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Imagine if Jongup was actually older than Himchan and Yongguk and all this time all the members have been picking on him. Jongup’s revenge is to revel that he is actually the oldest and now all the members need to bow down to him.

B.A.P being busy on your birthday but surprise you

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Yong Guk

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I don’t see Yongguk surprising so often and if he did it will be a real surprise. After telling you he had a tight schedule, you didn’t say anything about your birthday and you were sad but telling him you’ll always support him, but he’s not the type of people who forget something important like your birthday so he tried his best to finish his work early and went to bought a cake, not to mention that he bought the gift you wanted for a long time and everything is ready and perfect. He texted you to make sure you were awake and he told you that he’s very sorry for being unable to be with you on this important day, you told him it’s ok and you’re gonna take a shower. He was very excited to see you and surprise you. He entered your home secretly and you were taking a shower so he sets up everything and there you got out from the bath to see him sitting there smiling at you. “Happy birthday baby, I hope you liked the surprise” he walked forward you and kiss you.


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Himchan decided everything from a long time, he knew he might be unable to be with you on your day but he told everybody that he can’t miss your day and make you feel lonely and you know how he nagging and everybody get bored from him so they tell him to go already. You were partying with your friends as it was planned. He knows all your friends and he told them to make everything ready before he comes in the midnight to celebrate with you and your friends. He apologized to you billion times even though you tell him that you understand and it’s not like he can do anything. While you’re partying with your friends, you felt there’s something fishy and they’re not telling you anything but there Himchan surprise you with a back hug “I wasn’t late right? Happy birthday, baby” he turns you to face him and give you a quick kiss.


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He’s a busy man but now BAP comeback and he has to work all the day long, of course, he didn’t forget your birthday and he told you that he had a talk show in that night and he will be very late so you don’t have to wait for him, he was more sad than you because he was preparing for your birthday for a month and now he won’t be able to stay with you. Suddenly he had a call and from his manager who told him not to come because the MC is sick and they canceled the show for tonight, he was extremely happy and he decided to surprise you so he went to his home and called you to tell you he forgot to turn off the oven so you hurried up to his home and everything was dark but suddenly you saw candles and there were Daehyun and your best friend singing for you but he stop singing because he was laughing hard at your reaction. He stopped laughing and he placed his hand on your cheek“I wish you a happy birthday, baby. let’s spend this night together” he pulled you into a kiss.


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Yongjae was filming the new MV with the members and he couldn’t dash to go and see you but then he had a great idea, he told the staff that he didn’t saw you for more than a week and today is your birthday so he will tell you to come and surprise you in the studio, you know when Yongjae wants something he will do it and he win over the stuff so they prepared a whole party for you in the studio and he went with Daehyun to buy a cake for you. He let Daehyun call you and he told you that you have to come immediately and when you arrived there wasn’t anyone and suddenly the lights went on and everyone in the studio was singing for you but you can’t see Yongjae, he appeared between the staff and walked toward you holding the cake “Make a wish” he said then added “Wish to be with me forever” he whispered and you laughed lightly. After you put out the candles, he kissed your forehead “Happy birthday, baby”.

Jong Up

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He was very busy on making the dance with Zelo and he had to finish it by tomorrow but he told you to sleep early so you can party with him tomorrow and hang out with your friends. He wasn’t able to concentrate on making the new dance for the next comeback and then he told Zelo to continue tomorrow and he will come early to finish it on the time. He runs to your home, holding the gift he bought for you, when he arrived he looked at your peaceful face while you’re sleeping, he didn’t want to wake you up but he really wanted to see your reaction so he kissed you until you woke up and you pushed him lightly in a surprise. “Happy birthday to you baby, I couldn’t concentrate on making the dance because I wanted to be with you on this special night”


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This guy was more excited for your birthday than you and he told everyone, he even prepared everything but he forgot about BAP’s comeback and when he remembered he kept apologizing to you. He didn’t know what to do so he asked his manager if he can go to see you but the manager told him he can’t so he was very sad then Himchan saw him like that and asked him what’s wrong so Zelo told him everything, Himchan understood Zelo’s feeling and told him to go and he will be the blamed one, Zelo thanked Himchan and run to your home while you were partying with your family and friends. When he arrived he walked toward you and you were too surprise to talk, without a word he kissed you “Baby, happy birthday, I hope I make it at the time” he whispered then realized everyone is looking at him and he got embarrassed so he pulled you to go outside and stay a few minutes with you before promising you he will try to finish early and come back to you.

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