[Just Right Album] Mark’s Thanks To Translation

Thank you God for everything in my life. I’m always thankful for my supportive family. I love you guys!

All the company family members that helped GOT7~ Thank you always! Also, our senior hyungs and noonas, thank you for all your great advice! And to all the composers that wrote many good songs for our album, Jackie Boyz, Charles “Chizzy” Stephens, Jay Dmuchchowski, C-Minor, Noday, Sum People, mr. cho, Cheongdam-dong Park Gunwoo, Tommy, Kairos Team, thank you.

Our Park Jinyoung PD-nim, thank you for writing amazing songs for us!!! Also, those that have helped us, directors at Naive, composer Chang Deokhwa, Kangho director, Yuna noona, designer Lee Jeongsuk, Sehui noona, designer Park Soojin, designer Go Taeyong, and our Jongha hyung, Oh Eundeok noona, Jaesung hyung, thank you very much. And even though it’s a bit of a pity, our Gogun hyung and Piteu hyung, thank you always. 

IGOT7, always love you~~


[150117] Topp Dogg Rookie Award Acceptance Speech


P-Goon: First of all, we’re happy to receive this award, which you can only win once since debut. There are so many people we want to thank, like CEO Cho PD/Cho Joonghoon, CEO Kim Jongha, the NEWEST Crew who always give us good choreography and their leader Jeon Sangjoon! Also head stylists, PD Deez, Dongsoo-hyung and other Stardom family members, thank you. We think of this award as a motivation to work even harder and do our best.

Hansol: Thank you to the parents, families, and other people who have worked hard and prayed for Topp Dogg. Topp Klass, thank you, we’ll work hard in the future too. We have you, so let’s keep realising our dream together! 

Sangdo: We’ll continue to work hard as much as this award means with a rookie mindset. Also our Topp Dogg member Seogoong, Goongie… He can’t be here tonight, please give him a lot of support. Goong-ah, Topp Dogg is one. All Topp Dogg members are very thankful, Topp Klass we love you!

Kidoh: (in English) Today we want to say thanks to our international Topp Klass out there. Even with distance, we still receive your support and love. (in Korean) Also, please keep supporting the DaeNamHyup crew and Korean hip-hop!

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A very strong, beautiful, man princess

“Love at first sight?

A lost princess

searching for the princess

finding the princess

cheesy words

and everything was fixed with a hit in the knee

at the end who’s really the princess?”


(ノ`ワ′)ノミ Wow what is this!!! hahahaha!! it looks like and interesting weird random fanfic~~ let’s give it a lot of love  (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ ♥ ♥ ♥