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Whatever You Call Me (Mob AU! Kai)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Jongin’s lips curled around a smoke as he took in a breath. His eyes stared at the phone “this girl is an escort” he was told by one if his men named Sehun Says. He watched as Jongin put his cigarette out. “I know that’s why I want her to be hired” he said as he picked up his drink. “From what I understand she’s not a cheap woman-” “good I don’t want a cheap whore” he stopped him. “I want a play thing and I want it to be her” he told his younger as he took a sip from his drink with a large smile.


You wore one of your best dresses as because the person who requested you for the night was giving you much much more than you normally got paid. ‘This man is Kim Jong in. His dad is a mob boss’ your friend’s voice played in your head. There was a knock on the door and you headed to it. You picked up your purse and heels and as you opened your door you were greeted by a tall male. “You must be Y/N” he said as you used his arm to put your heels on. “Is Mr. Kim as bad as news makes him?” you ask as he makes a sound. “I shouldn’t talk about my boss like that” he spoke as you nodded.


You sat down on the couch as you were poured a drink from another male. Soon smoke filled your nose as you turned to see Jongin there. He smiled as he looked at you. He looked at the men in the room as they nodded leaving the room and closed the heavy door behind them.

He walked over to the bar and got himself a drink before he took a seat beside you. He pulled out his back ready to get another before you took it from him. “Smoking is bad for you” you tell him as you sat it down on the table in front of you. “Princess. You’re even prettier than I ever thought” he cooed. “Where have you seen me?” you asked him as he smiles “with one of my dad’s associates. I just wanted to take you from him" he said as he leaned closer “I want to buy your services permintly. Make you my personal escort” he says as he kisses your shoulder lightly. “I’ll pay any amounts for you” he promised.


Since that moment you were his it seemed. Sat on his lap when asked. Pleasured him when needed. Held him when he wanted affections. He bought you expensive things clothing, jewelry, entertainment, anything you asked for.


You straddled his lap as he smiled “you picked the perfect lingerie to spoil me in” he said as he looked at the sheer rode and through it the cheetah print set under it. The moment was ruined as the door opened and a deeper male voice came through to clear the throat. You got off of Jongin and he took off his jacket handing it to you. “Mr. Lee and daddy dearest” Jongin says as he looks over at you. “Mr. Lee you remember my sweet Y/N don’t you?” Jongin teases as he tugs you back into his lap. “Is this where all the money you’ve been blowing has gone to?” his father asks as Jongin chuckles.

“Its money well spent” he said as he stroked your leg “your spending your money on a whore son” his father mumbled as Jongin instantly glared. “She’s not a whore. She was an escort now she’s my girlfriend” he explains as he kisses your cheek. “My perfect little princess” he whispers to you as you give him a light smile. “We are happy together. If you came here to lecture me you can go now” he stated as he undid his jacket off of you. “Go” he continued as he waved them off. The older gentlemen left the room awkwardly as he pulled the jacket off completely. “Now we were getting to the good part” he whispered as you gave him a flirty smile.

“Girlfriend?” you asked as he unbuttoned his shirt “I call you what I want” he says as you nod. You slid off your robe as you plopped yourself on the desk and smiled. “I think of you as mine” he whispers as he stands up and pulls your legs apart. “I buy you the world and you become mine” he continues as he leans down capturing your lips with his.

Happiness in You | Oh Sehun

Genre – Fluff, Slight Angst

Word Count – 1.3k

Summary – In which Sehun is determined to see you happy again because you’ve now become the centre of his universe, but you’re having a bit of a hard time accepting his feelings for you

Sequel to – Stone Cold


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“Hmm I don’t know Y/N… You really think I’m going to believe you’re okay even though you’ve reassured me about a hundred times?” Sehun’s persistent voice spoke through the speaker as you continued to work on your assignment, with your phone tucked between your shoulder and ear.

“Sehun ah… You know I’m alright. Now you need to stop calling me and get back to practice, your comeback is way too close for you to get distracted this much” You scolded and instantly heard his little whine through the phone at the thought of going back. You did feel really bad for Sehun calling every few hours just to check up on you even though his workload was at its peak right now, but he refused to stop calling or texting unless he was completely sure you were alright. How could you not be? Especially when you had such an awesome friend by your side that helped you through something that no longer existed. Your feelings for Jongin were long gone after that night, but you refused to accept anything which linked to love afterwards. It’s not he made you lose faith in love, but you felt that moving wasn’t something that could be done this fast so you wanted to take rational steps.

“Y/N you’re not a distraction, I call you because I need to know whether you’re alright so I can go on with my day. I know we can’t put a label on what we are right now, but I still care for you as much as I always have; girlfriend or not…” He ranted, causing you to stop typing and sigh into the phone. There was no denying that both of you had feelings for each other, but you didn’t want to move on too fast and Sehun didn’t want to feel like he was taking advantage of his friendship. Both of you were completely oblivious of one another’s feelings, but that never stopped you from maybe testing the waters sometimes.

“Which movie are you quoting right now Mr. Oh Sehun?” You joked closing your laptop and getting up to get dressed because you had a little surprise in mind.

“Y/N ah you’re so mean to me! Here I am spilling my heart out to you and you’re just there making fun of me, god knows why I love you” He blurted and your heart instantly stopped at his words. You two had always shown gestures, but never had you verbally told each other until now. Deciding to brush off his words for now, you bid him a quick good bye before cutting the call off to get ready.

You hadn’t seen the boys in a good few weeks so you planned on going over to the studio, wanting to surprise Sehun in the process as well. As you entered the building, you were greeted by the smiling receptionist who informed you that the boys were currently at dance practice in room 132. You made your way up to the elevator and got off on the floor to find some of the guys slowly coming out of the room, obviously dripping in sweat after a predicted few hours of intense practice. Smiling at all of them you teased them saying you wouldn’t dare hug anyone until they got showers.

“Hmm… Make sure you don’t hug your little Sehunnie he’s probably sweatier than we are. Oh no he’ll probably be an acceptation because you know…” Jongin teased making you snatch his water bottle from him and pour the remaining water onto his head. The boys broke out into fits of laughter as Jongin began to chase you around the corridor, finally losing his breath after ten minutes of running. You and Jongin were still on good terms and were still as close as you always were. You’d actually begun to hang out with his girlfriend and the two of you got along very well. You bid each of the boys before slowly making your way to the door of the dance studio Sehun was in.

Quietly pushing the door open, a small smile spread across your face as you watched his body move to the beat in awe. He was truly talented, but sometimes he forgot that so you took it upon yourself to remind him from time to time. Slowly walking into the room, you leant against the mirror at the back waiting for him to notice you, but you had no faith in his focus breaking anytime soon; especially because he’d chosen to stay back and go through the routine without any interruptions. Throughout the whole course of the song, Sehun’s focus did not falter once, even though he’d caught your eye in the mirror once or twice so he knew you were there. It wasn’t till the end when he hit pause and instantly ran towards you with his body dripping with sweat. Your initial reaction was to dodge the incoming hug and dash to the other side of the dance studio, but all he did was flash you a little pout before he began to run behind you again. His breathing began to sound a little heavy so you decided to be a little considerate of his constant practice and slowed down for him. But boy you should've  known that this was one of his tactics to get to you as he instantly caught up and gripped you by your waist to pull your back against his chest. The two of you continued to laugh for a good few minutes before silence slowly took over, making the atmosphere a little more awkward than comfortable. He slowly put you down and you naturally turned around in his arms before he hesitantly placed them on your hips. 

“You’re not talking to me” You quietly stated, moving a small piece of hair back into place as he shook his head lightly. He let out a little chuckle as your focus suddenly went onto fixing his hair, and tightened his arms a bit more so you’d pay attention to him again. 

“Yah! Was my hair the one who told you it loves you?” He whined, making you instantly stop your actions and look up into his eyes. Your efforts to avoid the situation weren’t really successful as he brought up the subject again. “You want to talk about it?” He asked, playing with the end of your hoodie.

“Hmm… I guess we should” You sighed bringing your hands up to his hair to run your fingers through his locks. 

“I really don’t want to force you into doing something you’re not sure of. I really do like you, but you don’t have to tell me how you feel yet. I just really wanted you to know” He finished, looking down and anticipating your reply. Your feelings for Sehun were more than clear, but you were still a bit unsure on whether it was the right time to accept them. You looked up into his hopeful eyes and your mind had been made up in an instant, there was no point beating around the bush when you’re sure of the fact that you wanted to act on your feelings

“Sehun I like you a lot and… If like want to be a thing… I wouldn’t mind…” Your voice went gradually quieter near the end of your sentence as you slowly realised that you were confessing to him. You could almost feel his smile beaming when you didn’t dare look back up at him, but his fingers lifted your chin up just so he could see the tint on your cheeks. 

“So, are we a couple now?” He whispered, now feeling the flustered state you felt. 

“I think so…” You shook your head to try and get rid of the heat on your cheeks. Your feelings were finally accepted, and you never thought that your friendship would one day come to this 

A/N: Finally an Update, I’m surprised you guys haven’t given up on my sluggish ass yet lol Jk. Love you all <3  I will now be hopefully updating weekly (Every Sunday) so I fall into a routine. I hope you guys enjoyed this sequel, please let me know what you thought :) I’ll see you guys later!

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Executive - Chapter 04.

img cr as marked

Kim Junmyeon/Lee Sunmi (OC/Reader)
There will be smut in future chapters.
Word Count: 3,997

All Chapters

04. Provoke

You were awkwardly fiddling with the salad on your plate trying not to look at Jongin’s smirking face or meet Junmyeon’s steely gaze. It was difficult. 

“So, how do you two know each other again?” Junmyeon asked, bringing the large glass of red wine to his lips and taking a sip. His eyes didn’t leave your face for a moment and you wanted to hide from his inquisitive stare. You couldn’t understand why there was such a shift in his attitude. He did mention Jongin was a close friend so surely there was no reason for him to be upset by his presence.

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Unlikely Alliance-Chanyeol!Wolf AU Part 9 (M)

Disclaimer: Gif not mine. Credit to owner.

Part 8 here


Summary: The Exo pack is being targeted by vampires for unknown reasons (at first). Suho, the Alpha, seeks the help of an old friend, Leo, who happens to also be a vampire. Despite the protests of the pack, Leo sends in his second in command to handle the situation. Chanyeol, the last mateless werewolf of the pack, struggles with the sudden realization that his destined mate is neither human, nor wolf. Chanyeol x OC fanfiction. Warnings: mature and sexual themes. Some Exo members may seem out of character.

Part 9

Kira inhaled deeply and then sighed in content, allowing herself to become numb, engulfed by Chanyeol’s strong musky scent and the lulling notes coming from his guitar. Her eyes grew heavier and heavier, and she felt herself sink into a deep, unusual slumber. She felt hazy and drunk, drunk on Chanyeol’s steady breathing but erratic heartbeat, drunk on the smell of his smooth skin, drunk on his scent mixed with his perfume, drunk on his deep voice as he hummed along with a melody that only he knew. She didn’t fight the neediness and vulnerability that overtook her, she didn’t doubt the werewolf sitting inches away from her, and even though his scalding gaze had never left her face, she didn’t feel uncomfortable. She was somewhere between dream and reality, between drunkenness and sobriety, she was experiencing something completely foreign, a type of sleep from which it was very difficult to wake up, and from which she found herself not wanting to. The outline of Chanyeol’s face was deeply imprinted in her mind, he was the background to every thought of hers, invading her entire being.

Chanyeol realized she had fallen asleep because she was no longer breathing. He knew she feigned breathing while awake to keep pretenses of normalcy, but whenever she was asleep, she stopped. He didn’t think he would ever not panic when he couldn’t hear a heartbeat and breathing from her. He always got the urge to shake her awake just to make sure she was still there, that he still had her. But somehow, deep inside, he knew she was.

She looked peaceful and almost childlike, her face bare of any cosmetics and pale under the moonlight, her lips pouty. He swung his guitar on his back, and leaned forward, getting so close to her face, that his nose was almost touching her cheek. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes while his entire body shuddered in pleasure and content, a deep growl rumbling in his chest. His skin was prickly with excitement. He’d never been so close to her before, because he never allowed himself to be. He knew the moment he allowed himself to kiss her, or touch her skin directly, he would crumble and become a slave to her every need. He wouldn’t be able to keep his distance anymore, he would keep coming back for more and more.

“Kira.” he whispered. “Wake up.”

She frowned slightly and sighed in her sleep, but did not move at all.

“I know you heard me.” He chuckled. “You can’t sleep here, you have to go upstairs.”

“Your voice. Why do I like your voice so much?” she mumbled sleepily, getting more comfortable in the chair.

Chanyeol’s heart was hammering in his chest at her sudden confession. The realization that she sensed their bond brought him more joy than he had ever felt. He gulped nervously.

“If I carry you upstairs, do you promise not to strangle me to death?” he stroked her head gently, he couldn’t help himself when she looked so small and vulnerable curled up in that chair.

She hummed in response and Chanyeol slowly and gently scooped her up in his arms, getting inside the house. Kira wound her arms around his neck and sighed, mumbling his name. As he passed Kai and his mate watching TV in the living room he saw them wiggling their eyebrows suggestively at him.

“I’m just taking her upstairs, I’ll be right back. So don’t start having sex on my couch.” He whispered, going up the stairs.

“Sure you are.” Jongin teased, knowing Chanyeol could hear him.

Chanyeol pushed the door to his room open and entered, making his way to the bed where he carefully leaned over and placed Kira on the soft surface. However, she had grabbed hold tightly of his shirt, and when he tried to pry her hand off as gently as possible, she mumbled:


Chanyeol’s eyes went wide and he froze on the spot. He knew she was in a sort of hazy, deep sleep, he had heard of this happening sometimes around your mate, falling into a sort of drunken coma and only wanting your mate around. He assumed this because normally she should have woken up to yell at him by then. He didn’t want to take advantage, but his mouth spoke independently from his brain:

“Do you want me to stay?” his deep voice echoed through the dark room.

Kira’s answer came when she used her vampire strength to pull him into bed, managing to wrap her arms around him tightly and bury her face in his neck in less than a millisecond. He felt her inhale his scent and nuzzle into his skin, making goosebumps rise all over his body.

Chanyeol struggled to take his shoes off with Kira clinging to him so tightly it was slightly difficult for him to breathe. He pulled the covers over the both of them and wrapped her in his arms, absentmindedly rubbing soothing circles on her back.

The room was so quiet it was almost unbearable, he could only hear his uneven breathing and his hammering heart. He felt Kira caress his chest over his heart as if telling him to calm down and relax. How could he calm down, with his nose buried in her hair, drinking her in, with her tiny body glued so tightly to his, with both her legs tangled around one of his, with her teeth nipping at his neck. For a moment he thought she was going to bite him, but she only sucked on his skin gently and scraped her teeth on the surface, without piercing it.

He knew she could kill him in an instant, and found himself not caring. Because never in his life had he felt so close to someone, physically and emotionally, with only the simplest touches conveying more than words ever could.

So he fell asleep, and dreamt of nothing, because he no longer longed for something he couldn’t have.

Kira slowly opened her eyes and saw tan golden skin, and as she looked up she was met with Chanyeol’s sleeping face. After staring in wonder up at him for quite a while, she shook her head and got up in a sitting position. She grabbed a pillow and smacked him in the chest with it.

“What the hell, woman?!” Chanyeol yelled, waking up and quickly getting out of bed, giving her an angry glare, which she returned.

“What are you doing in my bed, you pervert?” she yelled, getting up on her knees on the bed.  Chanyeol tried not to stare at her bare legs, her dress having hiked up.

“You-you pulled me into bed with you! And technically, it’s my bed.”

“I did no such ridiculous thing! If you’ve got some delusional idea in your head that I am attracted to you, well, you are mistaken. Mis-ta-ken!”

“Oh, really? Then who gave me this hickey last night when she was mumbling my name in her sleep?” he pulled his shirt slightly to reveal a red mark.

“I…” she looked up at him, completely lost, her mouth agape.

Chanyeol folded his arms in front of him and gave her a smug smile, which earned him a pillow in the face.

“What kind of sorcery is this? Why do I feel like this, you awful, awful boy!” she kept throwing pillows at him, and when she ran out of pillows she grabbed the blaket and flung it over his head outraged at Chanyeol’s laughter. He was actually laughing at her and she couldn’t believe it.

“Stop laughing, I’m being serious!”

She got up from the bed and pushed him roughly against the wall, any trace of hilarity gone. Chanyeol gulped and had his eyes glued to her lips.

“Are you sure you want to know the truth?” he asked her, struggling to form coherent thoughts with Kira’s body pressed up against his, as he tried his best to conceal his growing erection.

Kira found herself unable to answer him, her mind foggy from the strong smell of arousal emanating from Chanyeol’s entire body. The intoxicating scent was making her body react in new and unusual ways, as his arousal made her suddenly feel turned on as well. Feeling every muscle and indentation of his torso, and his hard length pressing against her thigh, her eyes gleamed red.

When she looked up from having stared at his chest for too long, she was met with Chanyeol’s golden orbs melting her insides.

Chanyeol gave an animalistic snarl, grabbed the back of her neck with his large hand and kissed her with such force, had she been a human, she wouldn’t have survived it. Kira was unresponsive at first from the shock, but soon, despite herself, she began moving her lips against Chanyeol’s scorching mouth. He moaned loudly, one arm going to the small of her back and pressing her harder against him.

Kira’s hands tangled in his soft locks, pulling and twirling, while she licked his lips and sucked on them. Chanyeol could feel her fangs softly nibbling his lips and found himself actually enjoying it. Their tongues swirled around each other with such ease, it was if they had done it a thousand times before.

Chanyeol growled and moved his lips to her neck, sucking, biting, licking every inch of her skin, as Kira panted softly and moaned. Her mind was yelling at her for having lost control, while her body begged her to lose her mind. Chanyeol grabbed her legs, wrapped them around him and spun around, pinning her against the wall. He ground hard against her and Kira clawed at his back, managing to tear his shirt open in the process. The continuous frantic rubbing of their cores was setting Kira’s body on fire, she couldn’t get enough, yet she felt like she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Kira.” Chanyeol spoke between their heated kisses, while Kira desperately grabbed his face, his shoulders, his arms, anything to steady herself and stop the world from spinning.

“Kira.” He insisted.”You have to stop me.” He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth.”I can’t.” he kissed along her jaw. ”I can’t stop myself.” He hit the wall next to her head, leaving a hole in the shape of his hand.

That seemed to have brought Kira back to her senses, as she slowly opened her eyes and gently pushed him away as he didn’t fight her, managing to uncling herself from him. They both stared at each other from a distance, panting, their eyes shining with desire and the ferocity of the animals that lived inside the both of them.

Chanyeol took a step closer, wanting to grab her again, and Kira froze in anticipation, her skin tingling with excitement.

“I have to get out of here.” Chanyeol said quickly, pulling his hair in frustration and running out of the room. Before Kira could come to her senses and do something, she already heard the front door slamming shut.

Part 10 here

My Answer / Part 6

Exo as Wolves

Word Count: 1637


You chewed your lower lip nervously as the phone rang. You woke up to a text from Jongin telling you to call him at this time and you hoped this would be a real conversation.

“Hey baby.” His voice seemed to melt your heart, overwhelming you.

“H-Hey.” Your voice broke and you stood up to close the door, just incase someone came home.

“How was your night last night? I’m sorry I missed your call.”

“It was good…we got back kind of late. I’m glad you got my voicemail.”

“I only missed your call by a few minutes, I was downstairs in the kitchen. But, I didn’t want to interrupt your night with your friends.” Your heart sank a bit at that, if you had called five minutes later you could have spoken with him the night before.

“How are you doing?” You asked, bracing yourself for the carefree answer that he had been giving you since you left.

“Not very good.” You could almost feel the sigh he let out running through you.

“Not very good?” Your breath caught in your throat.

“No…I just miss you like crazy…it hurts.”

Relief washed over you.

“I miss you too, so much.” Your hand moved over your heart, “I thought you were having a better time without me there.”

“With-without you? Really babe?” His voice was muffled. “I never have a good time when you aren’t with me. I just want you to enjoy your stay and I thought that you would be better if you thought I was okay too.”

“You’re an idiot.” You huffed out through your tears, “I just want to talk to you.”

“Did you really think I could forget about you so easily?” He asked, “Hold on.”

He hung up the phone, leaving you stunned sitting on your bed until the phone began ringing again.

You answered the call, another wave of emotion taking over you at the sight of Jongin’s face on the screen.

“That’s better.” He smiled, but his eyes were red and irritated looking, just like yours were. “It’s so good to see your face, _____.”

“You too.” You wiped quickly at your cheeks, trying to clean yourself up a bit. “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

“Me too, I’m literally aching right now, it feels like my heart is breaking.” He spoke your thoughts for you.

“It’s only been two weeks. I don’t know how I’m going to do this, Jongin.” You had refrained from admitting that since you got off the plane in Prague, but it was true. You weren’t sure if you were strong enough to make it to Christmas, and then go back after your break was finished. It would be even harder then.

“Don’t think like that anymore.” He told you, “From now on it will be better. Whenever you need to talk I’ll be here to talk, okay? You won’t have a chance to miss me because I will be here whenever you need to call me or text me.”


“You believe me, don’t you?”

You nodded, letting yourself fall back onto your bed with an exhale.

“Good, now how was your night last night?…”


Time started to move faster. You were happier, smiling more and crying much less. Even Jongin was feeling better from what you could tell. There was no extra pressure around you anymore, no more feelings of loneliness.

November began and your classes were keeping you quite busy, not giving you much time to think about anything but the work you had to get done.

“Hey baby!” You walked quickly through the cold streets as you talked to Jongin. “I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to talk to you, I’ve been so busy.”

“I understand hun. What are you doing right now?”

“I am just on my way back to the hostel. My class just finished and I have the rest of the night off.”

“Do you want to FaceTime with me when you get in?” His voice sounded hopeful and sweet.

“Of course. I’ll call you back in like ten minutes.”

“Okay hun, love you.”

You had a skip to your step the rest of the way up the hill, a smile gracing your face at the thought of having some uninterrupted face to face time with Jongin. Although you talked a lot more now, rarely was it private. But, your roommate wasn’t going to be home all night so you were going to take advantage.

You quickly ran up the three flights of stairs to the front of your hostel and unlocked the door, hanging your coat up and plopping down onto the couch. Your fingers worked quickly on your phone, calling Jongin back. He answered on the second ring.

“Hey beautiful.” He greeted you through the screen.

“Hey.” You looked at him and then at the background. “Where are you? The place looks weird.”

“Does it?” He asked. You could see him looking around, dropping the phone a little bit. “You should know what this place looks like pretty well.”


“You spend every night here.”

He moved to lay down and the pattern on the pillowcases was unmistakable.

The phone fell from your hands as you got up, running full speed towards your bedroom. You slid through the doors, catching yourself against your dresser.

“Hey.” Jongin waved at you from the bed. “Surprise!”

“You’re really here right now?” You could feel yourself holding the air in your lungs. “Is this a dream?”

Jongin got up slowly, walking towards you with his arms opened wide.

“I’m really here.” As soon as he got close enough to you, you were on him, clinging to him like your life depended on it.

“You really are…” Your hands moved over his arms and his neck to his cheeks, feeling the warmth of his skin under your fingertips. “Why did you-?”

“I was missing you like crazy and I thought since you only have a month left I could come stay here and fly back with you.”

“But what about school? Your classes? You can’t fail-” Your words were coming out faster than you could think, your head spinning.

“Don’t worry about anything, okay?” He kissed your forehead, “Junmyeon is very persuasive, and I have a lot of work to do while I’m here, but that’s alright, cause I get to do it with you around. Everything is sorted and dealt with. Believe me.”

“Alright.” You let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding in and leaned against him.

“You are the most perfect thing.” His muttered against your hair. “It feels like years since I’ve seen you.”

You just let yourself listen to his words. Let them sink into your mind. You had almost forgotten what his voice sounded like without the hum of the computer or lag of a cellphone.

“This has to be a dream.” You whispered against his shirt.

“Do you want me to pinch you?” Jongin teased, moving so that he was sitting on the bed, pulling you down to straddle his waist. His hands moved to tickle your sides and you protested wordlessly, pushing his hands away with little commitment. You loved every minute of this.

“How did you even get in here?” You asked, realizing he wouldn’t have a key.

“Your roommate helped me out a lot.” He answered, “I got here like twenty minutes after your class started. It’s been a long three hour wait.”

“I can’t believe you kept this a secret.” You kissed him, shamelessly enjoying the feeling of his arms tightening around your waist, holding you against him.

“I only got my ticket a week ago. I’ve been thinking about it since you left but I waited until the last possible moment to buy the ticket so I wouldn’t blab…it was really hard to keep it a secret, even if it was only for five days.”

You didn’t even have words, so instead, you just kissed him, pushing him back so he was lying down, so you had more control.

“Lets do something tonight.” You suggested, “Let’s go out and I’ll show you around Prague.”

“I have a better idea.” He retorted against your lips.

“What is that?”

You were almost nose to nose, Jongin’s hand still on the back of your neck so he could continue kissing you at any time.

“I think we should stay in…get reacquainted.” His fingers traveled under your shirt and up your back.

“Yea, we can go out tomorrow.”

The night was long and wonderful and no matter how many times you kissed Jongin you still felt like you were in a dream.

Eventually you both fell asleep, much later than would have been anticipated, a note left on the kitchen counter for your roommate warning her not to go into the bedroom.


The alarm startled you awake and you rolled over, surprised by the amount of room you had in your twin bed. When you opened your eyes you realized that was due to the face that Jongin wasn’t there.

A moment of panic started, your heart beating quite fast until you realized his suitcase was sitting, open, in the corner of your room.

It wasn’t a dream.

Relief washed over you.

Almost as if it was on cue the door to the bedroom swung open and Jongin strode in, carrying two cups in his hands.

“Coffee for me.” He set one mug down on the nightstand. “And a coffee for you.” He handed you the other cup, getting back into bed with you before taking his in his hands once more. “How did you sleep?” He leaned over, kissing your shoulder.

“I had an amazing sleep.” You said, still groggy. “First time I’ve slept through the whole night since I got here.”

“Me too.”

Surprise- Kai x Reader

I’ve realized that the topic that was requested for Kai, was a bit difficult for me to write. I have tried desperately but to no avail. I’m so sorry. Really. Even with the help of the unnies I haven’t been able to develop the story. So although it is not what you have asked for I’ve decided to provide you with some fluff. I know I know you didn’t ask for fluff. But it was very hard for to find a reason why somebody would cheat on Kai and then give it a sad ending. Sorry loves but that’s how it works. If you have a problem you can comment or message me and I will answer promptly.

Okay you were really creeped a this point. You had been walking home when you noticed someone following you. You had brushed it off a few minutes ago when you first realized.

The person was wearing a black hoodie, and sunglasses that covered his, you assumed it was a male, face. You reached for your phone, only to find it gone. You cursed under your breath.

Who would you have called anyways? You didn’t want to call the cops because what if it was simply a coincidence, you couldn’t call your friends, they were all out, and you couldn’t call your beloved boyfriend, Jongin, because he was on a plane back home from being over seas, spending time with his family.

Finally you stopped walking and turned around to face your stalker, who kept walking towards you. Now you were scared, as they stopped in front of you.

You were about to run away as fast you could when you were engulfed into a hug. You were shocked when they pulled away and you finally looked at his face. Kai.

“Kim Jongin! You scared the shit out of me! I swear to god, what is wrong with you?!”, you yelled.

He chuckled, “Since when did you swear?”

“Since you started following me like a stalker!”

“I thought you knew it was me! You looked back at me enough times. I didn’t want the fans to see me and go crazy, that’s why I’m dressed like this”, Jongin explained, his once present smile fading.

You sighed, “So you decided to follow me until I got back to the apartment? God Kai, what am I going to do with you?”, you said, hints of annoyance lacing your words.

“You could start by showing some affection to your boyfriend that you haven’t seen in a few weeks”, he suggested, that puppyish grin returning, making your heart melt.

You enveloped him into a hug, and you two walked back to your shared apartment.


The next morning you woke up early with Jongin, he always had to get up early to get to the SM building on time. After providing him with coffee and a hundred kisses you finally got him to go to work.

“Have a good day Kai, don’t work yourself to hard”, you said before he walked out.


During the day you cleaned, took care of the poodles, cuddled with the poodles, fed the poodles and finally after a few hours filled with the poodles, you were very much ready to see Jongin. But he didn’t get out of work until later, so you decided to go see him for lunch. Bringing along a lot of food incase the boys wanted some, and you know they would, you set out for the studio.

When you walked in, you nodded in respect to the managers talking in the lobby, they knew who you were obviously. You headed to EXO’s practice room to see all the boy sitting around on the floor, engulfed in conversation, still sweaty from dancing.

You smiled and entered, immediately getting greeted and hugged by the maknae line, including your boyfriend who showered you in kisses.

After a few minutes all the boys were munching on the food you brought along.

“Yah, ____-ah… Are you mad at Jongin?”, Baekyun asked in between bites.

“What? No, of course not. Why would I be?”, you asked in surprise, giving him a confused.

“He thinks you are because you’ve called him Kai since he scared you last night. You never call him Kai unless you’re angry at him”, D.O said, looking at you with his oversized owl eyes.

“Kyungsoo!”, Jongin whined, “You weren’t supposed to tell her…”

You looked at your boyfriend then back to the boys. “No I’m not angry at Jongin”, you said, emphasizing his name.

Chanyeol cheered, “Thank god now he can stop worrying and complaining to us”, he joked.

“Yah! Hyung I didn’t complain that much!”

“You went on for the entire five hours we’ve been here”, Chen argued.

“That’s just because I have a jagi, that I care about very much, unlike you guys”, Jongin teased and wrapped him arms around you.

“Ewwwww!”, Baekhyun whined. Which caused Kyungsoo to elbow him.

“Well I have to get back home to the poodles, Monggu has been really craving attention today”, you said after a while.

“I’ll walk you out”, Jongin told you and before you could argue he had you out of the practice room and in the hall way. But he didn’t walk once he was in the hall way. He just looked down the hall, checking for people.

“What is it-”, before you could ask, you were pinned up against the wall with his lips on yours.

When he pulled away he nuzzled his face into your neck, his warm breath tickling your skin.

“W-what was that about?”, you asked.

“I wanted to, because I love you.” He whispered, turning your face a dark shade of red. He chuckled when he knew you were blushing.

You internally screamed at his ability to do that to you, make you all flustered like that.

“I.. I have to get back.”

“Don’t give the dogs too much attention, I might get jealous”, He pulled away from you and winked.

Jongin As A Boyfriend

Requested by : Anon

- Hugs

- Your hugs with Jongin would always be you walking right into his open arms which usually happened on the days he came home late for practice or the days you visited him at work. You would just melt into his arms and breathe in the familiar scent if cologne he always wore.

- Jongin was a cuddler. A big one. Most of your cuddles would be when you to were sitting down, you on his lap, straddling him, while he holds you close listening to you talk and talk not even interrupting just because he loves your voice.

- Kisses

- Jongin would always catch you by surprise. Like you would just be sitting on the couch watching tv and he’ll turn your face to give you a kiss.

- The kiss wouldn’t usually stop there, so Jongin would pull you into his lap, the movie/series DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN MORE LIKE  behind you both forgotten.


- Sex

- There is only one type of sex with Jongin and that is sex that includes lots of teasing and foreplay.

- Jongin would tease you with his BIG AS FUCK lips kissing down your body slowly as you try to stop the moans from escaping your mouth instead replacing them with deep and heavy breaths as he goes lower and lower.

- Sex would him would last a really, really long time because he’d want to make you orgasm as many times as possible.

- Mornings

- Oh my, morning cuddles with Jongin would just be the best because he’d have extremely messy hair and he would wish you a “good morning” in his deep morning voice before snuggling up to you like a puppy.

- On the times where you woke up first, which was very often, you would go downstairs to make breakfast and halfway through you’d see a topless Jongin walk into the kitchen with a sleepy face, hand in his hair, looking for you because he woke up and you weren’t next to him

- Pet names

- Jongin would be the type of boyfriend to call you beautiful. Your pet name would literally be “beautiful”. The only time where he’d call you by your name was when you two were having a serious moment or during you know what.

- The reason why was because you’d tend to get insecure during the early stages of your relationship cuz damn have you seen Jongin? so he wanted to constantly remind you of how beautiful you were.

- Fights

- Fights with Jongin would be silent arguing. It would be the type of argument where you’ll be taking over each other not letting each other speak.

- If you were in the wrong,keep insisting you were right, Jongin would say “fine forget it” and leave the argument. He’d give you the silent treatment all day until you walked up and sat next to him on the sofa.

- Wrapping your small arms around him, placing your chin on his shoulder, you’d mumble an “I’m sorry” and he’d direct his attention to you. He’d respond by cupping your cheeks and kissing your forehead.

- “How can I stay mad at my beautiful?”

- Dates

- Jongin wouldn’t mind going anywhere really, as long he’s with you.

- He would keep the PDA to the minimum because he’s scared to kiss you.

- like I said, this shit would grab your butt a lot, you see. He cant keep his hands of you.

To summarise, Jongin is a cute little sweetheart that works really hard for the EXO-L’s You’re the only person that keeps him sane and he loves you very much!

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So I got this request before Kaistal and now it’s a thing and Im just picturing them throughout this whole scenario cuz they’re so cute together! I would want to request that everyone please don’t / stop sending hate to Krystal for stealing your man,like he isn’t yours. He’s a grown man who can do whatever he wants. He shouldn’t be told who to love and who not to love. Jongin has done so much for the EXO-L’s and he deserves to be supported. 

On a lighter note, Ive decided to open the smut request so ask away!

Please leave requests in my ask box.BTS or EXO only my loves!


Imagine Jongin

Trying to tease you while you’re both hanging out with a group of friends, making sure he succeeds in making you blush every chance he gets. At one moment, he bites his lip sexily at you before one of your mutual friends turn, Jongin quickly and slyly transforming his lips into a cute grin, texting you sinful promises he’d fulfill when you two are finally alone.

lazy mornings

KaiSoo is official(ly disgusting). {canon!verse, gross fluff, lame humor, etc.} for @changdemic, @denimgege and @raanmouri

It’s not out of the ordinary for the members to sleep in on their days off. Jongin especially is no newcomer to the waking-up-past-noon club, but Kyungsoo is definitely a surprise.

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