jonghyun kim

whenever you feel unprepared for something important in your life just remember how SHINee practiced their intro for 1st Tokyo Dome concert 2 minuets before the actual concert and had no idea when to start dancing

Do we come out during the 2nd measure? or the 3rd measure?

I’m not sure but…..



Oops!😅Jjong, you are too cute😍

Korea Sale Festival 160930


Okay who the hell gave Shinee permision to become sugar daddys?!! Somebody point them out to me so i can hug them kiss them and then kick their ass! If anyone feels personally attacked by these gorgeous men you arent alone!!! lol Im so ready for this~!! So ladies and men hold on to your nips, triy to keep your legs closed cause this come back gone be gooooooooooood lol