jonn watson


Sherlock and John growing old together

Sherlock and John packing things into boxes and having to decide what to give away and Sherlock whining because he wants to keep everything

Sherlock and John saying final goodbyes to Baker Street

Sherlock and John saying goodbyes to Mrs.Hudson, giving them her some little updates on their life together, thanking her one last time for everything, and leaving some flowers by her grave

Sherlock’s eyes lighting up with childlike excitement explaining for the fiftieth time about the bees on the train and John’s smile lines deepening as he listens

Sherlock and John unpacking
Sherlock turning up his nose to being nostalgic then immediately exclaiming about some random pen and how it helped them solve a case years ago

Sherlock and John dancing all around after they’ve settled into their cottage

John looking through their marriage album and Sherlock blinking a lot and clearing his throat because even after all this time he’s so grateful and so in love because in the end, after everything, He Chose Him

John running his fingers through Sherlock’s silver, refusing to let him dye it

Sherlock getting self-conscious about losing his figure and John kissing every inch of him and reminding him he’s perfect

Sherlock refusing to use a cane for a long time and just always holding onto John

Sherlock and John being cute old gay nerds