jonghyun with his wife and kids

Suburban Dad AU 2/??

Yay! so I took a lot of the things you guys were asking about, and tried to explain some of them in this one. :P And I would like to thank my lovely co-writer/supporter keybangs 

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Minho opened the mailbox with Taemin at his hip, informing his dad on the most recent episode of Sesame Street.

“They had the aveggies, and captain cauliflower, and the cookie monster was the hulk!” He giggled cutely, and Minho couldn’t help but smile.

When they got back inside, Minho set Taemin on the counter and started looking through the mail, “Hey, Taeminnie, do you wanna see the pandas?”

“Panda?” Taemin asked.

“Yeah! They’re like big bears, but they pretty much just sit around and do nothing all day, like you!” Minho poked Taemin in the nose, making his son giggle with delight.

Minho’s phone alarm went off, making Taemin jump, “Oh! It’s time to pick up the boys, do you wanna come with me? I’ll let you look at the pictures of the panda’s” He held up the zoo brochure that caught his eye.

“Panda!” Taemin cheered.

Minho buckled Taemin into his carseat and drove away from his house. Taemin talked to himself in the back seat, playing with the brochure Minho had handed him while he drove. As he was pulling into the school, Minho wondered what Kibum would give him crap for this time. Last time it was that he was there too late, the next he was too early. Kibum argued he was driving too fast, but he couldn’t have been. The kids were just released early that day.

Jonghyun knocked on the window of the passenger seat, and Minho unlocked the doors, allowing him and his friends to enter.

“Hey, how was choir?” Minho asked, waiting for everyone to buckle.

“Our director got mad again,” Jinki said, struggling to get the buckle around himself .

“but it wasn’t at us this time,” Onew smiled.

Minho sighed, “You guys better be careful.”

“Did you have a good day Taeminnie?” Jonghyun asked, looking back at his little brother.

“Pandas!” Taemin cried, “I wanna see pandas!”

Jonghyun pulled the brochure from Taemin’s hands, much to the dismay of the younger. “There’s a new panda exhibit at the zoo?” Jonghyun read through the advertisement, “Can we go dad?”

“We wanna go too!” Jinki and Onew chimed from the back.

Minho laughed, “Okay, I’ll ask your dad if we can go this weekend, okay?”

They continued along while Jinki avidly explained why their director got mad.

Minho pulled up in front of Kibum’s house, and parked, opening the windows. The twins left, and Kibum walked out to greet them. He was wearing a tanktop and shorts that exposed a little more than Minho could handle.

“I don’t understand how you get here so fast,” Kibum sighed, “You better be careful when you drive with my kids.”

Minho scoffed, “I’m always safe when I drive, and this has to be one of the safest cars in its class”

Kibum rolled his eyes, “Okay, whatever you say.”

“There’s a new panda exhibit at the zoo, and I was talking about going with Jonghyun this saturday. Could your boys join us?”

Kibum squat so he was at eye level with his son’s, “Is this true?”

“Yeah! There are gonna be pandas, and we can go see the snakes!” Jinki looked excited.

“And I want to go to the petting zoo!” Onew smiled in the way Kibum just couldn’t resist.

Kibum nodded, “Let’s go then,” He stood up and addressed Minho, “Okay, they can go to the zoo, but I’m coming with you.”

“Oh, uh, okay,” Minho looked surprised that Kibum wanted to go. For how much their kids had spent time together, the two of them hadn’t interacted too much, apart from snide comments and judgemental looks. “I’ll come on saturday to pick everyone up.”

“Sounds good, see you then.”

Kibum waved as Minho backed out of the driveway. On the short drive home, Minho spaced out, thinking about saturday. Why did Kibum want to go? It’s not like He needed help paying for anything. Just having the boys by themselves was stressful enough, but having Kibum there would just add to his nerves. He had never been so scared of screwing up with someone else’s kids, but Kibum seemed to worry too much about his kids, where as Minho would rather let Jonghyun and Taemin do what they want, and learn from the consequences.

“Hey dad?” Jonghyun pulled Minho out of his thoughts, “Why aren’t you and Kibum friends?”

“Um,” Minho thought about how to explain it, “Well, he- he doesn’t get along with me. I honestly don’t think he likes me very much.“

Jonghyun frowned, "Okay.”

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