DJVTW - Watskeburt?!
High Places - Head Spins
Gorgon City - Zoom Zoom
Lil’ Kleine - Drank & Drugs
808INK - Suede jaw
Tyler The Creator - Garbage
Jett Rebel - Pineapple Morning
21 Savage - No Heart
Taggy Matcher - My Man
Frank Ocean - Ivy
Yung Internet - Binnestad
Gala - Freed From Desire
The Opposites - Dom, Lomp & Famous
Ray Fuego - Back Hand
Yung Internet - Cool Down Cafe
Houdinne - Discodinne Pt 2
Houdinne - Bat Box 9
Ray Fuego - Hete Jongens
Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feet 
The Roots - Right On 


Putting these two movies together is not coincidental. Apart of different places of filming (Brazil and The Netherlands) they have a lot things in common. Acting plot is about awaking sexual consciousness in growing up boys. They share first innocent kisses and experience overwhelming fascination towards each other. The drama turns out slightly childish and kind of cliché in a manner of further movie scenes. However, you cannot blame an ordinary teenage life which is captured here at school, summer camp and while fooling around in the lake or chilling at the swimming pool. Speaking of water, it seems to have a dual meaning and it can be perceived as a birth of something new and unusual - the beginning of uncomfortable yet tempting feeling. There’s something charming and moving in this attraction-repulsion fight that main characters are forcing with. Nevertheless, they need to face up to an inner struggle with their own identity. Only then, they’re finding a peace riding away on a (motor)bike. Together.