jongtae vamp au where


what do we kno abt jinki we kno that he’s hot I’m not saying more uwu


ugh let’s go inside before it stops raining do i have to give you that burning in hell for eternity talk again??

i don’t have that much to say on this except that i now have an entire freaking list with all the comics i’ve doodled and still plan on doodling for this au, in order and everything what am i even doing anymore otl

↳ more comics of taemin the whimpy vamp from katrina’s jongtae au where uwu 


like what a rude fucking hedgehog it’s not like everyone can just make fun of this nerd that’s mY jo b nd pri vil e ge >___>

i have made a jongtae vamp au where masterlist uwu

“don’t u have real friends kibum”
“fuck off jonghyun u tried to steal ur dog from heaven”
“taemin r u telling stories about me?? >:c”

#7 and #12: vamp taem and kibum the human hanging out in winter clothes; for petitesheep 


more adventures of taem the noob vamp and his companion jong (based on katrina’s vamp au where uwu)

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introducing kibum yes hello

and no, taem still refuses to drink blood, especially from someone who insults Oaky >_>


“c h an g e th i s i m e a di a t e l y p l s”

“whaat but i haven’t even put on the collar yet :o jong r u okay??”

[[[[sweating intensifies]]]]

im not joking when i say almost all the looks r based off of the ones he’s actually had u kno not just the ones i post a pic with uwu

day #26 of the jongtae vamp au where makeover special :3


“jong i think i heard the door go

~~~~~ring ding dong~~~~~~~”

“ur never listening to that boy group in my house again”

it’s try #10 of the jongtae vamp au where makeover special hhheh

taem thinks jong looks a lot like that one guy from that band tho