jonn snow

super friend lyrics!!

At times like these when life is getting me down,
and life seems like it’s gonna end-ship
There’s at least one power that we both still have,
and that’s the power of friendship!

I’m your superfriend,
your superfriend,
I’ll be there in the nick of time if you’re ever in a spot,
and if you’re not there in time, you can just go back in time, 
and give it another shot!

I’m your superfriend,
when you need a compliment I can rattle off a dozen,
for instance, I have to say I’m not impressed by your more famous cousin

I’m your superfriend,
when it comes to buddies, pal, you’re the best!
I love you more than the lightning bolt I wear on my chest,
If you’re sad I’ll bring you flowers,
and you can list soprano as one of your powers!

If you’re ever broke, 
I’ve got the cash.
On my couch, 
you’re welcome to crash!
If you need a hand,
I’ll be there in a flash!

I’m your super, that has a double meaning, friend!

i can also add the things that they said in between singing if anyone wants ok cool