Oral With: BAP

Recommended: Dirty Talk With BAP

Rated: M

Warnings: oral

If you don’t like smut, don’t read this.

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Giving: He is experienced. He knows exactly where to touch you and exactly how to use his mouth to bring you the most amazing pleasure you’ve ever felt. He loves to eat you out from behind so he can get delicious handfuls of your ass.  He’s so in tune with you he knows exactly when to back off and tease you before you can cum. He wants to hear you whimper and beg just a little longer before giving in and letting you cum all over his tongue.

Receiving: He is rough. His hands tangle in your hair and hold your head as he fucks himself into your throat. His deep ass moans reverberate through the room. He’s pretty vocal, growling out your name and moaning. When he cums, it’s in your throat with a shout of your name. Afterwards, he’ll stroke your hair  and tell you what a good girl you are for him.


Giving: He is passionate. Moaning into your pussy as he licks every single inch of you. He loves your taste. His tongue laps at your core, taking great care to get every drop you give him. He’s whispering soft praises the entire time. Telling you you’re so good to him.  

Receiving: He’s soft. His hand is constantly touching your hair, and caressing any skin he can access from his position. He takes his cock out of your mouth and gentle taps it on your tongue with a dirty smirk on his face. When he cums, its on your face and his head is tossed back with a low, husky whine of your name.


Giving: He is eager. He’ll drop to his knees the second you ask for his mouth. He’ll pin your legs down so he can get the perfect angle to your pussy. His tongue laves over you, eager to make you cum. He loves to make you cum. He lives for it. He thinks you’re the most beautiful when you cum.  

Receiving: He is talkative. He’s constantly giving you praises and soft words of encouragement. He’ll be calling you beautiful and all sorts of compliments. He won’t shut up unless he’s moaning. His moans are a work of art as well, you won’t ever tire of them. But they have nothing on seeing him cum. Both his hands tangle in the sheets and his mouth falls open in a long, drawn out moan.  


Giving: He is a tease. He works you up with his mouth so easily. Once he knows you’re close to cumming, and he knows the signs even if you try to hide them, he’s backing off to watch you squirm on the bed. But when he finally makes you cum, his fingers slide into you and his lips attach to your clit and you’re cumming on him and he’s grinning like a little devil with your cum on his lips.

Receiving: He’s playful and vocal. He’s whispering dirty little thing to you while his cocks down your throat. He’s a tease even when he’s at your mercy. His favorite thing to do is thrust suddenly down your throat when you least expect to just to watch you glare at him from the floor. But when he gets closer to cumming, he loses his teasing and starts giving you beautiful moans with his head throat back. He cums in your mouth and loves when you show him you’ve swallowed it all. It could probably make him hard again.


Giving: He is shy. Jonguppie is unsure in his technique and it shows at first. He’s worried he’ll do something wrong even if he’s done it millions of times before. His tongue unsurely rolls over your clit and he catches all your juices. But he doesn’t get more bold until you start whimpering his name in little begs for more. Then, he finally becomes more bold and finally makes you cum with a proud smile on his face.

Receiving: He’s needy. His pants are around his ankles before you can even finish asking to suck him off. It’s amusing. The second you get your mouth on him, he’s begging for more. His voice comes out breathless from the pleasure you’re giving him. His hands are softly in your hair, giving you soft nudges to take him deeper but never forcing you. When he cums, his whole body trembles and his back arches off the bed. He loses what control he had and cums deep in your throat, something you’ve come to grow used to. When he’s done he apologizes profusely and will most likely go down on you in return.


Giving: He is enthusiastic. He’s always up for it if you ask. Though, he prefers receiving. But he lays on his tummy between your spready legs and goes to it. He licks up every inch of you, swirling his tongue around your clit to make your body arch. He giggles a little when your fingers tangle in his hair and pull his mouth closer against you. Following your hints, he wraps his arms around your thighs and goes to town. Eager to make you cum, he sucks your clit into his mouth just the way you like and you explode for him.

Receiving: He is uncontrolled. He’s exctied to have your mouth on him. When he finally gets it, he looses any control he possible had. He wraps your hair around his fist and forces your throat down on him. He whispers out soft apologies through his pants. It takes a while to get used to giving him head but the reward it him cumming. He takes your throat off him, wraps his fist around his cock until he cums on his stomach with his back arching and broken moan falling off his lips.


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[170312 TRANS] Dongdaemun “Wake Me Up” (ROSE) Fansign Compilation

‪To. Jonguppie‬
‪Please draw a spell or charm that will help some Jongup photocards come to the me who has no Jongup photocardsㅠㅠ I want Jongup photocards…‬
JU: (see pic) [T/N: I’m guessing “4car” is short for “pho[to]card”]

‪(cr: kisskiss_628)

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Taboo | Part 3

Originally posted by bangedhim

Pairing: Jongup x Reader

Genre: Gang!AU

Summary: He was dangerous, and you knew it. Any type of relation between your kinds was absolutely forbidden. Yet that didn’t seem to stop one night from changing everything.

Warnings: Abusive situations. Mentions of violence. Bit of swearing. Umm.. also shit writing… so be warned. 

Author’s Note:  Starts in Daehyun’s POV and switches to reader’s POV. Sorry it took so long and sorry it’s shit… I’m not super inspired anymore. Anyway, I hope you guys like it. Enjoy!  - Elle <3

His darkening eyes pierced through the rear view mirror, watching as they haphazardly threw you into the backseat. He bit his lip as he watched you be sandwiched between two of his members as they all climbed into the vehicle. An unsettled feeling rested heavily in his stomach, why the fuck did it have to be you? He had a soft spot for you since high school, even in the few months since he’d left school his feelings remained. You were sweet and helpful and everything he could ever wish for. But, he had secrets and a demanding past that had landed him right where you currently were too, in the clutches of a certain Moon Jongup.

He spared one last glance your way as he revved the engine.  He knew there were more sinister intentions in your future and he couldn’t help the way his chest clenched. Jongup was one dangerous man without a shred of mercy. On more than one occasion he’d watched Jongup not even flinch while shooting someone (women and children included) pointblank if he had wanted to do so. Jongup could careless who he shot, sometimes he wondered if his boss killed for sport. Why would anyone be out so late when they knew he was out roaming? Yet here you were in the backseat of his car, and not in the way he’d always wanted you to be, because you’d been caught by one of his men. He felt a glimmer of relief however, if Jongup wanted you dead you would have been abandoned and bloody for the despicable excuse of a police force to find come sunrise. Even if you weren’t dead, he didn’t want to think of all the possibilities of horrid things his boss had in mind for your fate. He couldn’t think about it. Not when it was you. He shook his head as he sped off to the hideout. He wouldn’t let you become another news story. He could work with this. You were alive, for the meantime, he’d have to figure something out.

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