Lolz I have 2 keys to the basement of my house back in #shinganshina just in case I lost one lolz 😆😆😆….
I also got these 2 mangas which I will read on the bus//plane


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Kpop Questions

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1. first kpop group? Big Bang
2. first kpop song? Knock out- GD & TOP
3. favorite male group? B.A.P.
4. favorite female group? Miss A, SISTAR, Secret
5. favorite solo artist? Ailee, Zion T.
6. favorite kpop song? One Candle- g.o.d.
7. favorite kpop mv? ONE SHOT and Angel- B.A.P., I don’t need a man- Miss A, Just Right- GOT7
8. favorite kpop ballad?  All of You- Jooyoung
9. catchiest tune? Shake it- SISTAR
10. best male dancer? Jongup, Zelo,  
11. best female dancer? Mint, Jia
12. best male vocalist? Jooyoung, Zion. T, Daehyun, Kyungsoo
13. best female vocalist? Ailee, Lim Kim
14. best male rapper? Tablo
15. best female rapper? Cheetah
16. best male leader? Yongguk 
17. best female leader?  Hyorin 
18. current song you’re listening to?Apparently- J.Cole
19. previous song you listened to? Coma- B.A.P.
20. next song you’ll be listening to? I’m in a Maxwell mood so…
21. current kpop group addiction? Ummm….. I guess it would be watching real got7 every week.
22. current kpop song addiction? Just Right- GOT7
23. female kpop bias? Bora *does the berney* 
24. male kpop bias? Zelo
25. hottest male idol? Rome
26. hottest female idol? Nana
27. cutest male idol? Woozi and Yoongi 
28. prettiest female idol? -__- How do you expect me to answer this question? 
29. cutest maknae? Youngji
30. MBC, KBS, or SBS? SBS
31. are you active on allkpop? Whet det… Nah
32. which fandoms are you a part of? I’m in fandoms. I’m a part of many fandoms *in my Drake voice*
33. which kpop forum are you most active on? None
34. what is your favorite korean drama? Moon Embracing the Sun, Good Doctor, and Fool’s love

This is not B.A.P. biased at all…. anyway I tag: 

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jongup slaying everyone's life with his moves