jongin eating

  • sehun: i want to live with jesus
  • suho: you dont even go to church
  • sehun: you dont have to go to church to be christian like?? going to taco bell doesnt make you a taco
  • suho: ....huh....
  • sehun: so im going to live with jesus now
  • jongin, walks by while eating a large box of fries: he's talking about his boyfriend jesus pronounced hey-sus
  • suho: seHUN WTF

dump 57 | stupid florist au

luhan: he could’ve just said chocolate jongdae. chocolate!!

jongdae: 😖

in which luhan is hella gay and jongin is hella straight but luhan is dead set on making jongin bend a little for him.


Chanyeol’s Happy Attempt to Bulk

No offence but if you feel like you’re on the edge of leaving kaisoo because of drama, consider this:

You’re a kaisoo stan because of their feelings towards each other. The way Jongin stares at Kyungsoo when others are talking. The way Kyungsoo will walk in front of the cameras during shoots just to help Jongin. The way Jongin touches Kyungsoo without any reason. The way Kyungsoo gets flustered when Jongin stares. The way they mention each other when they’re not supposed to. The way Jongin dances that Kyungsoo admitted to falling in love with. The way that “poison” tasting coffee runs down Jongins throat but thats okay because hes with Kyungsoo. The way Jongin calls Kyungsoo “honey/darling”. The way Kyungsoo reacts to being called that. The way they bring each other so close to whisper in each others ear. The way they feel when they sit alone together in their room watching movies. The way Jongin eats the delicious food Kyungsoo is always happy to make him. The way their friendship is. The way they love each other.

You’re here for them, not anyone else. Drama wont change kaisoo, so why let it effect you?