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[Trans] Jonghyun twitter update - midnight attack 170408 - (3P)  #종현아생일축하해

멤버들과 스텝들의 야간습격 고마워요 모두들♡♡♡♡

Trans” Members and staff’s late night attack. Thank you everyone ♡♡♡♡

Credit: realjongyun90
Translation Credit: MT

Kick It

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  • Unsurprisingly, Choi Minho is the star of your university’s soccer team.
  • Captain, top goal-scorer, unofficial mascot; Choi Minho.
  •  He spends 99.9% of his time on the field either playing or practicing. And when he’s not playing? He’s cheering on his teammates.
  • If superlatives were still a thing in college, you bet Minho would be voted most spirited.
  • With the amount of time he spends on the field, you’d think that he didn’t have any classes or, at the very least, he’d be failing the ones he does have.
  • But no.  Minho takes his academics just as seriously as he takes his football.
  • Which is why, more often than not, Minho spends nights that he doesn’t have practice or a match cooped up in the library.
  • And that is exactly where the two of you met.

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Though I am upset that Samuel or Jonghyun didn’t make it, don’t just abandon the boys that made it through now. They worked just as hard as hard at sameul/Jonhyun yet you are willing to let them fail because your favourites didn’t make it?? Do you think they would want that. Yes i am upset they didn’t make it but there is literally no need to say it was Mnets fault. Remember it was the Korean fans that voted for them, not Mnet. Yeah mnet isn’t the best but blaming it on the producers? Don’t abandon Wanna One over this, support them with all your hearts because I know for a fact all the over trainees wouldn’t want them to fail. Stop being salty and telling them to fail, support them.

Tiny Crush

So this is for @jinki-as-thumper. It’s about Jinki being a big ass dweeb and the girl across from him in his most boring class catches his eye when he’s trying to distract himself. She’s tiny and cute, and he may just have a tiny crush on her. Just maybe. 

pairing: Jungyu (jongyu)

w/c: 2,454

Tap. Tap. Tap Tap Tap. Tap. Tap.

Jinki’s eyes were focused on his pen hitting the desk, his mind somewhere else from the classroom because of how boring the lecture was. Only 10 minutes in and he felt like ripping his hair out would be a more entertaining and interesting taker upper of his time than this stupid class his advisor told him would look good on his transcript. Then again this was his third class today and it was Monday. He really didn’t know why he did this to himself when he registered last semester. With a huge sigh he dropped his pen completely onto the table and looked around the room for something more interesting. 

There was a couple up in the corner playing grab hands, but he quickly moved his eyes from that. Next came a big soccer player on his phone thinking it wasn’t completely obvious that he was. Everyone knew that no one’s lap could be that interesting. There was two girls giggling about something they were reading on a note the boy behind them tossed to them when the professor’s back was turned. The professor probably couldn’t see the desk in front of him he was so old, so there wasn’t much need for subtlety.

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darkanoir  asked:

Good evening darling! It's been a while since I last gave you a prompt but I saw your post and couldn't resist! Unfortunately, I don't have any specific idea, but would you mind if I requested something anyway? It is a bit banal, but I'd love to read a knotting fic, with jonghyun as the alpha and Kibum as the omega. Feel free to ignore this if you don't feel up to it! Thank you for replenishing us with lovely drabbles to read <3 Hope you're having a nice new year so far! <3

Wow! My first ever omega fic. So… yeah. It wasn’t so much a story as it was vignettes of their lives? I hope it makes some sense! I know it’s long, but I didn’t want to put it under a read more because they’re still not working properly for me. Sorry!

Kibum can’t think of anything worse than being the pack’s omega.

When the pack’s leader, Jonghyun, took a fancy to Kibum one day when they passed the lone omega on a trek, Jonghyun insisted that Kibum come along with them. An omega doesn’t simply ignore the wishes of an alpha.

Jonghyun isn’t the nuisance though. It’s the three other betas in the pack: Jinki, Minho and Taemin. Jinki is the most aloof out of the three and generally wanders by himself, but Minho and Taemin take their sweet time beating up on poor Kibum. The pack knows how powerful they are with three betas and a dominant alpha, and Kibum has become the chew toy for the youngest two pack members to relieve their boredom.

When Kibum nears his heat, Jonghyun disappears from the pack. Jonghyun gets violent around omegas in heat and wanders off on his own for everyone’s protection. No one, as far as they let on, know where he goes to be alone. In his absence, Jinki steps up to the role of alpha. He pays even less attention to Minho and Taemin wrestling and brawling with Kibum every chance they get. The pair of troublemakers could quite literally get away with murder under Jinki’s watch.

It’s a snowing morning when Minho and Taemin start their ministrations. Kibum is barely awake when the nips begin. He rises slowly, peering at Minho and Taemin as they circle him.

Minho is a wolf larger and more powerful than Jonghyun with dark, course fur. Taemin is smaller with ash-colored fur and relies on brute strength to taunt Kibum. When they come together, they’re a merciless pair. When Kibum is nearing his heat, they’re particularly ruthless. The two despise that Kibum drives their alpha leader away.

Taemin nips at Kibum’s heels as Minho hovers menacingly behind him. If Kibum gets out of line, Minho bites him and pins him down into the fresh coat of snow. Rather than take the beating, Kibum gallops away through the snowy landscape.

Minho and Taemin follow him for a while. They’re trying to steer him a certain way. Kibum can tell. Once they’re a considerable distance from encampment and wherever the two wolves wanted Kibum to end up, they turn back suddenly. Kibum watches as they wrestle each other and try to outrun the other. Within minutes, they disappear from view.

Kibum rises to his feet, shaking the snow off his fur. He doesn’t know why they ran like bats out of hell, but he’s glad that they’re gone. For a little while at least, he won’t be harassed by the overly playful beta counterparts.

There’s a cave nearby. It’s a small crevice in the mountain edge, but it’s enough to squeeze through to shelter himself from the snow. It’s just as cold as it was outside, but Kibum’s body temperature is enough to keep him comfortable, even in human form. Once he transforms and is up on two legs again, naked as the day he was born, he steps further into the cavern.

A snarling growl echoes from the end of the cave. Kibum freezes. He encroached on someone else’s territory. With Kibum teetering of the edge of being in heat, stumbling into someone else’s territory spelled disaster.

Kibum lets out a small whine of submission. It’s quieter than it would have been if he were still a wolf. It gets the job done. The growling stops.


It’s Jonghyun, the alpha.

Kibum doesn’t leave time to think about the possibilities. He bolts. Or, at least, he tries to.

Jonghyun blocks the exit before Kibum can even shift. He slams into Jonghyun’s furry ribcage, getting knocked backward. Jonghyun wastes no time in crawling on top of Kibum, sinking his teeth into Kibum’s shoulder.

Kibum arches into Jonghyun, holding onto Jonghyun’s shoulders.

Kibum knew this would be his reality eventually. Jonghyun wouldn’t have picked up an omega for the hell of it. No, Jonghyun knew that the pack would soon need to grow in numbers. The easiest way to train members of the pack was from the time they were just pups. Mature wolves were much too independent to teach properly.

Kibum was Jonghyun’s surefire way to get pups.

Kibum feels Jonghyun’s knot swell deep inside of him. He doesn’t know whether he wants to kiss Jonghyun or scratch his nails further into his arms.

Jonghyun hasn’t said anything since he murmured Kibum’s name. Even his whines and groans were few and far between.

Kibum assumes that Jonghyun is using him as a business transaction more than anything. Kibum decides not to touch his lips to Jonghyun’s skin.

When the swelling goes down, Jonghyun pulls out with a sickening noise and pulls away from Kibum. The warmth on top of Kibum disappears. He shivers when he’s hit with a blast of freezing air from outside.

Jonghyun shifts in front of his eyes and bolts out of the crevice.

Kibum shifts as well but instead curls up in the dark little cavern, closing his eyes. He should follow Jonghyun while his scent is still strong, but he doesn’t want to lift himself off the floor just yet. He decides to wait out the snowstorm and then find his way back to the pack.

When Kibum returns to the pack, Taemin and Minho are circling the encampment. Kibum assumes that they’ll pounce when they spot Kibum, but they don’t. They draw their ears back against their skulls and keep their distance. Kibum’s tail drops between his legs as he passes them. He doesn’t know why they’re acting like that.

Jonghyun is nowhere to be seen. Neither is Jinki.

Kibum decides to curl up on the edge of the encampment. Minho and Taemin continue to circle, but they stay a considerable distance away. Feeling particularly safe, Kibum rests his chin on his legs and settles down for sleep.

Weeks pass.

Kibum becomes considerably more lethargic. He refuses to go on hunts. In the beginning, Minho and Taemin prepare to pounce, but one glare from Jonghyun has the two backing off the omega. Jinki doesn’t spare a glance at Kibum.

When they return with fresh meat, the first slab is offered to Kibum by Jonghyun himself. Kibum turns his nose to the food. Minho snarls at Kibum’s rude gesture toward the alpha, but Jonghyun attacks. The beta backs off.

Kibum stares at the food before rising to his feet and walking off, away from the pack. He doesn’t want to eat.

Jonghyun moves the pack to an apartment building on the outside of town. The buildings are reserved for packs, deemed to be a halfway house of sorts. The humans in the town made peace with the werewolves as much as possible. Each tenant building can house up to thirty wolves, but Jonghyun moves the pack into one of the smallest buildings. Minho and Taemin are given a small apartment two floors down. Jinki is on the first floor and given the duty of patrolman. Jonghyun takes the apartment on the top floor, forcing Kibum up with him.

Kibum drops himself onto the bed in the apartment as soon as he shifts into his human form. He’s so exhausted from the hike to the tenant building that he’s not sure if he would have the energy to shift back if need be.

Jonghyun enters the room long after, hovering in the doorway before entering the bedroom. Kibum holds his breath.

“I don’t know why you’re trying to hide it,” Jonghyun says finally. “They all know.”

Kibum hides his face in the pillow that he drags closer. “When Minho and Taemin stopped bothering me so suddenly, I figured.”

“Well, they certainly don’t want to hurt the pup now.”

Kibum curls in on himself when Jonghyun goes to touch his stomach. “Please don’t.”

“I’m not going to hurt you either,” Jonghyun murmurs, leaning down to nose against Kibum’s jaw.

“You just care about getting more members for the pack.”

“Maybe a little,” Jonghyun admits. “But that’s not the only reason. You’re a pretty face,” he draws back with a wolfish grin. “But right now, your job is relaxing. Jinki is on watch. Minho and Taemin won’t bother you anymore, not when you’re mine. They know better.”

Kibum can’t look Jonghyun in the eyes.

Minho and Taemin come up to visit. Jonghyun went out with Jinki and demanded the pair to keep an eye on Kibum.

It’s rare that Kibum saw them on two legs since he’s joined the pack. They look much less menacing as humans.

Even so, their gaze is still judgmental. Kibum is still the outsider as far as they’re concerned, whether he’s imprinted on Jonghyun or not.

The betas welcome themselves to a seat on the couch. Kibum sinks into the recliner that’s usually reserved for Jonghyun. He didn’t want to be near to either of them. When their gazes become overwhelming, he settles his hands on his belly.

It’s a small thing still, his baby bump, but it’s prominent on his usually thin figure. The baby isn’t kicking yet, but Kibum knows it won’t be long before it is. The betas stare.

“I can’t believe we have to babysit an omega,” Taemin grumbles unhappily, standing up to help himself to food in the kitchen. “That’s just so wrong,” he makes a point to glare at Kibum. “You know, if Jonghyun wasn’t an alpha, I would—”

“Taemin,” Minho scolds gently. “He’ll squeal to Jonghyun. Don’t bother.”

“Why are you both acting like we haven’t been in the same pack for months now? I’m an outsider, yes, but–”

“An outsider I can handle,” Taemin spits, a new fierceness in his eyes. “A pampered omega, I can’t. It’s not right.”

“Taemin, just—”

Kibum can barely comprehend it happening. Taemin is on top of him so quickly that he’s stunned until he feels bristling fur rub against his cheek. He screams, trying to shove the wolf off. He’s too shocked to shift to protect himself.

Jinki bursts into the room, Jonghyun on his heels. Jonghyun hauls Taemin off of Kibum. There’s white hot anger in his face. Kibum has never seen him so livid.

Kibum tries to sit up before Jonghyun leaves. “Jonghyun, don’t hurt him—!”

Jonghyun doesn’t listen to Kibum though. He doesn’t hear the struggle downstairs once Jinki nudges him into the bedroom, but he hears Taemin whimpering in the silence of the night.

Even pressing the pillow over his ears doesn’t block out the beta’s whines.

Kibum’s back begins aching relatively early on in the pregnancy.

The pain eases when Kibum shifts into wolf form, but Jonghyun scolds him every time. Kibum doesn’t understand why but listens. He spends most of his time in bed.

Jonghyun comes in the room late one night. Kibum isn’t asleep, but he isn’t really awake either. He shuts his eyes when he feels the bed dip with Jonghyun’s weight.

“Where does it hurt?” Jonghyun asks softly, running his fingertips down Kibum’s spine.


“Your back.”

“O-oh…” Kibum shifts slightly to set his hand on the small of his back. “Down here… kind of. I think it’s just the extra weight…”

Jonghyun doesn’t ask any more questions. He uses a gentle touch to slowly massage Kibum’s back. He purrs in response, nuzzling the pillow. Kibum isn’t sure if it’s the massage or the attention that makes him feel so warm inside.

“Jonghyun,” Kibum murmurs. “Is… the baby going to be an omega too?”

“Absolutely not,” Jonghyun hisses. “No pup of mine will be an omega.”

“Stop calling it a pup. It’s a baby,” Kibum snaps.

“Don’t talk to me like that. Learn your place, omega.”

“I’ll speak however I damn well please when I’m the one carrying a baby that I didn’t even—that I didn’t want!”

Jonghyun bares his teeth, slamming Kibum back against the pillows. Kibum sinks back further, clawing at Jonghyun’s wrists when he pins Kibum to the bed by his shoulders. He doesn’t want to be held down by Jonghyun.

Jonghyun doesn’t look happy. “I gave you a spot in our pack, omega. How dare y—”

“You made me into a chew toy!”

“I’ll take this pup from you when it’s born.”

Kibum seethes. “I won’t let you.”

“You’ll do what I say.”

Kibum bites. He isn’t thinking. He knows he’ll get reprimanded for it later, but right now, he doesn’t think about it. He’s more worried about protecting his baby now. When Jonghyun pulls away, leaving a window of opportunity for Kibum, he bolts.

Once outside, he spots Minho and Taemin barreling after him. He doesn’t stop running.

Kibum locates the cave he first encountered Jonghyun in. The mouth is nearly covered by the last snowfall, but he digs a hole so he can crawl inside. He trots to the very end and curls up against the wall, resting his chin on his legs before forcing himself to sleep.

Kibum isn’t alone when he wakes up. He isn’t as cold either.

Jonghyun is curled up against him, neck against the back of Kibum’s neck. He’s using his body to block the frigid air from hitting Kibum, as well as becoming a wall of protection.

Kibum lifts his head. Jonghyun moves back, watching Kibum for a moment before cleaning his head. He licks Kibum’s fur until he feels comfortable enough to lay down on his side.

“You shouldn’t have ran off,” Jonghyun murmurs after he shifts, resting his cheek against the scruff on Kibum’s neck.

Kibum whines, turning his head away. Jonghyun continues stroking his fur.

“I was out of line, even as an alph,” Jonghyun continues. “I would never take your pu– your baby away from you.”

When Kibum hears that, he tilts his head to lick Jonghyun’s cheek. He leaves a stripe of saliva behind.

“Come back with me. It’s too cold for you to be out here like this.”

After that, Jonghyun spends more time with Kibum. He becomes more protective of Kibum as his due date approaches. Jonghyun will snarl at even Taemin or Minho if they approach Kibum too quickly.

Kibum finally feels a sense of security in Jonghyun’s presence.

The closer Kibum’s due date gets, the more Jonghyun guards the bedroom. He’ll sit in wolf form at the side of the bed, on alert. Sometimes he’ll sit close enough to the bed for Kibum to scratch his ears. Other times, he’s sitting stiff in the doorway.

It’s when Jonghyun is trotting around the living room that Kibum feels the first contraction tighten his belly. Jonghyun is in the room before Kibum can call out to him.

Jonghyun howls, shaking Kibum to the core. He walks up to the bed, nosing Kibum’s arm. Kibum knows what he wants.

“I don’t want to shift,” Kibum shakes his head, hiding his face in his pillow.

Jonghyun growls.

“Stop. It hurts. Don’t growl at me…”

Jonghyun stops the snarling but doesn’t stop badgering Kibum. Once the pain passes, Kibum shifts and follows Jonghyun.

The surgery is performed by a doctor with the Werewolf Preservation Society. Jonghyun paces by Kibum’s side throughout the surgery, his three loyal betas standing guard by the door.

They’re prepared to welcome their new pack member.

Kibum has a higher pain tolerance in wolf form. That’s how he stays with his tiny baby girl.

Anyone who approaches too close is growled at, even Jonghyun. For the first few hours, Jonghyun allows Kibum his space to bond with the pup. She can’t shift yet, but Jonghyun will teach her well when she comes of age.

When Kibum seems calmer, Jonghyun trots over and gives Kibum a tentative lick on the side of his head. Kibum doesn’t snarl, so Jonghyun takes that as an invitation into Kibum’s world.

Jonghyun sniffs the baby, nosing gently against her head. She cooes in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. Kibum peeks an eye open to survey the situation but allows Jonghyun to do as he pleases.

Once Jonghyun is well acquainted with the baby, Kibum lifts his head to bump his nose against his. Another invitation. He wants Jonghyun to be close. Jonghyun inches closer, curling around his omega and his pup protectively.

Kibum relaxes, checking on his baby. She’s happy, healthy and warm.

Kibum knows exactly what to name her.

Haneul. He’s found his heaven on earth.