How relaxed are Dutch people?

Today there was a big fire/explosion at a chemical company and it’s still not put out. Newschannels are going crazy. It’s in de south of The Netherlands and the winds makes the chemical cloud go north. The goverment is actually scared that it’s bad for your health, although measures have comfirmed that there are no chemical gasses in the air.

So, I just went on Twitter and guess what I saw. You would expect something dramatic or sad, but no, we keep it cool like the ‘New Kids’GROTE VUURBAL JONGUH (which means BIG FIREBAL DUUUDE) is worldwide trending number 1. How chill are we? B)

* I really wanna know who came up with that TT :P *

It'ss 3:10 am and I just got back from celebrating Dutch carnaval at a club dressed as England together with Femke dressed as Scotland im fyckin crying this was absolutel y hilarious omfg we even got pizza afterwards and we had to carry Femke’s bicycle back home im done