen arm.

The only reason I watch this episode is for these EddEddy moments. Eddy should be glad to have a friend like Edd who bandages his wounds.

Tying into the traumatizing events that happened when he was a child Edd couldn’t do a thing after seeing the aftermath of his crazed dodgeball machine. He injured many of the kids. Now he feels that it is his duty to make someone feel better. I like this trait about Edd, but still it puts weight over his shoulders knowing he is still guilted from that memory.

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Happy Birthday A Head Full Of Dreams!
Released: December 4, 2015

“On the very first song on their very first album, Coldplay introduced themselves with a heartfelt declaration: "We live in a beautiful world.” Fifteen years and some 80 million albums sold later, the British quartet haven’t elaborated on that philosophy—they’ve just amplified it. Where massive success has a tendency to make bands more jaded and aloof, Coldplay only seem more gobsmacked and in awe of life itself. Their songs aren’t just designed to uplift, they’re often about the very sensation of being uplifted.“ x