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[Trans] Jonghyun twitter update - midnight attack 170408 - (3P)  #종현아생일축하해

멤버들과 스텝들의 야간습격 고마워요 모두들♡♡♡♡

Trans” Members and staff’s late night attack. Thank you everyone ♡♡♡♡

Credit: realjongyun90
Translation Credit: MT

Kick It

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  • Unsurprisingly, Choi Minho is the star of your university’s soccer team.
  • Captain, top goal-scorer, unofficial mascot; Choi Minho.
  •  He spends 99.9% of his time on the field either playing or practicing. And when he’s not playing? He’s cheering on his teammates.
  • If superlatives were still a thing in college, you bet Minho would be voted most spirited.
  • With the amount of time he spends on the field, you’d think that he didn’t have any classes or, at the very least, he’d be failing the ones he does have.
  • But no.  Minho takes his academics just as seriously as he takes his football.
  • Which is why, more often than not, Minho spends nights that he doesn’t have practice or a match cooped up in the library.
  • And that is exactly where the two of you met.

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Study Buddy (Shinee Jonghyun smut)

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Today was the last day of the week and I couldn’t wait to go home and relax. This week has been stressful because I’ve been getting ready for exams next week. I just wanted to go home and relax before the exams. Right as I started to pack up my things I could see someone walking towards me form the corner of my eye. Great. 

“Y/N. Can I talk to you for a second?” I looked up and saw Jonghyun. One of the cute boys at the school. 

Jonghyun was cute and sexy at the same time. Im not gonna lie, I think he’s attractive. I had a crush on him at the start of the school year but my feelings slowly died off as I realized that me and him would never happen. I’ve heard bad and good things about him. His mood changes really quickly. He can go from super nice and calm to mean and rough in seconds. 

“Yeah. What is it?” I asked him getting up and putting on my book bag.

“I know this is weird and sudden to ask for but can you help me study for our exams next week? Your really smart and I need help.” Jonghyun asked sticking his hands in his pants pockets. 

“I really wanted to relax but i’ll help you.” I said. Part of me regretted saying that but the other part was somewhat excited about helping Jonghyun. 

“Thank you. Do you wanna come to my place?.” Jonghyun said. 

“Yeah. That’ll be fine.” I said. Jonghyun showed me the way to his car and he drove us to his house. The car ride was kind of awkward cause neither one of us talked. 

When we got to his apartment I was shocked to see how clean it was. It was very clean and really nice. 

“Would you like something to drink?” Jonghyun asked me before motioning for me to sit down on his couch. 

“Yes. Thank you.” I replied. His couch was very comfortable. I looked around his apartment more and I saw a flat screen tv on the wall. A small table with text books on it in front of the couch.

“Here you go.” Jonghyun said as he gave me a glass of water. 

“Thank you.” I said. Jonghyun sat down next to me on the couch. 

“How about Math?” Jonghyun asked as he pointed to the mathematics book on the table. 

“Sure.” I replied before setting my cup on the table.

As time went on we finished with math and both of us was focusing really well. After math we took a break and got more water. Helping someone study took a lot of energy. After we finished math we went to Science. Shortly after we started science Jonghyun started to fall asleep. 

“Jonghyun?” I tapped his shoulder and he woke up. 

“Your falling asleep. Do you want to stop?” I asked. 

“No. I’m sorry. Let’s continue.” Jonghyun said before blinking his eyes really quickly to help him stay awake. I nodded my head and continued to help him with science. 

As we continued I started to get the feeling that Jonghyun was starring at me. I was too nervous to turn my head and actually find out if he was or not. I kept feeling more and more uneasy as he kept starring. Finally I couldn’t take the starring anymore. 

“Why are staring at me?” I asked before turning to look at him.

“Cause your beautiful. I’ve never noticed how pretty you are til now.” Jonghyun said before smiling. 

“Thank you.” I said. It surprised me when he said that. Does he really think that?

“Y/N?” Jonghyun called my name before I could snap out of my thoughts. 

Before I could say anything Jonghyun collided his lips with mine. It felt really good. He put his large hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him. I responded to kiss and the pleasure only increased. The more our lips danced with one another the more pleasure I wanted. An as if Jonghyun had read my mind he rubbed his tongue against my bottom my lip. My body responded to his plead for enterance and I opened my mouth allowing him to enter. His tongue glided and wrapped around mine. I’ve wondered about what it would be like to kiss him but this is nothing like how i’d thought it would be. This was better. The more we kissed the more rough Jonghyun became. His hands moved from my waist to my back and he pulled me closer to him. Finally I pushed him away because I couldn’t breathe. 

“Let me teach you about pleasure and what it feels like.” Jonghyun said before attacking my neck and sucking on it hard.  

“Ahhh! J-Jonghyun!.” I started to scream in pain. After he stopped biting he licked and nibbled at the bruise he had just created. The pain faded and formed into pleasure. He continued to leave love bites from my neck to my collar bones. After he finished he kissed me again and I moaned into the kiss. The pleasure was already becoming too much for my body to handle. Jonghyun picked me up bridal style and carried me to his room while continuing to kissing me. He sat me down on his bed. He broke the kiss and removed his shirt. His body was beautifully sculpted and very toned. His abs caused me become more wet and all I wanted was to rub my hands down his abs. He leaned down and looked into my eyes. This moment felt amazing and perfect, like it should of happened a long time ago. I cuffed his face and kissed him again. I laid back on his bed and he hovered over me.

“Just relax and feel.” Jonghyun said to me. He unbottoned my school shirt and rubbed my breast in slow circular motions. I covered my mouth to stop any noises from leaving my mouth. He moved his hands in a faster motion and and my body temperature started to rise. I uncovered my mouth because I could no longer stop the moans from escaping my body. He helped me remove my shirt and my skirt. I was left in my undergarments. Jonghyun smirked at me and licked his lips. Looking at him stare at my body made me even more nervous and excited. He brought his lips down on mine and kissed me. I immediately responded and it didn’t take him long until he rammed his tongue into my mouth. I was mesmerized by the pleasure he was giving me with his tongue I didn’t notice he had wrapped his arms around my back and unsnapped my bra. He ripped if off my body in a roughly manner. 

“Jonghyun.” I covered my chest and he quickly removed my arms. He kissed my breast then slowly made his way down my body. He kissed and nibbled at my stomach then my hips. Jonghyun kissed the inner part of my thighs and I could feel my juices falling down onto the bed.  

“Your soaking wet and I just got started.” Jonghyun said before chuckling. I looked down and notice the huge bulge that was pushing against his boxers. Jonghyun wrapped his fingers around my underwear and pulled them down quickly and roughly.  As soon as my underwear landed on the floor Jonghyun pushed one of his fingers inside of me. My back arched and his finger went in and out of me in a fast pace. He curved the tip of finger and he found my gspot. The more his finger pounded into me the more I wanted him. He pushed a second finger into me the pleasure increased. 

“J-jonghyun.” I moaned his name because its the only thing that would leave my mouth. I want to tell him I wanted more but only moans and his name would come out my mouth. Jonghyun pushed a third finger inside of my core and first came pain then pleasure soon took over once again. His pace increased and I soon started to feel a tingling warm sensation at the bottom of my stomach. I was reaching my climax but I didn’t want to let it go. The harder his fingers pounded into me the harder I squeezed the cover that was underneath me. An the harder I squeezed around his fingers. 

“Let it go.” Jonghyun said before bringing me to my climax. I screamed out as my climax took over my body. My body began to shake and twitch. After I relaxed and rode out my climax Jonghyun licked his finger til they were clean and chuckled. 

“On your hands and knees. Now.” Jonghyun ordered. I quickly gathered up my energy and got on my hands and knees and looked up at him. 

“Open your mouth.” Jonghyun said before roughly and swiftly pushing his boxers down til they hit the floor. My eyes went wide as soon as they landed on his long thick erection that was standing tall demanding attention. I came back to my senses and I obey his order. I opened my mouth and Jonghyun automatically shoved his erection into my mouth. He took it out then shoved it back in. I got used to his pace and groaning noises soon escaped his mouth. His pace soon increased and his erection got bigger and hit the back of my throat. I gag a few times but I got used to the feel. I moaned around his erection and he threw his head back as he started to feel more and more good. His thrust became more and more harder and faster. Soon he wrapped his fingers around my hair and shot his juice into my mouth. Jonghyun took his erection out of my mouth and pulled my hair causing my head to lean back. I swallowed his juices and he smirked with satisfaction. 

“Good girl.” Jonghyun said before ramming his lips into mine. We kissed again and he pushed me until my back hit the bed. After my back hit the bed Jonghyun placed himself between my legs. I could feel his still hard erection pushing against my core. He broke the kiss and I looked deep into his eyes. 

“Relax and let me know if it hurts too much.” Jonghyun wrapped his hand around his even hardened erection and rubbed it up and down my core. He pushed it into me and I did my best to relax. He continued to push himself into me and I squeezed me eyes shut to stay strong through the pain. Jonghyun finally pushed the rest of his erection into me and I breathed slowly until the pain the started to fade. 

“I popped your cherry Y/N.”Jonghyun said as he looked down in between my legs. He chuckled before sliding out of me then sliding back in. Soon the soon disappeared and pleasure appeared. His pace went from very slow to medium and noticed I was starting to feel good as I started to moan. He went deeper and soon his tip hit my gspot. I leaned my head back as the pleasure started to build up. Jonghyun started to feel the pleasure as he groans and gripped my hips very hard. As we both started to feel more and more good his pace increased and soon he was rocking his hips into me with more and more force. He continued to hit my gspot over and over and my toes curled to the point where it hurt. 

“Ah. Ah. J-Jonghyun! Faster. Please.” I begged him to go faster in between moans. He obeyed my plead and he went faster then ever and I couldn’t keep up. He moved his hands from my hips to underneath my thighs and held my legs up. The pleasure felt so good and became overwhelming. I could feel my climax approaching. Jonghyun could feel his too. He started to groan louder and louder. Our sounds collided and we became one as we hit our climaxes together. Jonghyun’s juices shot into me as my juices mixed with his. After rode out our climaxes he slid out of me and watched as our juices ran out of me like a waterfall. He grabbed some napkins from the table beside the bed and cleaned up the mess we had created. Jonghyun wrapped his arms around me and we laid in his bed listening to each other’s heart beats. 

The perfect ending. 

Hope you like it!!! I wanted to post something before school starts. 

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Animals | Chapter Twenty

The black wolf finally came to a stop, panting heavily and shaking with exhaustion from the sprint. He had crossed miles of the forest’s breadth as if it were endless. Now, the old familiar cabin was in sight and he approached it tiredly.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a list and pictures of costumes that Shinee have done during Halloween over the past few years?

2013: onew - freddy krueger (nightmare on elm street), jonghyun - naruto (naruto), key - piccolo (dragonball z), taemin - uh…, he said marilyn manson but that’s up to interpretation. (minho was busy filming a drama so he didn’t participate in the festivities this year.)

2014: onew - frankenstein, jonghyun - titan (attack on titan), key - edward scissorhands, minho - detective conan, and … taemin went as the same thing two years in a row.

2015: onew - colonel sanders, inuyasha (inuyasha: a fuedal fairytale) - jonghyun, key - ronald mcdonald, captain jack sparrow - minho (pirate of the carribean), taemin - howl (howl’s moving castle).

other than this, key dressed up as heath ledger’s version of the joker in 2012.

Tiny Crush

So this is for @jinki-as-thumper. It’s about Jinki being a big ass dweeb and the girl across from him in his most boring class catches his eye when he’s trying to distract himself. She’s tiny and cute, and he may just have a tiny crush on her. Just maybe. 

pairing: Jungyu (jongyu)

w/c: 2,454

Tap. Tap. Tap Tap Tap. Tap. Tap.

Jinki’s eyes were focused on his pen hitting the desk, his mind somewhere else from the classroom because of how boring the lecture was. Only 10 minutes in and he felt like ripping his hair out would be a more entertaining and interesting taker upper of his time than this stupid class his advisor told him would look good on his transcript. Then again this was his third class today and it was Monday. He really didn’t know why he did this to himself when he registered last semester. With a huge sigh he dropped his pen completely onto the table and looked around the room for something more interesting. 

There was a couple up in the corner playing grab hands, but he quickly moved his eyes from that. Next came a big soccer player on his phone thinking it wasn’t completely obvious that he was. Everyone knew that no one’s lap could be that interesting. There was two girls giggling about something they were reading on a note the boy behind them tossed to them when the professor’s back was turned. The professor probably couldn’t see the desk in front of him he was so old, so there wasn’t much need for subtlety.

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