To honor the royal baby, I wanted to remind everyone of my favorite JongKey moment (in all of history) 

Congratulations Prince William, duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge! and I wish all the health in the world to the future King of England, the prince of Cambridge! 

131130 SHINee festival tour Shanghai Fanacc (rewritten)

On answering the Question: “How many hats does Key have.”
Jonghyun answered the right answer, (about 40) and explained that he knew facts like that about Key because, quote : 

“He is my soulmate." 

Sadly the Translater, didnt understand, Jonghyun repeated the confession but was still ignored. she translated it as "He knew a long time ago." 

Cr : yoyoyuan, trans: bling_saur, reconstucted: JKW

#JongKeyAlert (150526-150531)

150526 key instagram update:
@bumkeyk: what a nice present! thanks #cychoi #kud

150526: Recently Key posted his VIP gift from CCCC CY CHOI on his instagram. If we look carefully, we can see that there are 2 clothes (T-shirts), the white one with a black lettering, and below it - the black one.

150530: It was aired The SNL Korea show with SHINee and in some of the shots Jjong wore a T-shirt by the same designer.  Did Key let Jonghyun to wear his T-shirt or it’s his?  (source: han-kkum)

Watch the videos: official, eng subs,   full  (part 1), full (part 2)

Also, in the recent episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea” aired on May 30, and featured as guests the members of SHINee. Members Key and – briefly – Taemin tap into their inner high school girls for a hilarious parody, called “Eun Gyu,” of the 2012 film “Eun Gyo,” in which a high school girl becomes the object of desire of a 70-year-old poet and his pupil.  (source: soompi)

Watch the videos: official, eng subsfull  (part 1), full (part 2) 

150531: Key - My Little Television

On May 31, the live online streaming of My Little Television took place with new hosts, Shin Soo Ji, Hong Seok Chun, and SHINee′s Key.First time appearing on the online streaming, Key shared some of his interests, which included fashion and beauty. He even washed his face on air, showing his viewers what kind of cosmetics products to use for flawless skin.He also styled his own hair and instructed viewers on how to create new clothes with old ones. He then later changed into the clothes he created.With his pups, Comme Des and Garcon with him in the room, as well as giant cut outs of the SHINee members, Key talked a bit about SHINee′s new album, singing and dancing along. An impromptu phone call was also made to Jonghyun, who was watching the broadcast. (source: mwave)

Watch videos: cut

Jonghyun Twitter Update

@realjonghyun90: Why this person is like this.
Why do you wash your hair on broadcast.

(trans: bysagyehan)

Jonghyun “quoted” a tweet by a jongtae fan twitter (which can be found here) that had been live tweeting / posting screencaps of the airing of “my little television”, a variety show that appeared in.   (source: fyjjong)

Someone commented in the comments section saying that Jonghyun is watching the broadcast.

Key: He is watching? But I does this very frequently (doing the make up and maintaing his skin) in hotesl, he should be used to it (source: 小智MAX)

after Jonghyun tweeted about the broadcast, revealing that he had stumbled on screencaps of it while surfing twitter, key decided to call him live on air. (source: fyjjong)

Jjong said he was working on composing/writing, then, he was looking for inspiration and found that screencap with kibum (the one he posted on twitter ).. Looking for inspiration and found a screencap with kibum washing his hair… ok.   (source:   jjongs-key)

So… Audience asked keybum to call all members. Keybum (among all the members) decided to call Jonghyun on air.

Keybum: I hope he don’t curse the minute he pick up
Jonghyun: what are you doing now, my image!!!
Keybum: anyway we are on air first greet everyone
Jonghyun: Hello, I’m SHINee’s blingbling jonghyun
Keybum: Did you just change your voice!?
Jonghyun: Eungyu-ah. (note: jjong called him as his role in snl)
 Keybum: Don’t call me that /laughs/
Keybum: Everyone wants to know what do I call you, yeah I call him jonghyun-hyung
Jonghyun: what are you talking about, don’t say that
Keybum: Jonghyun ah. to jonghyun keybum is?
Jonghyun: Keybummie is.. recently someone not needed.
Keybum: What did you say?
(cr: YangMehLin)

Watch the videos: cut, eng subs

Key saved Jonghyun as 종현이형 (Jonghyunnie Hyung) in his phone  (source: xyerixx)

More facts about the call:

1. Key choosing to call Jjong knowing that he’s awake and probably keeping track of whats going on

2. Can I just love the fact that key says, “why does jonghyun have so many phone numbers” cause we know the pup changes his phone a lot and Key hasn’t deleted old ones probably but knows which one is the current one right away

3. Jjong picks up the phone in a milla sec. and Key briefly sings along to the call waiting song that jjong never changes.

4. jjong imitating the way Key talks, the whole time I’m wondering how can jjong be so energetic…take notice that this was way late. Going on and on about SHINee’s image being destroyed by key but really though jjong u just didnt want key to look like that on broadcast for the world to see (key looks hot doing everything i swear)

5. Jjong calling Key “Eungyu-ssi” (teasing him obviously) but making notice that that was on his mind (I personally am still not over how amazing key looked)

6. Key trying to change the subject but jjong bringing it back to “SHINee’s image” keke Key calling jjong out on his changed tone when saying his greeting ><

7. Jjong calling key “keygoonie” and Key calling jjong “Jonghyunie hyung”

8. Key nonchalantly saying, jjong got inspiration from watching him on MLT and should sing a bit, to which jjong laughs and does as commanded >< saying he has to sing something cheerful, does this imply Key inspires cheerfulness ^^ (Im sure thers a lot of songs that key inspired :P but jjong goes and sings an already made song hahahhaa)

9. Key telling jjong to come “right now” and jjong almost seems down for it keke

10. The pauses that happen when key laughs and where you don’t really hear anything but you can see him makes me wonder if jjong was completely aware or watching cause he also pauses at those times. He probably is so use to those silence laughs that he can even predict them over the phone.

11. Jjong not giving key a straight up answer for when he asked “what is key to jonghyun” Instead he gave him some abstract meaningful response that he does sometimes only to mess with him further. I suppose its too much to be right out truthful keke and key just laughing at how much nonsense he was spewing

(source: ktshinee)

Other stuff Key said in the broadcast:

Keybum: Trigger? Ah, do i have it in here (ipad) Girlfriend, Hi Sohyun, Jonghyun. It’s not here, let me just sing it to y'all.

Keybum: Members who can cook well? Well, it’s me and jonghyun-ssi.

Keybum: Taeminnie isn’t good at cooking… Well, he just doesn’t cook. Jonghyun and I cook a lot.

(source: yangmehlin)

The last fact of the day: 

Jonghyun wore the same “red milk t-shirt” with Key today. Are this couple items? Maybe?  (source: bling_saur )

Watch the video: cut

BONUS: Once again couple items. (source: pattie_diu)

150530 Jonghyun - SNL Korea FB Update
150531 Key - MBC My Little Television

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I think I’ll have to clean this shit Tumblr.

So I begin to close the asses of those who publish crap.

Let’s start with ancient Jongkey moments, things they did before, that they still do now.

As JongHyun wants to touch it is time.

They whisper things in his ear, in a very obvious way accomplice.

His touch, are always played, no matter the place, no matter the time.

The loving glances fondly.

Attempts kissing, desire.

The signs say it all.

Until today, they give food in the mouth.

The bites.

The obviousness.




131130 SHINee festival tour Shanghai Fanacc (rewritten)

On answering the Question: “How many hats does Key have.”
Jonghyun answered the right answer, (about 40) and explained that he knew facts like that about Key because, quote : 

“He is my soulmate." 

Sadly the Translater, didnt understand, Jonghyun repeated the confession but was still ignored. she translated it as “He knew a long time ago.” 

They are unique, they are Jongkey.

It is REAL. ♥