EXO’s Reaction to your home country foods



*It smelled so good from his room, he knew it was going to take even better. He loved eating new kinds of foods and when he found out you were going to make food from your home country, he couldn’t wait to dig in.*

“Oh my god, this is so, so, so, so good. What did you put in it? What’s it called? Are there any more foods that you can make me?”

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*Loves it when you make him food from your home country. The moment you called him down for food, there would be endless spoons of food going into his mouth.*

“This…is…so..good..!! Please give me more.”

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*The moment you gave the food to him, he wouldn’t let go of it. You told him he can’t eat the entire thing because that wouldn’t be good for his diet but he kept moving further away from you.*

“But this is so good! No! You cannot have it back…”

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*Has so much food stored in his cheeks that he can’t even speak. You tried telling that he needs to chew before shoveling more food into his mouth but he was too busy filling his spoon again.*

“Sorry baby. Your cooking always gets me like this. So, in a way, when you think about it, this is your fault. Thanks for making all this delicious food and getting me fat. I love it.*

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*Instead of inhaling your foods, he’d take his time to enjoy the taste. Sometimes, your home country foods were so good he’s left in shock for a while, staring at you as if to say;*

“How…how does this exist? It’s like…it’s like happiness on my tongue.”

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*One of those people that eats, feels full but has room for more. He finished his third bowl and was going to lay back in his chair but the smell of the other foods drew him in.*

“You know, I am so full but for some reason, I feel like my stomach just emptied itself so I can eat more.”

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*Very impressed with your home country foods. Every time you went to make them, he’d stand around and watch, taking notes of the way that you made it.*

“So like…are you going to give me the recipe to your amazing food or do I have to call your mom?”

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*Eats it himself. Makes you feel him. Feeds you. There isn’t one thing that you’ve made that he hasn’t eaten. What can he say? He loves your food and he wants to make sure that you still love it.*

“More. I need more of your delicious food. No more ingredients? Well put on your jacket, let’s go grocery shopping.”

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*Would pretend and say that the food was a bit above average but the stuffing of his face with food like no tomorrow told you different. He loved the food and you knew it.*

“You know, it’s good. But like…I feel like I’ve tasted this before, you know?…It’s really, really good..”

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