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How long after the war do you think Sakura was promoted to Jonin? Was it immediately after (because I have a feeling Shikamaru became a Jonin immediately after), a year after, or around the time before The Last (2 years after)? Do you think she was already a Jonin right before Sasuke left for his trip of redemption? I'd like to headcanon that it was immediately after, that the village acknowledged her great abilities and contribution to the war and that Tsunade promoted her rank, not Kakashi.

I’d say maybe around a couple of months afterwards. Because obviously, Sakura and Shikamaru already had the skills to be Jounin, but unlike Naruto, they also had the general knowledge required for the rank as well. But I think that the village and it’s leaders maybe had a few things they wanted to take care of first before giving Shikamaru and Sakura their promotions.

I’m not sure why I feel that way though, it’s every bit as likely that they were promoted immediately after the war, like you said :)