90.04.08. happy birthday to our beloved jonghyun, hope your day is full of joy and happiness 

It’s rare to find people who succeed in one shot. also, you don’t necessarily need to succeed in your first try. you will learn something from your failures


Happy 22nd Birthday to our Onibugi Leader!

I made this compilation post of the members showing love to Jonghyun (JR) to show how close they are.  This kid truely deserves to have the happiest birthday ever. Likely he had to deal with the most hardship and abuse, yet he still blames himself for Nu’ests downfall.

 Despite all this, he still puts the members before himself. Despite this, he still cast aside any pride he had while making himself a target for antis, and joined produce101. He never gave up on his dream to be a successful idol and lead Nu’est to success as well.

I will always ALWAYS support this kid Leader and his band of dorks. Everyone thinks their ult. group is close, but I’m not delusional when I say the Nu’est bond is on another level. The members love for their friend and leader is very strong. I hope he can spend his birthday with the other 4 if possible. 

This year he will probably get more presents and love from fans than ever before, even if Pledis isn’t allowed to show you with them. This makes me insanely happy. 

Let us all continue to love our cute onibugi together

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“When your tears are falling just let them shed. I wish you’ll think of it as if that weight inside your heart is getting out of your body drop by drop, like that.” - Something Jonghyun said on Blue Night. And this is how I see him - fragile yet strong, never scared to show his true emotions, always caring for others and always placing them before himself. Jonghyun is someone who loves his family, his groups’ members and his fans way more than himself. He is someone who always creates, dreams and tries to reach those dreams with putting a lot of effort and hard work into pursuing them. He is a person to whom I look up to. A lot. I also wish to be as determened, as humble and as brave as him. Jonghyun is a precious man who needs all the love he deserves and all the protection he needs. I have never seen such an emotional man who shows his passion and love so openly. But this is a good thing. A good thing a lot of us should learn to do rather than keeping it to ourselves. So in honor of your birthday, I wish you lots of health, lots of warm memories and a lot of inspiration. And thank you for being a huge inspiration and a role model as well. Happy Birthday, Jjong ♡

shinee celebrates blingy j’s b-day


  • oh right it’s blingy’s birthday 
  • they should probably do something
  • blew all the air in the balloons and needed to lie down for a while bc he was lightheaded 
  • taemin keeps rubbing balloons into his hair while he’s resting saying “static electricity woooo~~~” 
  • “this is nice but remember when you guys forgot my birthday last year”
  •  grabs jong by the shoulders “enjoy youth while you can jonghyun *faraway look in his eye* times goes by so quickly” / jong: hyung we’re literally four months apart”) 
  • also his birthday punches hurt a lot wtf (there is also an option of birthday ddakbam but jong’s head might explode if he does that) 


  • kicks jong out of the dorm before the party (“idc where you go you just can’t stay here” / jong: “kibum let me get DRESSED FIRST BEFORE YOU SHOVE ME OUT THE DOOR”) 
  • but tbh what surprises can you plan by now tho
  • he knows that jong knows that he knows that he knows, you know? 
  • blew out the candle before jong could heh heh `ㅂ´ and does it again after jong demanded a redo (jong: omg who DOES that) 
  • jong: where’s my gift?? / key: my presence is your present / jong: ok / key: it’s a lot punnier in english ok 


  • keeps kicking around the balloons like soccer balls 
  • made taemin sit on the ground with his arms up so he could use them as a goal but keeps kicking them square in his face and not through his arms
  • why is he always on candle duty 
  • the name flaming charisma was never meant to be taken literally!!!!!
  • he found this 5 candle (jong: why is it a five / minho: bc……….. there’s five of us……… and taemin help / taemin: you’re five. call me hyung) 
  • *grabs jonghyun’s neck and slams his head into the cake* (onew: oh *puts down his fork*) 


  • forgot to pick up the cake 
  • key is going to kill him
  • he begged him for an important job this year instead of his usual one of just making sure that he does NOT send party details to the 5hinee group chat 
  • may or may not have forgotten to even order a cake at all 
  • runs to the bakery (”hi yes i am shinee’s taemin pls if you love shinee sos i will do ring ding dong rn for your cooperation”) 
  • haha score, got the cake in your FACE key hyung 
  • @ jong “omg you’re so old” 6v6


  • honestly cannot tell if this day is about celebrating or punishing him 
  • jk he loves his members 


  • jong: “i knew that you guys were doing this”
  • key: “yeah it’s almost like we’ve been doing this 5 times a year for the past 10 years” 
  • jong: “yeah that too but also taemin ran past me holding a cake box and screaming don’t look at me like 20 mins ago”
  • taemin: *fingerguns at jong* discretion is not my forte


(170702)  jonghyun: the letter day xvii

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bellow are various fanaccts from the concert:

→ onew came in during the rewind vcr. 

→  he first came in through the left side and was looking around, but realized his seat wasn’t there and went back out. he came back in through the right side. 

→ onew laughed at the cockroach cg during the story time. 

→  when jonghyun said, “people who have the half-moon bell, please take it out,” onew looked around and then at his hands. since he didn’t have a bell, he hit the light stick against his hands instead. 

→ after finished up with the bell, jonghyun said, “bye, half-moon bell~” and fans did the same. onew had a huge smile on his face, then covered his face and laughed. 

→ jonghyun was interviewing people who came with their friends and the people he chose were on the second level; onew bent his head back to see them. 

→ when jonghyun asked people who’s friend is next to them to raise their hands, onew hit his knee and held his head in his hands and shook his head as if to say, “what a shame.” 

→ while jonghyun was talking before singing “fireplace”, onew kept looking at the event instruction sheet. 

→ durring the vcr, he slowly assembled the glasses. however, he didn’t really know how to, so he asked the people around him. 

→ he thought the vcr was over at a certain point so he made a motion to hide the glasses, but after realizing it wasn’t over her went back to putting them together. once the vcr was over, he held the glasses in the back of his seat and shook his lightstick as if nothing happened. 

→ after “love belt”, onew wore his glasses backwards, hanging off of his ears. 

→ onew took part in all of the events earnestly, the instructions said to hold the slogan under the eyes, so he held it exactly like that. 

→ onew came with no makeup on, so he kept covering his face. 

→ jonghyun said to greet people sitting next to you, so onew greeted the fan sitting next to him by slightly bowing his head. op says that his eyes are very warm. 

→ during the encore, “deja boo”, jonghyun found onew and said the “seems like i’ve seen you somewhere” line to him, even though onew had his face covered by the slogan. while doing this, jonghyun tripped on the stairs. 

→ for today’s letter the fan said that they wanted to say these words to shinee while smiling; onew listened well and when it was done, he clapped in her direction. 

→ onew watched the stages very seriously and applauded.