aam5ever  asked:

Risewood ship

!!!!!!! YES AAM YES!!!

Gives nose/forehead kisses ryan
Gets jealous the most ryan
Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive ryan
Takes care of on sick days ryan
Drags the other person out into the water on beach day jon
Gives unprompted massages jon
Drives/rides shotgun ryan drives, jon’s shotgun and does everything in his power to distract him from the road
Brings the other lunch at work jon
Has the better parental relationship jon
Tries to start role-playing in bed ryan
Embarrassingly drunk dancer CAN You IMAGINE JON DRUNKEnlY DAncING
Still cries watching Titanic ryan
Firmly believes in couples costumes ryan
Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas jon
Makes the other eat breakfast jon
Remembers anniversaries jon
Brings up having kids ryan