∞ || [Mem] Where it all began || Minwoo & Jonghyun

“How did it all start?” Minwoo hummed to himself. He played with the pen in his hands as his crimson eyes stared into the nothingness of the night. It was over seven months ago, and yet that day still was clear in his memories. Something he never wanted to forget, never. And yet, even though it was now maybe clear, one day it wouldn’t be. Maybe after he had died, when one of his friends would wonder how it all began. Or maybe they wouldn’t, and this would end up in the Academy’s library and one day, a young demon would find it and read it. Someone would have to read it, someone would have to remember. Someone would have to remember them, and him

It all started months ago when the sun was high in the sky and the clouds were hiding for the rays of gold.

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jongwoo  asked:

i don't even understand why that argument even happened, you're not trying to fit jonghyun to white beauty standards because you didn't change his eye colour, and if she thinks you did, you didn't do something drastic like going from brown to red or something like that. his eyes were blue, the end. plus she said "Tho tbh. Since we’re talking about idols here. Do you honestly think they have total control over that as well?" I'm pretty sure jonghyun has a control on what he puts //on his eyes//