jon snow in 1.02 [the kingsroad]

He was at the door when she called out to him. “Jon,” she said. He should have kept going, but she had never called him by his name before. He turned to find her looking at his face, as if she were seeing it for the first time. “Yes?” he said. “It should have been you,” she told him. Then she turned back to Bran and began to weep, her whole body shaking with the sobs. Jon had never seen her cry before.

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i know kai isn't one of your favs but can i request some cute or sexy kai gifs?? Pretty pleaseee?

I shall do puppy Jongin ones so I don’t kill all of the Kai stans haha xo

/my internet sucks right now so if some of them don’t work, give me a minute to fix the post/

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Now imagine Che with the rock'n'roll look from his solo stage. He is kissing you on the backstage,he just finished his performance and is sweating. He was able to take you to a hidden corner without anyone noticing. His hands slip under your shirt and he caress your waist gently even though he's kissing you with so much passion. He look you in the eyes with a sweet smile and whisper "I can't wait to get home tonight"

Why are you trying to seduce me with Chen right now? Did I miss something? WHERE DID THESE IMAGINES EVEN COME FROM.

Also… here, since you brought it up, I thought I’d give everyone a visual of what you mean. xo