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Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin are still performing and will be doing their best to cover Jinki’s parts. They will bust their asses this week practicing new choreo and vocal arrangements. Their efforts must be recognized for trying to uphold the quality performance SHINee is known for - even with a man down.

For those following Jonghyun and Key on social media, send them lots of love. Tell them good luck and thank them for the effort they will be putting on. Tell them we’ll be here cheering loudly for them. So if you have a concert ticket, don’t cancel them. Show Jongkey2min love and support, they need it too. If they’re as close as we think they are, they’re hurting more than we are.

If you’re following Jinki, tell him you’ll wait until he’s ready.

If you’re following SMTown, tell them to take care of Jinki and that SHINee is not SHINee without all five of them.

SHINee As Broken Social Norms
  • Jonghyun: (walking down super wide hallway) *walks right beside you*
  • Key: (in line at store waiting at checkout aisle) can you hold this for me? *gives you his bag while he takes a long sip of his latte, sighing and looking around, then keeps waiting*
  • Onew: *at restaurant, sitting near your table* can you smell this for me, I think it's rotten *shoves his food under your nose*
  • Minho: *wears Crocs*
  • Taemin: *holds up line while he looks for a single coupon that could save him ten cents*

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ppl always joke around saying sjw jonghyun but what issues has he actually talked about? thank you so much for this blog

okay, i wanna start this by quickly pointing out: yes, i also see that people tend to make a joke out of jonghyun being socially aware and trying his best to use his platform to spread that awareness, etc. whenever he can. (it kind of goes along with the entire fake deep trend but that’s another story.) anyway, jjong shouldn’t be put up on a pedestal for being a good guy but it also shouldn’t be ignored that, as said, he does try to use his status within the industry to shed light onto important topics. he’s not the only one, but he’s certainly one of the more outspoken idols when it comes to this, overall.

■ october 2013bringing attention to the uprising / unrest in egypt
■ october 2013: calling out a law banning wireless phones in korea
■ december 2013showing support for the korean lgbtqa+ community
■ march 2014hoping for improvement on the treatment of comfort women
■ july 2014: bringing attention israel / gaza strip conflict
■ february 2015joining the “don’t hit, hug” campaign against child abuse
■ july 2015: discussing misogyny / sexism (part ipart iipart iii)
(*) a note that these discussions were made after a comment that he made on blue night started to circulate around korean forums that was called out as being misogynistic. he ended up seeing the criticism, tweeted about it (which you can read here), and asked if anyone would be willing to discuss what about the comments made them uncomfortable. the above linked are conversations that he had with two different women that are both really insightful / worth reading to see what was said and witness jonghyun really learning from it.
■ october 2015government education policy / south korea’s birth rate

along with all of that: his profile picture on twitter has been an well known photo of an anti-vietnam war activist for over two years now, and it’s also his profile photo on instagram. (you can find some information on the person in the photo / see a high quality image of it here.) there was also a tweet that he made back in 2014 where he was alluding to rumors that the korean government were tapping into sns services like kakaotalk to read convos going on but i’ve lost track of it. he’s also been pretty frequent in encouraging fans / younger people to vote.

and this is only somewhat related but: he’s been pretty open about both his depression and anxiety (which he discussed during his episode of 4 things). he’s also been open about embracing his femininity. there’s likely a looooot of things that i’ve missed (and probably a lot that haven’t ever been translated, especially comments / stories that have been made on blue night) but those are the ones that came to the top of my head.

(also, a quick note: maxwell brought up blm and police brutality during his guesting on blue night and jonghyun definitely knew what he was talking about / seemed to agree with what he said but i didn’t add that directly due to there not being a full translation and the discussion moving along very quickly after.)


@bumkeyk: my lil freaks when i look in to your eyes it tears me up sometimes .thanks for today my lil freaks 진심으로 응원해 주는 모습을 보면 나를 눈물짓게 만들어요 항상 고마워요. my lil freaks いつも応援してくれる時視線がぶつかったら泣きそうになる瞬間があります本当にありがとう今日来てくれてありがとうございます

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Jiho as usual was feeling particularly eccentric at this time of night, wandering the streets of Seoul. He finally stopped in the middle of the side walk, belting out one of teen top’s biggest hits, “I got that Supa Lu-u-u-u-uv. That Supa Lu-u-u-u-uv. She want my Supa Lu-u-u-u-uv. My Supa Lu-u-u-u-uv.” Meeting the eyes of a stranger, he continued to sing. Putting his heart and soul into this meager performance, “ah, See what I’m tryin'a say baby. Is, your love, plus my love, Supa Luv. You know you want it, how that sound? hahahaha.

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Im doing pretty well. /he nods and smiles, tilting his head to the side a bit/ How are you doing?

Yeah? I’m glad to hear that. { she smiles } As for myself, just amazing. { widens her smile to a grin } Yesterday wasn’t so great for me, but today.. I just.. { purses her lips and hunches her shoulders briefly } I have a good feeling about the next few days. Things are looking up. { nods slowly }