Jongup just became even more of a motherfucker

he actually staged the whole thing - having Daehyun’s girl as leverage (Dae not knowing the girl is gonna die anyways and doing what he’s told) - so Daehyun would clear Jongup’s path so no one would find out he is X.. Daehyun was just a puppet and that girl was gonna be dead from the first second

so first of all, Jongup leads Daehyun to this address “Yongsan-gu Hannam-dong 288-6″ where he gives him the next clue - stressing the whole thing with the cut off finger of Daehyun’s girl (btw pretty clever of him pressing the gun up high to Daehyun’s head, so it’s not clear to him that it’s obviously smol Jonguppie)

“Kill the sources” - which means Daehyun is forced to kill their sources where they get the profile information from (or well Himchan), explaining this scene:

In the next scene Daehyun finds out that it must be someone of his gang, because he has the picture put in his hand while he was out at their secret place with only the six of them being there

Now he is thinking about who it might be, remembering the times he was suspicious of the others:

Yongguk was burning the profile papers they got from their sources along with a bottle of phenolphthalein that is colorless unless it is put under water - then it changes to a purple and becomes visible (see picture 1)

Youngjae was taking money from their shared assests and Zelo found out, but Youngjae tries to bribe him in making them both suspicious of their motives

Jongup is just having too much fun killing people, so yeah of course VERY suspicious

Now we have a lot of suspects and a very distrusting Daehyun

NEW CASE: so the profile papers Himchan got from the now killed off source are the next targets and D-Day is 11/7.. 

they all discuss the job, when Daehyun notices the smell of Phenolphthalein on his papers:

Another message “Kill Himchan…” - so Jongup wants the leader gone (probably)

Daehyun actually is considering it (doing anything to save his girl), following Himchan, but Himchan notices and stops Daehyun. In the end it was all for nothing anyways, because right after he gets a text message with another address:

“Hannam-dong 56-4″

He runs to get her, but she’s already dead and the last text message reads


meaning Jongup’s plan succeeded as he as strewn suspicion among the others and making Daehyun believe it was Himchan as he was close by where Daehyun found the body

So what I believe now is that Jongup knew the police was gonna be there, because he actually called them there to get rid of all of them - which makes sense because he wears a bulletproof vest… it would be a hell of another plot twist if he was actually a double agent or something who turned out to be the bad guy after all and got rid of his collegues and his gang members - I would not be surprised tbh.. he shot Daehyun in the fucking neck

I don’t know why Daehyun is late to the scene though, but I hope they show it in the Director’s Cut and explain the days between the 10/20 and 11/7 a bit more

anyways… I definitely have too much time right now and just watched the MV so many times and saw reaction videos with people not getting the plot so I thought “hey why not explain”