jonghyun please

Jang Moonbuk and his hair!

It’s nothing big, but seriously guys look at Moonbuk here in the hair salon just looking literally gorgeous with his hair. LIKE HOW EVEN IS THIS POSSIBLE?? Don’t get me wrong after seeing him on the show I really like the charm that he has but his hair never came out as this elegant always just seemed long…. ….. he LOOKS SO PRETTY THO AHDISIJDF i think im slowly falling for his weird charm and how honest he is.

But can we just talk about ep3 for a minute? And about poor baby Jonghyun?
Not to make anyone sad but, it broke me.

When he saw Minhyun coming in through that door and he just went on and thought ‘Why are you here? Get out.’
He trusts them to do well, even though, it’s not their fault, they are tired and frankly, I hope they don’t give up fighting. Even if MNET is evil, even if the editing makes you like this, don’t give up. We can see the good in you. So others will too.

When they had to pick the leader for Minhyun’s team, and everyone choose Jonghyun, but you could see it in his eyes, he didn’t want to be a leader.

Jonghyun said that he’s afraid to be a leader, because he doesn’t want to fail them, to let them down, like he did with NU'EST and I can’t really cope with that. He didn’t fail NU'EST, he didn’t broke their promise, they are a team. A leader shouldn’t carry all the hardships and all the blame on his shoulders, a leader doesn’t mean it’s all on you. You can ask for help, you can rely on others. You don’t have to apologise to Minki and the others for going up to B Class. They will do better, they will follow you.

This child blames himself for everything and apologises for things he didn’t do or shouldn’t apologise for.

But then Minhyun went on and said, 'I believe in Jonghyun.’ and I felt like crying. Jonghyun shouldn’t carry the burden alone, and yet he does it.

Someone please stop this child, please protect him. Because I can’t stand watching Jonghyun being in pain anymore. I can’t stand watching Minki cry. I can’t stand looking at Minhyun being so tired and I can’t stand looking at Dongho how he almost lost all hope.


even pledis is shocked lol