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the letter (day xiv) ♡ 170618 
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today’s couple story was very cheerful. the two had a print out that said: “newlywed(?) couple for four years” and were holding it up very obviously so jonghyun said: “i guess i can’t help but interview you!”. jonghyun asked how the husband proposed and he said that he danced to “sherlock” at the wedding ceremony. the husband along sang along to “바퀴 (where are you)”. jonghyun asked if there was anything he hopes for from his wife, to which he said: “let’s have a baby”. jonghyun’s eyes became really wide at that. 

jonghyun: i hope you can set the mood while listening to my songs. i have many songs with that kind of atmosphere … masterpiece songs … ㅎㅅㅎ

When you cringe during Key's live posts because of how stupid the questions are.

Don’t ask him about the other members. They don’t live with him, plus he has to say this literally EVERY TIME.
DON’T try to call him out fornot answering you. Theres a thousand messages a second flying across that screen, he can’t see/answer them all.
Don’t ask for his skincare routine. He literally rolls his eyes at this question now and even almost avoids answering.
And PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF SHINEE…don’t bring up your shinee otp. Please know better than to call Jonghyun his husband or call him Umma or Onew daddy.
The shit is embarrassing.
He loves to talk, so ask him questions that are worth asking and stimulate conversation. Don’t make him regret going on live. Because he pretty much does it for us and we should be thankful, mindful, and respectful.


So having Jonghyun as your husband and father of your children would include: 

  • if you managed to marry this man: HOLD HIM TIGHT AND NEVER LET GO
  • perfect husband material 
  • so caring, well-mannered and affectionate 
  • when you first told him you were pregnant he was in awe and kept staring at you while smiling
  • “is this for real? you’re not joking, are you? oh my god! i am so happy babe, i love you so much” 
  • he was extra-careful during your pregnancy and he did anything you asked for
  • spoiled you to no end 
  • he wouldn’t let you do anything around the house; he would want to do all the cleaning and cooking because he wants you to relax and take care of you 
  • so restless during the birth, it felt as if he was going to give birth with all the questions he was asking the doctor 
  • he cried a lot when he first saw your child; and you had to calm him down cause he wouldn’t stop 
  • such a fantastic father 
  • he would take so much care of your child when he is growing up
  • probably a bit too over-protective and you would have to reassure him that everything is going to be fine and he doesn’t need to baby proof the entire house 
  • would take so many pictures and videos of the child because he is so proud and wants to show him off 
  • would probably call the other Nu’est members to gush over his child and then procceed to spam them with pictures 
  • and they will call you and beg you to stop Jonghyun from sending them pictures
  • “baby… minki called again and told me to tell you to stop sending him pictures of our child pooping” 
  • “JONGHYUN NO! Stop sending pictures of our naked son to your friends!” 
  • “Look, he is peeing, so adorable, wait a minute I’m sending this one to Minhyun real fast” 
  • would be very jealous if the child’s first word will be “mom” because 
  • “why does he love you more? does he not recognize me as his father?”
  • so supportive and proud when your son takes his first steps; he will probably start crying again of happiness
  • when is time for kindergarten or school he will have a harder time letting go of his little fluff ball than you
  • and throughout the day he would constantly worry and you would have to stop him like 3 times not to barge into the classroom in the middle of the class just to check if his son is hungry
  • you would have lots of family activities
  • I personally believe the only fights that would arise would be cause Jonghyun would spoil the child too much 
  • and as we all know, that’s never good 
  • he will probably ally with your kid against you whenever they do something bad or when they want to plan a surprise for you 
  • like they would try cooking a special dinner on your birthday 
  • and it would be so amazing and sweet of them even though the food is not perfect, but you appreciate it a lot
  • and then you walk into the kitchen and is a complete mess with left-over ingredients everywhere and a piece of dough hanging from the ceiling
  • and Jonghyun swears he doesn’t know how that ended up there 
  • and while you help them clean up your kid throws some flour in your direction and everything turns into a food fight 
  • and while you are all laughing while sitting on the floor, Jonghyun nudges you and whispers sweetly
  • “I love you both so much, I couldn’t wish for a better family”

its 3 in the morning and i use my time to watch jonghyun fancams :”))))

imma swim to korea to button that shirt i stg

jongkey literally makes me so happy like i dont care if they are just standing next to each other or full on hugging for 72 seconds because its pure and beautiful and i love it and people just don’t understand that seeing cute jongkey on my dash makes my fucking day so please don’t stop and spam me with gifs of these two beautiful men if you want to make me happy thank you

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2min. minho's rich parents hasn't been in contact with 2min ever since they got married and after 5 years, minho's parents sends them an invitation for christmas dinner.

for @jetaeminnie  ♡

Titled: How to end a fight? Carry on!
Length: Almost 7.8k words (long!)
Pairing: 2min and tidbits of jongyu
Warnings: cringe, cliches, fluff (not fluffy fluff but as @cute-little-oppas puts it, asdfghjkl fluff)

“What happened?” Jonghyun asked when Minho finished with the pictures and was heading to the screen to edit them.

“Nothing,” Minho answered, sighing a little as he set his camera down.

“Your brows have been knotted all day, dude.”

Minho sighed, reaching into his bag and taking a letter out, throwing it at Jonghyun. Jonghyun caught it and opened it immediately. After he was done reading, he sighed, “Well, you can ask someone to go with you. You haven’t gone home once since you left six years ago. No one knows who your husband is.” Jonghyun paused, “Wait, I can go with you-”

“And you think Jinki’s gonna be alright with that? Let his boyfriend pretend to be someone else’s husband from Christmas till New Year?”

Jonghyun smirked, “I can convince Jinki to go with you instead. Or maybe Kibum-”

“No one’s gonna work.” Minho sighed deeply, “My mom knows who my husband is- was. You are forgetting- she was one of the witnesses, unwillingly but yeah…and she probably has a picture from the wedding and I’m 100% sure she showed it around.”

“Tell her the truth, you got no choice.”

“I was avoiding her calls ever since Taemin left and when she finally sent the invitation, I answered her call and she went on and on about how grandpa is ill and helped her convince everyone to accept my running away, becoming a photographer, marrying early, blah blah blah, so that he could see everyone happy and together this Christmas, because he’s afraid he won’t last until next…and the whole family now is gonna throw a reception of sorts for us during that week I don’t wanna ruin anything for grandpa or mom. And how can I show up at my reception…well, alone?”

Jonghyun thought a while, “Well, you can ask Taemin though. I mean…you guys aren’t really divorced-”


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me: *on my deathbed* 

 my loving husband jonghyun, right by my side: is there anything i can do for you my sweet?

 me: ……yes …… 

 me: play that kazoo for me one last time