Joonyoung’s message to congratulate his favorite hyung on his special day.

Jongmin was crying so much.

Taehyun was crying so much.

The staff was crying so much.

The whole 1N2D fandom was basically just bawling their eyes out at this moment haha…. ha…. aaaah… T_T

This show really managed to stay on air for so long because it was made by and with such a lovely bunch of caring people!

1N2D is ♡


When you’re excited to be back but your hyungs are nothing but a big disappointment…

What a bunch of idiots hahaha!!

They should seriously be grateful for Donggu (and ashamed of themselves ‘cause they’ve known Joonyoung longer ha!)

The best part was Defconn who, not only guessed wrong and said it was the helicam director too, but he kept getting his name wrong and proceeded anyway with his reasonning, completely unphased by the others correcting him hahaha


When you’re really happy to see your old friends, but you forgot how tiring they can be….

5 minutes in and they’re already ribbing him about his girlfriend!
After a while they started calling her “sister-in-law” and requesting for a nephew….
Ruthless brothers hahaha!!

Still, everyone looked so happy to be together and Joohyuk promised he would be back on the show as a guest for a whole episode, not just for a short appearance! See you soon Gutaeng-ie hyung~