Hey Clawdeen,

How’s my favorite fashonista cousin? Doing well, I hope. Not bored to death by all of the studying. Really, I’ll never see how you can do the whole school thing. If I had to do that instead of my career, I think I’d flip. Speaking of which, is it true Catty Noir is going to your school? Crazyness. More the power to her, though, I guess. I know I couldn’t do it. As it is, I’ve asked Mom and Dad to find me a new clawculous tutor. I swear my current one tries to make it boring.

Anyway, far more exciting than classes, I’ve a new album coming out this spring! Just got the photos back for the cover and had to pass along some sneak peeks because really, you can’t tell me that outfit isn’t to die for!

This is the cover:

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