Lee JongHyun The PorkSoup Prince

Lee JongHyun The Porksoup Prince was mentioned in “History & Recipe of Dwaeji Gukbap” Article

인기밴드 씨엔블루의 이종현 군이 한 TV 방송에서 “돼지국밥 없이는 살수 없다”라고 말해 더욱 잘 알려진 돼지국밥은 부산지역을 대표하는 향토음식 중 하나다. 

Lee Jonghyun of popular band CNBLUE once said at a TV show, “I can’t live without Dwaeji gukbap (pork soup).” It made Dwaeji gukbap more popular, which is one of popular local foods of Busan.

Translated by @saturnkr

Lee JongHyun and Dwaeji Gukbab Love Scandal

CNBLUE with @tobyasmusiq Ken Ayugai (Robot Release Event MC) 

It was really good to be able to share a special time with  before Christmas. I look forward to the day when I see you again ☆ Early Merry Christmas.

source: @tobyasmusiq photozou

*jonghyun’s one pack abs is sooo beautiful.. a person who live for food* 

Today’s topic is ‘CNBLUE’s New Year Party’. If you are the host, then where, what and how would you want to hold the party?
  • Jonghyun: I will eat meat until my tummy bursts. If someone will buy for me, I will draw circle on the sirloin part of the beef.
  • “Draw a circle” means he will take the sirloin, which is the best and expensive part of the meat. and his favorite.