[INFO] 181018 Hanteo Chart admits and apologizes for manipulating EXO’s Chinese album sales after 14 months

Hanteo Chart finally issued an apology regarding EXO’s Chinese album sales.

Last summer, a former employee of Hanteo Chart was accused of manipulating EXO’s Chinese album sales - making it count less than it actually is. Hanteo Chart vaguely addressed the issue at the time, leading to even more anger to fans.

Finally, after nearly 14 months on October 18, Hanteo Chart posted an official apology via Twitter. The apology stated,

“First of all, we once again apologize for causing concerns to the fans with our employee’s immature actions. It took a long time for us to deliver an official greeting like this because we have a vision and strong belief of our own. It is our vision and goal to create a fair platform that satisfies the K-pop lovers and the artists all over the world. We equally support fandoms of all nations and the hardworking artists who love K-pop. We are also a huge fan of K-pop.”

Hanteo Chart also explained they’ve updated their system, so the fans’ sales can be directly reflected on the charts. It assured fans, stating, “You don’t have to worry anymore.”

Despite the apology, fans continue to express anger. Fans claim the apology is overdue and lacks sincerity.

cr: allkpop

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