jonnie & brookie

Then Would You Let Me?: ‘Frankie, I don’t know what I said to piss you off, but you are being way oversensitive.’

‘I’m not oversensitive. I’m just analyzing your supposedly innocent commentary.’

Her mind felt alive, like she had used it in some electric way, uncovering all the ‘nocuous’ laters in Porter’s seemingly innocuous statement. ‘You look great this year, Frankie. Don’t let him take advantage of you.’ … She had been right about what Porter really meant, she was certain she had been. (REUPLOAD/update for 2014!)

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1. Don’t Save Me - HAIM 2. Not A Pretty Girl - Ani DiFranco 3. Competition - Little Mix 4. Trouble (Acoustic) - Neon Jungle 5. Music to Make the Boys Cry - Diana Vickers 6. This One’s For You - Jonnie & Brookie 7. I Don’t Want to Be A Bride - Vanessa Carlton 8. Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson 9. Supergirl! - Krystal Harris 10. I’m Gonna Break Your Heart This Time - Kaci 11. Female President - Girl’s Day 12. Miss Movin’ On - Fifth Harmony 13. Another Love Story - Play 14. Polyester Bride - Liz Phair 15. Just A Girl - No Doubt 16. Rolling in the Deep - Misha B. 17. The First Time - Ella Henderson