Jongnu/Jonggak/Bosingak by Nezua 
Built in 1396, the 5th year of King Taejo’s reign, and named Jongnu/Jonggak. Jongnu informed the people of the opening and closing times of the city gates. The morning bell was rung 33 times, which symbolizes the 33 cheon (heaven) of Buddhism. The evening bell was rung 28 times, which symbolizes the 28 su (locations of stars) of the constellation. Jongnu was originally located in Insa-dong, but moved to its current location in King Taejong’s reign. The belfry was burnt down and rebuilt many times due to fires and wars. The bell traced back to 1468 is currently exhibited in the National Museum. The current bell was newly made and mounted in 1985. Bosingak has a great historical significance as the center of Delcaration of Indpendence in 1919 and the venue of the first anniversary of the Independence Movement of March 1, 1919.

This was just down the street from the hotel we stayed in.