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these blogs are almost all that i follow, and i love their blogs and personalities very much, so go check out their blogs! they’re arranged in ascending order of how long i’ve been following them, and sorry if i missed you out or misspelled your url, and this font makes some of the urls look weird sorry! i don’t really talk to most of them, but these blogs make me enjoy tumblr and SHINee, and i hope you will love their blogs too! 

2011 is ending soon, let’s all have a great 2012 next year! (✿◠‿◠) 

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blinger3 | jongliette | taerminator | freakfuck | taeriyakey | awesomaticrobotronic | onmi | koralblue | jinkichi | shineekingdom | viplairnotyet | masterk3y | myfictionisthelucifer | shineecstasy | forgettoall | jjonguns | onpout | tasteslikebuttons | thereversesideofryo | begastar | dudulinworld | nishijou | didence-e-e-e | youliah | sleepyheaded | keyhorr | ohatoms | fqzpocky | jonqhyun | keyism | lostlittlelam | hyunique | sachia | littleshinee | ktjdramaluver | ishipthereforeiam | taebutts | lushipeo | taeloc | choiminhos | meankeys | tealightfuls | meroho | quiet-heartbeats |

On an unrelated note; I messed up on at least two names on this list, because I’m dumb. /cries


okay~~ where should i start from? aaahh~ happy birthday baby! i am so so glad we’ve met each other here! gosh, but for real! i love talking to you, you are such an amazing person! soulmate yeah~ and you are one of my precious babies here
and omg our last conversations *cough cough* unnie likes them~ yeah and i am so sorry for the lame gifs but uh i can’t photoshop, you know that, lmao. anyway i guess every gif would be perefct for you if it’s jonghyun~~ㅋㅋㅋ
okay i should stop now cause i have already said a lot lol
i love you baby~ just be happy! that’s the most important thing. if you will be happy, everything will be fine and all your dreams will come true~ happy birthday eli

oo8. jongliette

Today’s recommended blog:

Recommending another blinger, because I love my blinger babies. 8D

Eli is a beautiful blinger with amazing artistic skills. She’s so sweet, and so kind to everyone, and I am truly humbled that she decided to follow me back when I was just starting out on tumblr.

If you’re a blinger, she’s a must-follow. If you’re a shawol, then the same applies… you would only gain to follow her.

This girl will make your little shawol heart very happy. ♥

Plus today is her birthday, so go wish her a happy one! :3

TOP 20 SHINee Blog names I think are GENIUS

Totally and completely Random

In no specific order

  1. taeken
  2. minluckey
  3. kinkeyy
  4. taeriyakey
  5. gravitae
  6. jongliette
  7. taemungo
  8. taeger
  9. taementos
  10. taeter-totz
  11. taekeke
  12. taemato
  13. kekekey
  14. mintaeshawol
  15. taemintlocket
  16. dorkey-
  17. flamingho
  18. keynetic
  19. keytchup
  20. icedtae
  • IM SO SORRY FOR THIS CREEPY GIF DEAR>< so happy b-day my dear Eli<3  I can not express all my emotions, I’m so glad i met u in this cruel world.  i hope u  get well soon.  I wish you more happiness and love. And this is the most important thing. MY ENGLISH SUCKS AGHH>< so Eli, i love uu~~ 

shawolove  asked:

☏ please

☏ What are your favourite tumblrs? : aah there are a lot. 

anon-jonghyunblinger3envinaejongliettejonghyun-ahjongkachujonghyunworldvalerieheartstitchawesomaticrobotronicloverholicsa-mi-gojonghyvn, and many many more. 

Then there are my friends. <3 myhusbandisabingubigbbongilmiooppafalefusa. :33