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i know it’s minho’s day but just let me rant for a little:

who the fuck do SM think they are screwing us over like this? there was a music video teaser but now no music video? i swear to jjongsus christ if it doesn’t drop by tomorrow i am actually sueing… this doesn’t just affect us, but jonghyun too y’know? without an mv this song clearly isn’t as exposed as it would have been with one which obviously means not as many sales and another of jonghyun’s masterpieces slept on. *tut tut* pick up your game SM and stop neglecting talented artists 

The Right Moment

jongyu / nc-17 / 1,026 words
Jinki needs to work on his timing. 

here’s just a little thing i had fun writing up! thank you to @shitfics as always for reading this through for me! enjoy!

“Fuck, Jinki,” Jonghyun moans, his whole body shuddering from another hard push of Jinki’s cock inside him.  “That feels so good, fuck.”

Normally, words like that encourages Jinki to go faster, speeding up his hips with a knowing grin and a cheeky little yeah? that never fails to send the pink flush from Jonghyun’s chest traveling up to his cheeks and to the tips of his ears, heating Jonghyun from the inside-out.

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161211 shinee world v in yokohama day 3 fanaccounts

Key: we’re right between Minho and Onew’s bday now 
so onew and minho stood on separate ends of the stage and reached out to each other (credit: @fodfran)

Key was about to spoil something from Minho’s movie but Minho stopped him and said “secret secret” but mispronounced it cutely (credit: @fodfran)

minho: just for this occasion i’ll the lines in japanese!!
minho: i said it, didn’t i! i’ll protect you!!
key: don’t say it to me! you’re supposed to say it to the fans!~~ (credit: @mredwardsanders)

Onew gave Minho his necklace as a bday present but Minho went and put it on Taemin’s neck instead (credit: @fodfran)

minho is putting on a necklace for Taemin!!!! And taemin went “can the camera not focus on me? ah it’s embarrasing” (And covered his chest) 
jonghyun: excuse me, right now, we’re in the middle of a concert! (credit: @minhoclove & @mredwardsanders

During lucky star Minho sprinted off the stage to the back of the arena so the others followed suit and went all over the place unscripted (credit: @fodfran)

At the end of Lucky Star Minho and Onew did their bro dance and dabbed at the end <_<  (credit: @fodfran)

onew throws a chocolate at minho who went “please don’t go~” to onew
minho: chocolate? it’s a birthday present! he eats as he says that
key: tastes normal right? (credit: @mredwardsanders)

About both Minho and Onew’s bdays, Jonghyun said we can celebrate for both together and started singing ‘Happy Birthday Futari~(2 people~)'  (credit: @ipipie)

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☁️with SHINee, maybe jjong

complex;; zion.t ft gd

“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me, I think about if no one knew that we were us and we could hold hands and walk like other people in a nice, sunny park.”

There was some type of beauty in seeing him so successful and the smile that was over his features when he was recognized or finished another song was priceless. His back is turned to her now and he’s writing down the lyrics for one of his new songs when she feels the sudden need to wrap her arms around him. He continues singing the song, though, even when her chin is on top of his head and her hands are over his chest. Jonghyun only smiles softly as a chuckle interrupts his serious façade. Jonghyun takes the pencil in between his fingers and plays with it a little bit until his lips curve into a smile, turning around to peck her lips softly.

In the comfort of his apartment, obviously.

Supposedly, the perks of dating an idol.

“It’s a good song.” She compliments and he feels his heart swelling with pride before he shook his head.

“It’s still tacky.”

“You always say that-” She complains as her lips rest over his cheek to reassure him with a kiss. “It does sound great.”

“I always say that because I am stating the truth.” Jonghyun begins to scribble down something before stopping completely. “What about you helping me with my next song?”

“They’re always about me, so what can I say?” The joking mannerism in her tone has him laughing and there’s not a more beautiful sound than that.

Jongyu Ganster AU (Part 3)

Okay so this isn’t any of the two scenes I’m already working on for this AU for the people I talked to about but this happens much much later after the second part I wrote (and the two scenes I haven’t finished yet)
It is also incredibly short and unbetad OTL
Read the first two parts here~ (x) 

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I'm just saying

I love Jonghyun, I really do (he’s my favorite vocalist in kpop). BUT I don’t think we give enough credit to Minho who writes a good chunk of his own raps and stuff. I know it’s almost expected of him to do so, but I still think we should acknowledge it. In fact, he has more contribution with lyrics than Jonghyun and yet we all basically bow down at Jjong’s feet for it. Not trying to down play Jonghyun’s achievemebts but I think Minho deserves some recognition too.