SHINee Jongkey Oneshot: Smile for me please?
The waitress respectfully smiles and bows to Jonghyun and Kibum while taking away their menus before they continue their previous conversation.

“So anyway like I was saying..” Kibum says to his seemly distracted boyfriend sitting across the wooden table.

He stops in the middle of his story to reach his right hand over to Jonghyun’s left and rest it on top of the other’s.


Jonghyun’s focus is directed back towards his boyfriend’s worried expression as he softly replies with,

“Huh? Yeah babe?”

Still looking into Jonghyun’s puppy dog brown eyes he asks him,

“Are you still tired from our flight baby?”

He gently rubs Jonghyun’s hand and wrist patiently waiting for an answer.

“Yeah..I guess I am.” Jonghyun yawns and flutters his eyes a bit after admitting his reason for being so distracted on their date tonight.

Kibum smiles sweetly at his bandmate and just continues to rub Jonghyun’s hand and wrist until their waitress comes back with their food and leaves their table shortly afterwards.

Kibum takes out his iPhone and takes 1 or 2 pictures of their food. Then he notices how sleepy and cute Jonghyun is at the moment so he captures a sweet photo of his sleepy boyfriend to post on his Instagram with the caption “Let’s eat well~~”.

Kibum takes Jonghyun’s hand once again but this time intertwines their hands together and softly speaks, “I promise Jjong let’s eat here for a couple of minutes then I will drive us home for all the cuddles and back rubs you desire.”

Upon hearing this Jonghyun slowly looks up at Kibum while kissing the other’s left hand and whispers “I love you baby.”

Kibum looks around discreetly but quick and once he can tell no one is paying attention to them, he leans over their table to gently kiss Jonghyun on his soft lips and say “I love you more sweetheart.”

Jongkey Theory - Birthday Gifts

As with all my theories, this assumes jongkey is real and have been together for years.

I have feeling that the birthday gifts they give each other are not things you buy in a shop.  Sure they probably still give gifts, but the real presents are more sentimental actions to make each other happy.

For Key’s birthday, Jonghyun was styled up differently than his usual clothing and he was all smiles taking tons of selfies. I think Jonghyun’s gift to Key was this action.  Key is into fashion and putting outfits together, so what better gift to Key than to be his model for his birthday, everything on Jonghyun’s body being hand-picked by Key as an expression of his creativity and love.  A secret gift that only they share.

So for Jonghyun’s birthday, I think Key’s gift was the date to Taeyeon’s concert.  I imagine it would be very hard for them to always be hiding, to never be able to go out in public and have a normal date.  Jonghyun is such a emotional being, I think hiding all the time wears him down, it makes him sad and Key said Jonghyun really needed this present.  On this day they got to arrive together in the same car in broad daylight, waving to the fans.  They got to sit next to each enjoying the concert together without having to have the other members there as a cover.  They took pics together and shared them on instagram without having to disguise that they were there together.  When you can’t have the things other couples easily enjoy, can you imagine what an amazing gift this would be?