jongin you tease

EXO Reaction: You teasing them

Kyungsoo: (You invite him to the fitting room while you try sexy lingerie) *He looks at it.. looks at you and as he approaches he starts undressing you roughly*

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Baekhyun: *Stares at you with confused eyes* Is this…Oh.. God.

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 You want it now? *Starts touching you*

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Chanyeol: *As you touch him, he grabs your thigh, an whispers* You are a dirty girl.

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Tao: *Grabs your hand, and pushes you against the door* I think you’re playing the wrong game 

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Suho: (In the middle of a meeting) Why are you doing this to me? 

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Lay: *Moaning softly, stares at you biting his lips * 

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Kai: (Restaurant) *You kneel on purpose to pick up the fork  and he sees the sexy lingerie you are wearing. You stand up and look at him shyly*You are killing me jagi.

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Luhan: *Surprised, looks at you with a smile*

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Kris: *When you try to touch him, his already hard as hell* 

I’m so sorry, I couldn’t stop starring at you

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Chen: (You are talking to him and acting nothing is going on, you start touching him)

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Xiumin: *You’re licking your lips with cream in that sexy way* Oh please jagiiiiiii, you’re killing me

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Imagine Jongin

Trying to tease you while you’re both hanging out with a group of friends, making sure he succeeds in making you blush every chance he gets. At one moment, he bites his lip sexily at you before one of your mutual friends turn, Jongin quickly and slyly transforming his lips into a cute grin, texting you sinful promises he’d fulfill when you two are finally alone.