❗ “If you’re my wife there’s a reason” - When you’re jealous of Yesung ‘cause of others female idols and your insecurities.  

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  • omg very long and overdue
  • but here’s a new group
  • they’re called black6ix
  • from the thumbnail they look pretty cool
  • let’s see
  • yikes is this angsty
  • “please please please”
  • “i have nothing”
  • okay so this is about a guy that is in love with a girl and they’re super in love with each other, but the guy is tired?
  • oh the camera spins
  • a whole lot of camera control
  • the rapper’s good
  • the choreo looks pretty easy
  • “you are perfect to me, you are enough”
  • the dude with dreads is super into this
  • i wish they would look at the camera more
  • this is pretty catchy
  • you you you
  • that main vocal omg
  • holy this is so sad
  • omg

It’s like a super good mix of error by vixx and fiction by beast. I like it because it has old kpop feels (synths and all).

Give this song a chance; you might like it!


yesung ; aesthetic

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Yesung is your old brother (you are 22) and Ryeowook is your bridegroom

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❗ When you say to Heechul that your daughter want to be with Yesung and she’ll marry him one day 

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Yesung - Paper Umbrella

The song is so soothing and beautiful, and the MV is gorgeous to look at. But the best part is definitely Yesung and his amazing voice. It never fails to put me at ease, relaxing me and making me smile. Please love this song, give it a lot of views and show Yesung how amazing his music is. I still feel so sad that Yesung didn’t get a win with Here I Am, and I want this comeback to be his chance at getting his first win. However, if that happens again hopefully Yesung will know his music is still beautiful and we love him no matter what.