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[170805] Key’s live stream on IG

Just a random thought… 

So, when Kibum saw that Jonghyun’s watching his stream, he started to talk really cutely to him and making these cute face expressions. I would say - yeah, ok, he always does, but he said these strange things about the room service…

And then he suddenly said that he ate a hamburger, but right before it he looked like he’d ponder over something for a second. This led me to think that maybe he was lowkey saying (to Jonghyun) what he want to eat (so Jjong can order it?).

And as you probably know, at the very end of the stream someone ringed on the door. Could that be the room service or Jonghyun himself with the food?

I’m curious what do you think about it! ^^

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Help!!! I think I'm deeply in love with jonghyun!!

same tho ;;;;;; but here’s how u can cope with loving jonghyun dearly:

-stream the lonely mv

-observe Intense Sweater Paws at least twice daily

-let mermaid junghee into ur life

-when he sends u airkissies!! send them back!!! even thru the screen it’s okay!!! he’ll feel it!

-don’t be afraid to cry with jjong sometimes. he cries a lot so u’ll be ok with crying too! let out a good cry with jjong if u have to.

-jjong goes to bed at 12 am kst so whenever that is in ur time zone make sure u tell him good night! and if u forget that’s okay too! just say sweet dreams when u can! he’ll hear u i promise!

a short jongyu drabble;

“You’ve always been by my side,” Jinki tells him, looking Jonghyun right in the eyes as he speaks. There is nothing hesitant in his demeanor, back straight and grip firm on Jonghyun’s hand. “Thank you.”

Jonghyun thinks he might explode if Jinki keeps staring at him like that, heart threatening to burst out of his chest as he tries to keep himself together. “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else,” Jonghyun finally replies, face flushed with embarrassment and throat almost too tight to let out any sound. He’s afraid that Jinki will see just how deep his feelings go, just how far Jonghyun would go for him, so he looks away first. He runs his trembling fingers through his hair to give himself something to do, but even like this he can feel Jinki’s watchful gaze, so he looks back up again.

Jinki smiles when their eyes meet, brighter than the sun like always, much too bright for Jonghyun to handle, but it won’t stop him from trying, even if it burns him. He’s spent years memorizing the way the corners of Jinki’s eyes crinkle, how his lips part and stretch over his teeth when he laughs, how he tilts his head slightly and tightens his hold on Jonghyun’s heart when he speaks with him. Jonghyun is so in love that the words threaten to gush forth from his mouth, spilling out over his tongue before he can hold them back.

“You’re too good to me, Jjong,” Jinki tells him, arms wrapping around Jonghyun’s form and holding him tightly. Jonghyun worries Jinki will feel how hard his heart beating against his chest, but he allows himself this indulgence, closing his eyes and returning the embrace just as tight. “If you keep being so cute and shy, I’ll fall even more in love with you.”

At the confession, Jonghyun startles, breath catching in his throat. “What?” he asks, shocked as he pulls back. Jinki is still grinning but it’s softer now around the corners, gaze fond. Even still, the younger man is sure he just misheard what he said. “Did you just…?”

Jinki’s smile grows mischievous, eyes glinting. “Caught me,” he says playfully, cupping Jonghyun’s cheeks with his hands before pressing a soft kiss against his forehead. “If I waited any longer for you to tell me, we’d be old.” At this point Jonghyun is sure he is dead and in heaven. He doesn’t know what good he did in the world to deserve this kind of happiness, but he thinks he might cry.