joni mattis


humans challenge, week 4, day 2: prequels
this is a prequel to @lightsaberlesbian’s college au

“I thought you said sport wasn’t your thing,” Odi said, combining raised eyebrows with that gentle smile he had, so she could never quite tell if he was being serious or not.

“It isn’t, really,” said Mattie, twirling her spoon in her drink. “But I have a friend on the cheer squad, and…” She braced herself to reveal the one fact she’d been specifically hiding from her football-obsessed, jock boyfriend for almost four months. “My mom’s the, uh, the basketball coach. So I go to the important matches as, like… an apology for the fact that I have never even slightly wanted to be in one.”

Odi gave a low whistle. “Your mom’s the coach? At Highbridge? Do you realise that basically makes you basketball royalty around here?”

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