april 8, 1990 - december 18, 2017

i miss you, kim jonghyun. 365 days later, i still think about you everyday. 

i’ve compiled these quotes and moments not only for myself but to share with everyone else. please remember jonghyun for the person he was; his strengths, his weaknesses, his character, his personality, his smile, his laugh, his frown, his tears, his voice, his body, his ups, his downs, his everything.

even though you’re not physically with us anymore, your words and your legacy will always stay with me. to my inspiration, my idol, and my hero, i love you and i hope you’re happy wherever you are.

you did well.

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things to do on the 18th to remember jonghyun

  • buy one of his fav yankee candles (black coconut, french lavender, midsummers night, pink hibiscus, soft blanket, summer scoop)
  • buy flowers or a rose (red: love and devotion pink: love and gratitude white: sympathy and spirituality)
  • watch fun shinee and jonghyun compilations 
  • cry if you need to
  • spend time with friends and have fun
  • love your mom like jjong loves his
  • donate to lbgt in korea or shiny foundation
  • watch jonghyun fall over trying to krump
  • write about him whether you post or not you decide
  • watch hello baby and fun programs they were on
  • listen to jjong acapella full blast
  • watch monkey magic
  • play the kazoo
  • like all of roos (@swimming_roo) insta posts
  • kiss your dog 50 times, maybe shove a dog in your mouth 
  • talk to the moon
  • remember that hes with you, he loves you, and youre doing great.

To all the Shawols out there,

As we draw closer to the end of the year, and the days get darker and nights get colder, please remember to take care of yourself. If the next few weeks are too difficult, be kind to yourself. Try to remember the happy moments and smile when you can. The moon will always be there for us, all you have to do is look up.


I think you’re magical
I think you’re wonderful
Because of you, my heart is colorful
In this black and dark world, the moment I try to close my eyes
You make my life colorful

thank you. i miss you. and as always, i love you with my whole heart 🌙💛

I would like to thank SHINee for this 2018. I hope they know how brave, how strong they are; how incredibly thankful we are. They knew that it was going to be difficult for us, and although they must have feel beyond sad they managed to comfort us, embrace us, telling us “we are here”. They didn’t have to, you know? But they did. We’re always thankful, we’re always proud.


(2014) TAEMIN - The 1st Mini Album ‘ACE’:
There were dreams and goals that I had in my mind from the day I dreamt of becoming an artist. Although I had to go through many obstacles, I learned that I should always believe in myself. Strong faith has been the motivation of energy that keeps me going. As my effort for the dreams has made me become who I am today, I will continue to strive for higher goals with faith.

(2015) JONGHYUN - The 1st Mini Album ‘BASE’:
Just like my body’s stretch marks were a part of my growing pains, we will move on endlessly while enduring the pain, under the belief of my growth and this world’s growth. Because the pain creates the room for take-off, I thank you for the “stretch” that pushed me forward. As always, I need you.

(2018) KIBUM - The 1st Album ‘FACE’:
This is not defeating an impossible nor pushing limits. This album assures my capability within us and this will continue. All my actions are the truth of me and all for you.


To our beautiful Jonghyun,
It’s been a year now without you and I still find it hard to believe that you are really not with us anymore, My heart is still broken and I miss you so much.
I’m so thankful for all the beautiful music and memories you gave us before you left, I will cherish them forever.
You did well, you worked the hardest