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since ur so passionate on that god awful Dream Girl outfit, can u make a post of Shinees worst/ugliest outfits

alrighty im starting full on with one of the most repelling outfits shinee’s ever wore…. for crying out loud look at TAEMIN what the fuck is he even wearing with that weird ass hat and jonghyun’s jacket which fits with his shirt only in a parallel universe MY GOD

next up is this lmao…what is there to say…look at taemin, key and onew’s pants… then look at taemin’s “shirt” with SPIKES…then key’s boots….i want to Die

there is. a weird ass belt on his..chest??????? or is it a harness?? and that ugly hat which apparently someone thought was a good idea adding??

haha dream girl era is indeed……something else. are the stylists obsessed with making taemin wear these ugly ass hats??? and what kind of bs outfit was minho wearing…. not to mention all their shoes rip

we taking a LEAP back to 2009 !! honestly onew nd jonghyun are still acceptable on some levels but then u look at taemin with a jacket that has the zipper going down vertically, witch like books, and a weird half skirt going down?? then minho with the long coat w a high ugly wide collar….and then KEY’S PANTS…….i dnt know who created them but they were def high. not to mention the weird tilted coat???

a G E M !!!! im glad taemin was feeling himself in this outfit but HJFKDHG those PANTS are so…..unexpected :—)

guess which era this is?? dream girl era haha!!!! i want to Burn the stylists to this day. that’s all.

taemin is BACK to serve us those LOOKS. KING of half open shirts and weird ass pants

i HAD to include these three outfits from the dream girl mv….jonghyun’s unmatched clothes and minho’s leopard printed pants are already enough…. but then u look over to taemin….w that turtleneck pink t shirt.. aND THOSE UGLY UNWORTHY PENCIL PANTS I WAN T TO KNOW WHO’S RESPONSIBLE BITC H

kbs gayo 2012 was tragic….jst look at minho looking like a damn star wars character or smth idk…onew looking like a piece of chocolate…nd then taemin looking like a damn tropical forest (the material of the clothes was also SHIT cause taemin’s pants completely ripped by the end JKLFHD)

i HAD to include this JUST for the pants. the rest is fine…,,,the pants are Hell.

ok now this is a Wild one. u have jonghyun not even looking that bad, the outfit is nice. but then u look over at ur right…,,,,surprise bitch! !!! ! !! the bright light blue hat w the FLASHING pink short pants pulled up by some damn SUSPENDERS is truly unforgettable. nd then u have the black socks w some weird cartoons on them ???? 

and last but not least:

shinee hosts a movie marathon


  • microwaved three bags of popcorn 
  • falls asleep before the climax 
  • wakes up, *whispering to key* “what’s happening???? who the hell is that???? weren’t they friends???” key: we’re not on the same movie anymore dude 
  • lowkey texting the whole time 


  • tissues just in case 
  • wants to watch the bee movie (”the bee movie is a cinematic masterpiece”
  • loud sniffling 
  • keeps saying the book is better and pointing out every divergence from canon until someone HITS HIM BC WE’RE WATCHING THE MOVIE NOT THE BOOK 
  • just continues his running commentary under his breath


  • made nachos 
  • “jong we’re not watching the bee movie” while typing in bee movie into netflix 
  • screams at not even scary parts bc of a slight popup, which causes ot4 to jump too and then throw popcorn at him 
  • keeps calling the characters stupid for every bit of miscommunication
  • mispronounces their names on purpose to piss minho off 


  • most hype for movie night 
  • seen this movie before, WATCHING everyone to make sure they’re laughing at the important parts 
  • butthurt bc they’re not reacting like they’re supposed to 
  • had to pee for the last two movies but this is an important part and his bladder probably won’t burst 
  • wink wink nudge nudges tae at every sexual innuendo (tae: “never touch me”) 


  • lying on the couch upside, head touching the floor bc “it’s a cinematic experience” 
  • leaves in the middle to make hot chocolate
  • keeps asking if whatever characters on screen love each other 
  • hiccuping loudly, not trying much to get rid of them until he’s kicked out until they’re gone 

from the moon, to the stars
while lingering in the universe
we got to know each other

— nuest (minhyun + jr) “daybreak” // a present for @trashanon  [insp.]

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Hello beautiful! Can you do the boys on a road trip? Love your blog ya meme lord

love you too my memette 😘😍 this prompt is actually super appropriate bc I’m stuck in a car for two hours so let’s gogogo

Seoul -> Busan (roughly 4 and a half hrs)


  • jinki snacks: boiled eggs and sliced peaches 
  • stuck in the middle seat bc he’s a good hyung (it’s bc taemin and minho were just so much faster with saying shot not middle) 
  • random interjections of a god awful rendition of “we are the champions” comprised of voice cracks 
  • and then switches to an opera version 
  • going a little stir-crazy, tells jong to open the top, sticks his head out and yells for a little 
  • comes down feeling a bit better 
  • also they are going to the next rest stop for some FOOD dude 


  • SHOTGUN “gimme gimme the aux cord”  
  • suggests shag, marry, murder with shinee members 
  • keeps saying he’ll marry all of them jonghyun the game doesn’t work like that why would you suggest a game you won’t follow the rules of
  • a terrible navigator but talks the entire time so an okay passenger seat person, it balances out (jong: NONO WRONG EXIT!!!! THAT ONE THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! / okay so the negative is a little worse)  
  • keeps offering to pinch key to keep him awake actually pinches him several times 


  • driving bc other members were deemed unsuitable 
  • gasps everytime someone tries to cut him off and speeds up (”BITCH YOU THOUGHT”) 
  • super jittery bc he CHUGGED many bacchus-Fs so that he’ll stay alert for the drive
  • it worked but he can hear colors and keeps blasting the heat then opening the windows until it’s freezing and repeat 
  • the members want to say something about actual factual climate change happening in their vehicle rn but like he’s vibrating bc all the caffeine and it’s c on cernin g af kibum let’s pull over 
  • is okay after he pees 
  • someone else drive tho


  • passes out immediately for like two hours 
  • wakes up when they stop at a rest stop immediately like he wasn’t just dead to the world 
  • defensive about being asleep minho………. you are human humans sleep
  • shifting bc his legs are uncomfortable (”hey jonghyun hyung could you pull your seat up, you’ll be okay but my legs need more space” / ….. *jong slowly rolls his seat back a few inches* / “hyung wait no i didn’t mean it pls no stop” / *jong turns around* “i think you have enough room.”) 


  • reading. every. single. sign. that he sees.
  • why is he doing that??? who knows??? 
  • honestly he’s just seeing how long they would let him do it
  • but none of them are saying anything about it so it just happens for like an hour straight?  
  • won’t say he has to pee until they pass ALL the restrooms like taemin we just passed five why didn’t you say anything for the past hour???? 
  • there isn’t another one for the next 20 miles (*tae’s pained face*)


  • ofc they play the jonghyunnie game

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Can I get a SHINee Jonghyun AMBW smut? Where he's really touchy because he can't get enough of the chocolate skin. He has a thing for your thighs and butt. Thankkkss!!!!


“Jong.. Hyun.. Stop!” You whispered with a yell as your body squirmed side to side in the seat.

“Come on kitten.. You know I love your thighs almost as much as I love you.” He purred next to your ear licking the lobe sensually before he started to suck on the skin. His hands trailing up your thighs as you tried to push those sinful hot and eager hands away from your legs. 

“Yeah but not here, not right now!” You whined gently looking at him, your body slowly starting to react to his advances, your hardened breast pressing against your bra as your body pulled back just a bit so that you could look up at him. 

“Are you telling me no kitten?” He asked raising an eyebrow. Quickly you shook your head chewing on your bottom lip. 

“No, I’m just saying not right now daddy.” You promised silently as you kissed his nose and then his plump pink lips happy that the speaker of the even had started to talk. 

It had been like this for the past two hours. He wouldn’t leave your thighs alone, he had touched other things as well such as your breast and kissed your neck but it was the thighs he targeted the most. You had decided to accompany him here to this function for his work. He was getting recognized along with other people in his field who had got promoted. He was a hard worker and amazing at what he did and you didn’t for a second want another woman on him. Which was why you jumped at the chance to be his date. The dress was on you to choose but you didn’t want it to be boring, you wanted it to be fun and sexy something that would keep his eyes glued to you but you didn’t expect his hands to stay glued as well. 

The dress was strapless showing your breast off and your thighs as well. It came down to rest under your ass a bit, and with that black slick dress you also had on white heels that you thought made your ass look good. Devoured is what Jonghyun described you as. It started when he had you both escorted by a Limo, his hands dancing along your chocolate skin. Slow touches and gentle kisses in the back of the car. His hands would walk from your ass up to your curvy waist and thighs and back down to repeat the cycle again. You were convinced he would’ve taken you had it not been for how close the event was. But for you it was hell not attacking him, just slamming him down and fucking him against the seat until he sang out your name with those delicious moans and growls of his. 

“Almost done.” He assured you softly, his mouth ghosting over your collarbones, heated breath fanning your growing hot skin. As soon as he uttered those words his name was called out and he walked up on the stage to give his acceptance speech. He looked good standing up there talking against the mic. His hair was away from his face, dark brown dress suit, pink under shirt with a pink and brown tie. He had on black dress shoes and to you he was simply fucking handsome. 

The way he gave crooked smirks and kind words, he didn’t even let his eyes linger on you for no more than a few seconds but it was enough to have you squeezing those thighs of yours together under the table as he spoke in that deep soothing voice of his. He knew what he was doing, the look of lust in your eyes, the way you bite your lips or clenched your hands together gave him all the signs he needed. He was frustrating you just like you were frustrating him. Your chocolate skin glimmering under the dimly lit chandeliers over your head but of course only he could see the little beads of sweat on your forehead he knew was there because he caused it. 

He got done with his speech, moving down the stairs and through the crowd tables before he got back to you. Slipping one arm down around your lower back and around your waist. His hands went to grip at your hips immediately. His smile on full displayed when you jumped from his touch. 

“Nice job.” You muttered out quietly looking up at him once again, his lighter eyes bearing into your darker ones while he slapped on your thigh making a squeal leave your lips. Your hands fist the front of his dress suit as you leaned into him wiggling your hips aiding his hand to slip down to your ass getting a firm grip. 

“Did kitten like it?” He asked softly dipping his head down to lick across your neck sucking on a patch of skin in the middle of it under the black choker you had on that had a little bell in the middle of it. 

“You know kitten did!” You said in a needy manner gripping harder on to him. He continued to give your thighs lazy strokes with his fingertips that made you shudder more, your breathing getting harder. You didn’t understand how he was so bold in a room full of all these people. Your table were just the two of you granted but you were almost in the dead center in front of all these people. At the same time while he touched you it felt like just you and him were in the room at the moment. But still he didn’t budge, not taking you and not moving from the teasing touches. And you knew exactly why. 

“Please.” You whispered out pressing your forehead against his.

“Please?” He asked lifting an eyebrow a crooked smirk on his lips as he continued to touch and feel on your skin a damp spot in your panties took over the speaking of your rational thoughts. 

“Yes daddy- please. Please take me, in the bathroom. I’ll be quiet! I’ll be good I promise!” You pleaded nodding your head kissing on his lips with quick pecks. 

“Hmm, shit I can’t say no to my needy kitten. But if you misbehave there are consequences.” He warned stopping his hands before pressing his forehead down against yours.

“Ok daddy.” You eagerly agreed without a second thought causing a dark chuckle to rumble from his throat. He stood up and reached out a hand towards you which you took with your own sweaty small hands. He almost yanked you from your seat walking you towards the women’s bathroom. 

He led you through the crowds looking calm and confident but his mind was racing with the things he wanted to do to you. Getting you to your place of destination he opened the door and shut it locking it behind the both of you. He turned you towards him, his lips leaning down to kiss your lips in a deep kiss. He backed you up against the sink distracting you with his lips molding and meshing against yours in a perfect way. Picking you up he scooted you towards the sink spreading your legs wide. He licked across your bottom lip pulling it into his mouth sucking your lipstick off before he pulled back to grin down at you lazily. 

He leaned down started to press kisses and licks along the inside and outside of your thighs. He started at your ankles before he moved up to the inside of your thighs starting to paint your chocolate skin dark purple bruises. He started to press kisses along your panties as well, licking and sucking against the damp spot that was forming. He grinned listening to you squirm through his teasing he put you through, but you hung onto it and because you were good he stopped his teasing moving back. 

He shed his pants pushing them down with his boxers low enough to free his hardened member. Slipping your panties to the side he rubbed his tip up and down the opening of your dripping pussy before he slipped inside of you slowly filling you up to the brim. He wrapped his arms around your waist gripping at your ass starting a slow thrust off. Soon he picked up the pace slamming into you causing your body to shake. The force was so hard you had to lean up to suck on his adams apple to keep from screaming out loud or knocking too hard against the mirror behind you. Your arms wrapped around his neck as he slid in and out of you.

His thick shaft pressing in and out of you. He was filling you up every single time making your pussy drip with juices as he was turning your pussy sore from how hard he slammed into you. His hands slapped at your ass and your thighs gripping at the flesh scratching it with his nails until you were crying out against his adams apple. He shut his eyes focusing on how it felt to slip in and out of you and your pussy lips that wrapped around his shaft. He buried his face into the crook of your neck sucking and licking on the skin. His hand coming down to rub at your clit slowly before it increased the same pace as well. He brought you closer and closer to an orgasm his lips shutting your cries of pleasure and his name as he made you cum. 

His hips started to twitch as he got closer himself, his balls tightening up as well until he was cumming inside of you holding your body close to his. Both of your chests rose and fell together until you were calming down. He grinned lazily kissing your lips trying to drown out the sound of the frantic knocking on the door of the woman that needed to pee.


Honestly I didn’t spell check this I will when I don’t feel like shit but I know I’ve been keeping you guys waiting so here <3 

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I often feel pity for Jonghyun fans. He is so unpopular that there are virtually no photos or news about him during public events if he isn't together with popular people and his fans are forced to search for his name on sns because he is overshadowed by all the Jonghyun of Korea. It's sad that his fans have to always worry and work to mantain the popularity of an egoist too focused on himself and his geniality and too lazy to work hard to repay the sacrifices and trust of his fans.


jonghyun smirking/smiling for anon

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Reacción de Shinee cuando están en una cita y nada esta saliendo como ellos planearon xD


Originally posted by duevangogh

“Mierda, la estoy cagando…. ¿Eh? ¿Qué? No, no he dicho nada _____. Todo está yendo genial, ¿verdad que sí?”


Originally posted by herewegobebe

Jonghyun estaría muy, muy frustrado. Seguramente habría planeado la cita con mucho esmero para poder impresionarte, si todo le empezara a salir mal se enfadaría mucho consigo mismo y seguramente que tendrías que ser tú la que lo arreglara.


Originally posted by minsam2

“Lo estoy arruinando todo… ¿Qué puedo hacer para arreglarlo sin que se de cuenta de que estoy desesperado?” 


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“¿Por qué Dios? ¿Qué he hecho para merecer esto? Yo solo quería tener la mejor cita de mi vida con ______…”


Originally posted by miznho

“Ahhh… todo me está saliendo mal, creo que deberíamos terminar la cita aquí. ¿No? Pero estoy arruinando toda la cita…. lo siento mucho ______…”

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My fav Jong era is definitely MTTM era with SHINee and the She Is era as a sololist 😍😍

yes yes yes i lov mttm era im so in love with those EYES

Originally posted by herewegobebe

this era was so fun I love the looks they gave him 

Originally posted by jjongosaurus

she is era was a blessing also pink jong is a sweet and lovely jong (/‿\✿)

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my sweetheart <3

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So does teamin stay with key forever? Are his parents still alive and get him later. Btw I love this au.

Once a year, the community of merpeople that Taemin and Kibum live in has “Parents Day.” It’s a day when all the warriors who have children get to come home for the entire day and see and spend time with their kids. It’s a big deal, and even parents who aren’t warriors celebrate by giving special attention to their kids. 

Taemin absolutely hates Parents Day, because his parents never come.

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NU’EST Kim Jonghyun Father AU!

For Anon, here’s some fluff about Jonghyun being father of a child, enjoy!

  • It was the first time Jonghyun had been alone with his one and a half year old daughter, Jisu (A/N: Jisu is apparently the most popular Korean female baby name, so that’s why I chose it lmao)
  • You had left on a business trip for a week, and Jisu was completely in Jonghyun’s care
  • Jisu was totally a momma’s girl. Her first word was “ma” and clearly preferred her mother over her father
  • Jonghyun had absolutely no idea why this was the case, as he had shown Jisu nothing but affection
  • So being on his own for a week with Jisu, he wasn’t really sure what to expect. Maybe they’d grow closer, or maybe they wouldn’t
  • Either way, Jonghyun was going to give his best shot to get on Jisu’s good side
  • It was Monday, the first day they were alone together after you left for your business trip
  • Jonghyun carefully woke Jisu up and got her dressed cutely for daycare
  • Now it was time to feed her breakfast…
  • And Jisu wasn’t exactly a clean eater.
  • Today’s menu was cereal, and Jonghyun tried feeding a spoonful of the cereal to Jisu
  • The edges of the spoon butted against his daughter’s lips, which were refusing to open, only remaining in a cute smile
  • Jonghyun wasn’t going to give up, though, opening his eyes wide and describing the motion with his mouth
  • “Say aah, Jisu-ya! Aaahhhh,” he demonstrated as he moved the spoon towards his own open mouth
  • Jisu giggled and clapped her hands, laughing at Jonghyun
  • Jonghyun was still patient, trying to move the spoon towards her mouth again, but it wouldn’t give way
  • Jonghyun sighed and sat back. He would have to try a different method
  • He got up and paced around a bit, running his hand through his dark hair
  • His eyes caught sight of some tangerines, and he grabbed a couple
  • Without thinking, he started attempting to juggle the tangerines in the air
  • A few seconds later, he heard a scream of delight from Jisu
  • He kept it up for a few more seconds, making sure Jisu’s mouth was still open in happiness and awe
  • And then he dropped everything, grabbed the spoon with cereal and milk, and poured it right into Jisu’s mouth
  • He repeated this cycle until Jisu finished her bowl
  • He had no idea how you managed to feed Jisu without resorting to such crazy tactics
  • And this is how he was late for work five days in a row
  • Because this cycle of juggling random objects to put them in Jisu’s mouth was time consuming, to say the least
  • Diaper/pull-up changing was a whole other ordeal
  • Jonghyun noticed that there were little animals on the diapers, like monkeys and zebras and pigs
  • And he decided to make even diaper changing a learning experience for Jisu
  • So every time he changed his daughter’s diaper, he would over-exaggerate the particular animal on the diaper
  • “Look Jisu! It’s a CAMEL! A Caaammmeeelll!”
  • Before long, this plan took a dark turn
  • Jisu had developed… a partiality to the zebra diaper
  • And refused to wear the diapers with any of the other animals
  • Meaning 80% of the diapers had become worthless
  • If he had tried to put on the doggy diaper, Jisu would scream and cry for “ZEE-BA!” and wiggle so that Jonghyun was not able to get the diaper on at all
  • He dreaded your reaction to this when you got back home
  • Before long, he had drafted a lengthy email to the diaper company asking if he could buy a pack of diapers with only the zebra on it
  • Sleeping was the worst of it all
  • Jonghyun would rock Jisu in his arms for hours
  • Only when he stopped, thinking Jisu was asleep, she would wake up and begin to cry
  • He had work in the morning every day, but would walk Jisu around the house until the depths of the morning, hours past midnight
  • Jonghyun would even take Jisu out in his car and drive her around the neighborhood, hoping the soft motion of the driving would lull her to sleep
  • He would read her stories that she may or may not understand
  • And would eventually fall asleep on the rocking chair, holding Jisu in his arms
  • He was a complete fool for his daughter
  • Jisu was completely spoiled
  • Would watch all the kid TV programs with her, doing puzzles together, and teach her words
  • Would play the piano and guitar with and for Jisu
  • Jisu started to become very lovable with her dad who obviously cared for her more than anything else
  • Even when he had to go to such crazy lengths to make her do simple things like sleep or eat
  • He wouldn’t give that up for anything
  • “Ah… Jisu… you’re making me go insane”
  • Cue crazy giggles from Jisu
  • Jonghyun can’t help laughing along, to him Jisu’s laugh was one of the most beautiful sounds
  • And even after you came back from your business trip, Jisu would still continue to show affection for her father
  • And it made Jonghyun the happiest man on earth
  • Being a father was so tiring… but so much fun