Jongkey Theory - Birthday Gifts

As with all my theories, this assumes jongkey is real and have been together for years.

I have feeling that the birthday gifts they give each other are not things you buy in a shop.  Sure they probably still give gifts, but the real presents are more sentimental actions to make each other happy.

For Key’s birthday, Jonghyun was styled up differently than his usual clothing and he was all smiles taking tons of selfies. I think Jonghyun’s gift to Key was this action.  Key is into fashion and putting outfits together, so what better gift to Key than to be his model for his birthday, everything on Jonghyun’s body being hand-picked by Key as an expression of his creativity and love.  A secret gift that only they share.

So for Jonghyun’s birthday, I think Key’s gift was the date to Taeyeon’s concert.  I imagine it would be very hard for them to always be hiding, to never be able to go out in public and have a normal date.  Jonghyun is such a emotional being, I think hiding all the time wears him down, it makes him sad and Key said Jonghyun really needed this present.  On this day they got to arrive together in the same car in broad daylight, waving to the fans.  They got to sit next to each enjoying the concert together without having to have the other members there as a cover.  They took pics together and shared them on instagram without having to disguise that they were there together.  When you can’t have the things other couples easily enjoy, can you imagine what an amazing gift this would be? 


Notice how in the minutes (2:35)  both say “Jong-Key - Jong-Key”

They could have said “when I say  JongHyun you say  Key”  but they say Jongkey but we know because.

After Twitter, for the times you have requested wedding, kisses, caresses, words, looks … ALL.

Whenever little girls lack, if knowing how much SM, Jongkey  is so popular as a couple and the “boom” they do with the fans and around Korea, tell me do they let you do a duet together?

They are already accepting this love is real, GOD THAT EMOTION!!

I knew, KNEW IT ALL!

Now if whoever says otherwise is crazy really, any excuse to say?



Key: “When I say JONG, you say?”

Jjong :”KEY!”


13.12.21. JongKey - The Wizard’ Concert

2:35 min.

KEY: “When i say Jong you say Key!… Jong~!”

JH: “Key~!”

KEY: “Jong~!”

JH: “Key~!”


*The best Christmas gift! *w*


Okay let’s do this

I want to see them win again, just for this view right here


handsome okay

Well, we all know it was you, Jonghyun

*stare stare*

Those little touches are the best :3

we all know this

That period where Jonghyun just couldn’t keep his hands off at all (this is when they started dating, I swear)

Told you

External image

It’s so absentminded you know it’s not fanservice but he just wants to touch

External image

that was just funny 

this this is it, this the proof that jongkey is real, how else are you going to explain this?

see his face, explain his reaction other then they were totally going to kiss

*staring lovingly*

*again* still as in love after all this time

that’s just plain cute how he automatically rests his head on keys shoulder, I bet they do it at home too when watching tv and stuff