I saw them so close yesterday, these picture doesn’t show how close I really was to the stage. I could see their faces so clear and they are really so beautiful that I couldn’t believe myself and how lucky I was. They sang Ko Ko Bop, Oh la la la and Tempo, later came Love Shot. After they finished Tempo and they left the stage I sat on my seat for like 5 minutes while BoA was singing, staring at nothing because I was in shock. Chanyeol is my bias and I could see him, he’s soooo tall and big, while they presented themselves he was so sweet with the fans, he was the one that interacted with the fans the most while he wasn’t talking or maybe I think that because I couldn’t stop staring at him. Also, D.O is sooooooooo beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring at him since he was next to Chanyeol and because he’s my bias wrecker, just like Sehun who looked so happy all the time.

Today I’m going to the second show, but in another section more far away from the stage, totally going to enjoy the show tonight by watching the dances this time that I didn’t pay much attention to yesterday.