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cr: multitabi

Reaction: Their crush has a tattoo they didn’t know about.

~Exo reaction!

~I also did a Bts version.

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(Omfg, this gif is so adorable. He’s too freakin’ precious for this world.)

You were ranting to him about a particularly stressful day at work and had gotten quite animated. And due to your dramatic hand gestures, the neck line of your loose top shifted to the left, revealing a bit of the tattoo under your collarbone. Minseok noticed it almost immediately but all he did was smirk.

He probably wouldn’t say anything about it right there and then but wait a bit and give you a heart attack by randomly bringing it up, getting pretty excited while doing so (insert gif). He wouldn’t mind it at all and probably find it cute.


You were helping him grocery shop for his children members. He’d asked to grab something from a high shelf. You sighed, placing a hand on one of the lower shelves and stretched up to try and reach the shelf. As you did this, your shoe slipped off your foot and thus putting the tattoo on the bottom of your foot on full display. Junmyeon had noticed your struggle and, being the gentleman he is, was on his way over to help you when he spotted the tattoo. He got a little bit awkward but chose to ignore the tattoo and not bring it up.

To be honest, I don’t think Junmyeon would be overjoyed that you have a tattoo, considering he’s one of the more traditional members. I’m not saying he’d hate it, he definitely would never say anything like that to you. As long as you were happy with it, he’d learn to love the tattoo as it’s something you love.


You had gone out for coffee with him. As you were standing in the line, he asked you what you wanted and you pointed at the menu while telling him. As you pointed at the menu, Yixing’s eyes followed your hand but stopped when he saw the tiny tattoo at the base of your thumb. He stared at it as you continued the conversation you’d be having. When he didn’t respond, you looked at him and saw a very shy and embarrassed Yixing. When you asked what he’d been staring at, he quietly said your tattoo and you just laughed then ordered your coffee and his. 

Yixing would most likely be shocked when he first sees or finds out about your tattoo. You know that really cute face he makes when he’s confused? That would be exactly the face he’d make. He’d like it tho.


You were going to a party with him and were trying to get your necklace on but the clasp kept slipping. Baekhyun laughed at you and took the necklace from your hands and told you to hold up your hair. You held up your hair and as he was putting the necklace on you, Baekhyun noticed the ink near your spine. He put the clasp into place then touched the ink, causing you to jump. You turned around only to see him smirking out you then chuckling at you.

Baek would probably love the tattoo. He’d think it’s really badass and would ask if you have any more or if your planning on getting any others. If you were, he’d probably go with you but would run for the hills the second the needles touched your skin.


You two had been messing around and having a sassy and playful argument when Jongdae decided the only way he would win this was by tickling you. He tackled you onto the couch and attacked your sides while you protested. As he tickled you, your shirt went up a bit, revealing the small bit of ink on your lower abdomen. Jongdae immediately stopped his attack to look at the tattoo. You caught on pretty quickly and pushed your shirt down, a bit flustered that he’d seen the tattoo. He found your flustered state adorable and tapped your nose while calling you cute.

Jongdae’s the type to get a bit salty that you didn’t tell him about your tattoo. I really don’t think he’d mind that much as long as it wasn’t something really big, like a sleeve or a big piece on your thigh. 


You were just out walking with Chanyeol when it suddenly got really hot. You pulled your hair up into a bun, putting your neck tattoo on full display. Chanyeol was mid-sentence when he noticed it and kinda froze in shock. You’d kept walking, not realising he’d stopped. You noticed he wasn’t beside you and glanced back, to see him grinning widely at you. You asked him what he was smiling at and he laughed then tapped the back of his neck. Your hands flew to your neck as it registered with you that he’d seen your tattoo. You blushed and looked away. He just laughed more then caught up with you and threw an arm over your shoulder.

Chanyeol would probably just be intrigued by your tattoo. He’d ask a few questions about it maybe but I don’t think he’d really care that much. He’d probably think it’s cool.


You two were just in the dorms, hanging out when you decided to tell him about your tattoo. When you called his name, Kyungsoo looked up from his phone and you turned your back to him, then pulled your hair to the side, giving him a full view of the tattoo behind your ear. He simply nodded then looked down, not saying a word or showing any facial expression. You asked him what he thought and all he said was he didn’t mind.

I don’t think Kyungsoo would be thrilled that you have a tattoo. Like Junmyeon, I don’t think he’d hate it but it would take a bit of time for him to get used to it. In the end though, he most likely wouldn’t mind all that much.


You two were binge-watching movies on his day off and he’d asked you to get popcorn. You went into the kitchen, put the popcorn into the microwave then looked around for a bowl. You noticed one on the top shelf and reached up to get in. As your arm went up, so did your shirt, revealing the tattoo near the small of your back. Jongdin noticed you struggling and went help you but stopped in the doorway when he saw your tattoo. He just stared at it until you successful grabbed the bowl and noticed him staring. He’d get all shy and apologise for staring then just go back to sitting on the couch, blushing.

I think Jongin might kinda like your tattoo. I don’t think he’d be against it at all, he’d just accept it as another part of you and wouldn’t really think about it too much.


Another member had seen your ankle tattoo while you were taking your shoes off at the door of the dorm and told him. He got super sassy about it. Like, the second you walked into the room, he’d be like “I believe you’ve something to tell me.” You’d just tell him about the tattoo and show it to him, to hopefully avoid his dramatics. Cue sassy drinking of water while eyeing you (gif).

He’d probably love your tattoo. He seems to be pretty open-minded. Like Jongin, I think he’d prefer if it wasn’t a really big tattoo but I honestly don’t think he’d care.

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