Hello everyone! These blogs here are my favourite blogs of 2012! They either have awesome edits/gifs/ or keep my dash alive with ~fantastic elastic~ posts/reblogs (of SHINee as well as EXO bc I love both groups) and/or they’re just amazing. The bolded are the ones I talk to often/friends with, but I’m sure everyone else is nice too, so follow their blogs! These are just 30 out of the 277 amazing blogs that I follow, so I’m sorry if I didn’t include you in this, know that you’re still wonderful ♡ Note that I didn’t post my tumblr crushes because they change from time to time but usually these blogs below are in my tumblr crushes list c:

jjongbling / leuhannie / baekyunie / blinger3 / hikari-ah / shineepie / shiningdino / jonqhyuna / jinkclit / shinee-exo / littleshinee / valerieheartstitch / seong / envinae / luhanney / sweetfluffykeyttens / fqzpocky / jongshyun / jonghyunz / ohshinee / sangtae-hyung / choiminhoz / mintokkies / mynameiswaffle / blinghero / nishijou / shineeislove / m-angela / herwhisperisobsession / theklassic 

on that note, HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE!