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❝ I am Yesung, your guardian angel. ❞

Plot: Yesung, where he is your guardian angel, you can see and hear him. You and he are in love with each other

Pairing: Yesung x Reader

Words count: 2,5k+

Genre: Comedy Fluff

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‘Ahhhhh who the hell are you?!’ You shouted.

‘I am Ye-’

‘I don’t care who the fuck you are, just get out of my bedroom!’

‘You are thirteen right?’ The stranger asked and you nodded in response, ‘Then you shouldn’t be using such words my dear.’

‘Then get the fuck out of my room and then maybe I will consider to turn over a new leaf.’ You said with an eye roll.

‘I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, Y/N.’ The strange man huffed.

‘H-how do you know my name?’ You asked, inching closer to your bedroom door.

‘I wouldn’t do that if I was you.’ He shrugged his shoulders.

‘And why not?’ You challenged.

‘Because you will run out, trip over a toy, and break your ankle.’

And that is exactly what happened when you tired to bolt from the black haired stranger that popped into your bedroom that night. When you awoke in the hospital the next morning and told your parents about the experience, they all said it was just a dream. You believed them for a second, before the same man walked into the room with a smug look on his face. He leant against the doorway with his hands crossed on his chest as you shouted and told everyone to look towards the door. Since they saw nothing, they feared you had gotten a concussion and needed your head examined for further injuries.

‘You should have listened.’ The man said in a sing song manner, walking in later that evening once everyone had left ‘Would have saved you all this trouble.’

‘Who the hell are you?!’ You seethed.

‘Will you allow me to answer without cutting me off?’ He asked, you nodded, ‘Perfect. I am Yesung, your guardian angel.

‘You have to study.’ An irritating voice sounded once again.

‘You are my guardian angel, not my conscious, Yesung.’ You rolled your eyes at the raven haired man before you.

You sat on your bed playing on your phone and having a conversation with someone. One would think it was normal, but then again it did look like you were talking to no one. No one? Strange right? But in a matter of fact, you weren’t talking to yourself, but rather to a man that had been at your side since you were a teenager. At the age of thirteen you had been given Yesung, your guardian angel. He was someone who was their to protect you and keep you safe through anything, whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

He was there especially when your parents passed away when you were 18. He held you through the nights. Through all the nightmares you faced, all the tears and emotional days. He was now the only person you really had. Now at the age of 22 and at university, he was still a pain in your ass with his loving qualities.

‘I am talking to you, Y/N.’ He spoke once again, standing besides your bed.

‘And I am ignoring you.’ You looked at your phone, totally disregarding him.

Grabbing the phone from your hold, he pinned you to the bed, ‘I am still older then you, show some respect.’

Much like humans, angels aged as well but stopped at the age of 35. When Yesung was assigned to you, he was 24 and now at the age of 32, he was just three years away from his complete age. But to you, Yesung hadn’t changed. Yeah, he had lost weight but his personality was the same as well as his charming self. He was yours for 8 years, but as you got older you wanted him to be yours. Yeah it was strange to love an angel but he was more then just that. He was like your best friend. Now you both lay on your bed with his body firmly pressed against yours and that stupid attractive face inches away from yours.

‘Y-yesung?’ You stuttered.

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Yesung: When you see that he is flirting with another girl (she looks 27-29 years old) and you are upset because you think you are too young for him

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