jonghyun and roo


150307 Jonghyun’s Instagram update:
멀티정리하는데…. 못하게하네…우리루…오빠가 혼내줘야겠어!!! 이리왓
Trans: I am rearranging things and Roo is not letting me …our Roo … Oppa will take you up on it!!! Come here

Twitter update:
@younhaholic: @realjonghyun90 강아지들 다 저러나봐 나한테도 그럼…."이녀석들은 가만둘수가없어 아주…….그릉그릉
Trans: ”@/younhaholic: @/realjonghyun90: It seems like all the doggies do that cuz my dog does that to me too" Can’t leave them alone …… Grrrrr
Tr: thaluuu

blue night radio ♡ 170317
translation: cosmicsticks

jonghyun: my puppy can’t go out to have a walk. it’s not because i won’t let her but because i’m genuinely worried about the air and it’s effects on her. so, she runs around at home a lot. recently i also cut her toenails. i’ve been cutting them for eight years but she always whines. i think she dislikes getting them cut. i have to do it as if it’s a game. it’s the same for when i have to give her a bath. our grandp … no, grandma …, no. not grandma. our lady (roo). when she has to take a bath she’ll definitely call for someone that will side with her. one to wash her and one to side with her. she likes it when someone’s by her side. someone that sides with her.