jongup lost puppy

Pairing: OT6

Genres: Fluff 

Word Count: depends on the member

Sentence:  3 - “I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.”

Authors note: Too the person who requested this: I wrote it in small for OT6, but feel free two write me again and request an expansion and I will do it.

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It was your favorite time of the week. Movie night with your long time boyfriend Yongguk. You were laying together on the couch of your shared apartment, you in his arms and Tigger to his feet, softly snoring, watching an old black-white movie.

“Want to know something, Gukkie?”, you asked him, tilting your head to look up at him.

“What is it?”, he gave you a curious look.

“I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.” With that simple sentence, that came from the bottom of your heart you made that sometimes scary looking man blush and letting out an embarrassed laugh.

“Don’t worry. I’m strong, I’ll always protect you.”, Yongguk answered after he collected himself a little, only to blush even more.


To be honest, you were the bad cook in your relationship with Himchan. Your mother complained since moving out, that you are a bad cook and since you have a boyfriend it only got worse. ‘You can’t let that poor guy cook.’

So today is the day. You asked Himchan to teach you cooking. Not lobster 5 stars menu, just simple.

What started out good ended bad. Every second he was behind you, looking what you were doing, since you had the talent of either hurting yourself or doing it terribly wrong.

“NO! Not that! We need salt, not sugar.”

“Carefull! That’s hot. You can’t touch it like that.”

“God, you will kill yourself if you continue like that! You are worse than Bbang. Don’t be so carefree.”

“I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.”


Your boyfriend was a kpop idol. You had no problem with it, even if his schedules were busy he always found time for you. The fans also accepted you and supported your relationship, but as always there were a few fans complaining that you stole their oppa.

Daehyun as the food lover he is had the idea to visit a new restaurant to celebrate his musical debut with you. Of course you went with him. After dinner you decided to take a short walk in the park. Daehyun of course got recognized a lot, people taking photos of him and you, but no-one approaching you.

During walking you leaned up and whispered into his ear. “I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.” He would love that you relayed and trusted him that much. He would just stop walking only to kiss you and mumble a shy thank you.


Youngjae loves his friends, but sometimes they can get too much. Especially Daehyun. Not even Youngjae is that bad. Today you were over at the dorm, all members coming together and Daehyun had only one goal for today: teasing you and his best friend.

“Youngjae, how even did she end up with you?”

Of course Daehyun didn’t mean to hurt his friend, but it was getting on Youngjaes nerves. Later that day you were cuddled up with Youngjae in bed, just enjoying each others presence, while he still was sulking.

“Can you please stop sulking?”, you asked him with a slight tone of annoyance.

“No. How can he say that you did a mistake by dating me.”

“Jae, please. I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.”

“You are right. He is just jealous.”


Four days ago Jongup and you moved tougher. Like every couple that moves in you went to ikea. Jongup as the lost puppy he is, just followed you around and let you buy whatever you wanted.

At home was coming the “fun” part. Put together the furniture. You wanted to help him, but Jongup insisted he can do it all on his own. Soon it was growing late and still 2 shelfs and various small stuff still needed to be put together.

“Uppie, please let me help you.”

“No, I can do it.”

“Don’t be so stubborn.”

“What if you hurt yourself?”

“How should I hurt myself? This is ikea. And also I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.”

Putting together the furniture was soon forgotten, since you had now a cuddly bear full of muscles hanging on you.


You personally weren’t the most trained person, but somehow Junhong succeed bringing you along with him to the fitness studio and work out. Better he worked out and you sat there and wrote WhatsApp on your phone, but at least you were there. You put your phone away, watching him a little work out. Not gonna lie, his body changed extremely the last weeks. His muscles became more, his arms stronger, abs now clearly visible. Not that you minded it. Junhong noticed your staring and decided to take a short break and walked over to you. You handed him his water bottle as he wiped his sweat.


“No problem. I know this is random, but I really want to tell you this: I just feel safe with you. Like nothing bad can happen.” You couldn’t have said something more beautiful to him. Often he is still considered as a baby, but now he felt like a real man, that could protect his girlfriend whatever it costs.

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(Part 1) Imagined Daehyun leaving the venue after his last show and all of B.A.P are waiting for him with roses and congratulating him on his performance, surprising him that they attended his last performance without him knowing. They take him out to eat and celebrate before their comeback,

(Part 2) but Daehyun gets mad drunk and starts wondering away from them, singing and dancing his musical in the streets and Youngjae is collecting tips, Himchan is trying to make Daehyun drink coffee to sober up, Bang is pinching the bridge of his nose, Jongup is a lost puppy somewhere else, and Zelo is doing an instagram live during all this because it’s natural for him to do that at 3am.

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