Serpent Children: omg this is so exciting we get to go to a real school and have an actual chance at a proper education

Jughead Jones, who has been a serpent for about a week: uuuuuuuummm, but what about my jacket??? This is oppression.

Round #4 of these Hollow Knight doodles i’ve been doing. Of this batch, my favourites are Iselda & Cornifer, with Joni & Ghost being a close second.

My least favourite was Zote, of course, lol

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Bughead is annoying the fuck outta of me.

They’re gonna break up AGAIN because Betty lied. 

Where’s the honesty? the trust?

The whole ‘darkness’ thing is SO CRINGE. 


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If( more like when) Bughead break up AGAIN I hope they stay broken up.

DOn’t come @ me like “if you hate it so much don’t watch the show!!11!!1!”

I’ll watch what I want. I’ll talk shit and criticise the things that I think need it. 

Riverdale is basically my fictional/drama trash [reality] tv show. 

Mon 1 July pt 2/2


Anyways Louis isn’t the only one coming back online to tweet after a weekend away at the festival, the Glastonbury content is pouring in now! We got pictures of Louis (sing that to the tune of Pictures of Lily please in honor of Louis’ Who shirt) and much excitement about A) seeing his face, B) him being in the main crowd as reported yesterday (also with 8 lads, as reported), C) finding out a few of the acts he saw (Vampire Weekend, Liam Gallagher, the Streets, well no surprises there), and D) fan fave Hot Luke bring present. Why is he a fan fave you ask? Because, you guessed it, he’s hot, no need to look too deep. Also cause he’s never done anything particularly annoying, it’s a pretty low bar. Eleanor and two other girls (and bodyguard Joni) were present but not counted in the crew of eight, nor shown in the pics posted by the lads. Also today, Louis has been nominated for celeb mix ‘star of the summer’ and 'best fandom’- voting opens Thurs.

We got festival pics of Niall as well, with fans and with friends, Niall with Lewis Capaldi, and it was reported that he elbowed someone during the Lumineers set then told them not to cry! Lol. Today he shared some snaps of him and the boys recovering and decompressing and him croaking with his voice totally gone and he said he’d love to play the festival sometime.

Deadline reports that Harry is one of four people who screen tested last weekend for the lead role in Baz Lurhmann’s Elvis biopic. They say the casting will be announced next week. Splash News reported that the pics of Harry in Brooklyn on the 29th were of him showing up to a Rolling Stones photoshoot where he was interviewed by Rob Sheffield but then quickly deleted, but because HSD picked it up and repeated it it’s being taken as fact. While it’s true that HSD are occasionally given material to distribute by HSHQ we know for a fact they don’t run every little thing by them, evidenced by the fact that they make mistakes and have to run corrections just as much as any other UA. But if Harry is being interviewed by Rob, it should be cool, he’s always been a big supporter of Harry (and Louis).

Hugo posted more Liam content, today another pic with a shirt that makes it look like he’s wearing a collar, this is apparently a Thing, and a little interview about the clothes- he’s wearing a shirt with cute bears on it and says there will be items featuring his chevron tattoos which sounds umm awesome actually sooooo this media blitz might be working, I’m looking forward to seeing this stuff! It will be available to buy July 4 on IG for 24 hours, then as a normal release after that. They also opened up a Liam AMA- answers tomorrow I guess?