A Conversation Within Jongdae’s Mind

God: *in godly voice* Jongdae your time has come. 

Jongdae: What? Hello? Who is this? 

God: It’s me. Your father up in hea-

Jongdae: Is this my conscience?

God: No. It’s God.

Jongdae: Oh fuck okay I swear I didn’t I throw my pink socks into the whites and dye all our clothes pink on purpose and I also didn’t let Suho take the fall for that time I burned the kitchen cabinets trying to make toast. And last night I definitely didn’t sneak into Minseok’s room and ja-

God: What oh no that’s not what I’m here about.

Jongdae: Oh…Aha well that’s good because I was joking about all that stuff anyway

God: …Mhm. Anyway *in godly voice again* your time has come Jongdae.

Jongdae: My.. time? Fuck am I going to die?!

God: FFS NO. Just listen.


God: Why are you so quiet now?

Jongdae: I’m listening

God: Oh ok cool. So *clears throat* your time has come. 

Jongdae: Mhm yes I heard that part

God: Will you please

Jongdae: k fine

God: Your good friend Byun Baekhyun *Jongdae snickers* has become too powerful for this world *sound of Jongdae opening a bag of chips* and the prophecy *chewing sounds* … the prophecy says *more chewing sounds* *God groans* THE PROPHECY SAYS THAT YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO DEFEAT HIM.

Jongdae: *between chewing sounds* You said I need to eat him?

God:.. no I said defeat

Jongdae: I’m sorry, was that eat?

God: nO I SA-

Jongdae: Eat. Okay that seems simple enough.

Exo wanting your attention when you’re reading

Exo reaction to when their gf is constantly reading books and they want to spend time with her ~anonymous

Baekhyun: “Look Jagi, I got a helicopter! wheeeee”

Chanyeol: *the aftermath of him trying to get noticed*

Chen: “Fine, go read your stupid book instead of cuddling with me”

Kai: *ticks your shoulder* “YOU’RE IT! CATCH ME IF YOU CANNN”

Kris: “Baobei notice me I’m cool- AUCHH”

Kyungsoo: *when you don’t give any kind of response”

Lay: *offended* 

Luhan: *lifts you up* “BAOBEI COME CUDDLEEEE”

Sehun: *tries to seduce you with his dancing*

Suho: “Jagi I will buy you everything you want if you come shopping with me~~”

Tao: *attempts to read the book* *gif*

Xiumin: “Jagiiii i made you your favourite coffee”

I hope you liked it! Saranghae~~~

EXO’s reaction to falling in love with an American/Approaching an American

Anonymous said: If your requests are open, can you do the boys falling in love with an American? Pleeeeeaaasssseeee <3

Thank you for the request! I’m gonna guess that you meant it with language barriers and such! :) 

But I’m gonna have to make a twist to it, since “falling in love” is a long process! I will do “the meeting” part, but if you aren’t satisfied with it, then please message me again and I can do a part 2? <3


Baekhyun: He’s at a bar with some of the other guys in America, as a small break from performing and such. He would approach you after some time of looking at you. “Hello I’m baekhyun!” he would say in a friendly voice, with quite a lot of accent. He would start a conversation with you in his broken english, but he would try his best. You would smile to him and try your best to understand what he says. “You drink want?” he would ask and gesture to the drinks. You understand him but giggle because of his bad english. He knows it’s bad so he chuckles awkwardly. “Sorry, not America person” he says flusteredly.

Chanyeol: He would try to make himself noticeable by purposely bumping into you slightly, and laughing extra loudly. He later concludes that that tactic doesn’t work on Americans (or at least not on you xD) so he decides that he wants to approach you. He goes to Kris to ask him how to say “hello” and such. *In Korean* “Yifan, how do you say hello my name is chanyeol, I saw you and thought you were pretty. I’m from South Korea so sorry about the bad english!” he would ask him eagerly. Kris then translates and Chanyeol tries to memorize it. He takes a deep breath and walks towards you. He taps your shoulder and you turn around. “Hello, my name Chanyeol, I think you are pretty and I see you. I from South Korea so sorry about engrish!” he would spit out because he’s nervous as heck. You giggle and answer him by telling him your name and thanking him for the compliment. He smiles and understands most of what you said. He keeps the conversation going the best he can by asking you random things.

Chen: He doesn’t think about it for too long and just goes up to you and catches your eyes. He bows a little and smiles charmingly. “Hello! I’m Chen!” he says in a high pitched tone and waits for you to answer. “Well hello Chen! I’m YN.” you say with a smile, having noticed his cute accent. He then smiles more and tries to continue, trying to talk english the best he can. “I give you drink?” he asks and points to the drinks at the bar. You nod happily. He takes your wrist gently and leads you to the bar where he buys a drink for you, also with funny english. While waiting for the drink he smiles a lot and says things he has heard on TV. “You are pretty!” he says and you blush. You keep talking for a long time and end up exchanging numbers.

D.O: He would have noticed you in the crowd but decided not to approach you, just because he didn’t want to get embarrassed. He would sit casually in between some of the other guys drinking a beer when someone taps his shoulder. He turns around and smiles, and sees you. “Hello, I was wondering if you maybe wanted to get a drink with me?” you would say, not knowing that he doesn’t speak fluent english. He would look confusedly at you, but still with happy eyes. You slowly realize that he didn’t understand and you get flustered and blush. He can see that you got embarrassed by the situation and quickly stands up and looks at you and shakes your hand, trying to fit in in American culture. “Hello, I’m Kyungsoo! I’m from South Korea. I not so good at english!” he says, trying to seem calm. You smile, still blushing. “I drink with you?” he asks, gesturing drinking with his hands. You nod and he nods back, smiling cutely.

Kai: He would notice you from afar and immediately wave to you and try to get your attention. You wave back and smile. He then disappears again and asks Suho for help with english. When he’s confident he walks over to you, smiling like an idiot. You see him coming and turn to him, and smile. “Hi!” you say expecting a “hi” back, but he freezes, and becomes unsure of his english. He stands still for a while just looking at you, and then suddenly turns around and hurries over to Suho and repeats the sentence to make sure it’s correct. Suho approves and Kai quickly walks back to you, who is standing in the same position as before. “Hi!” he tries and smiles. “You are cute, can I get number?” he says, not knowing it might sound a little progressive. You get flustered by the sudden request for your number, but you nod and take your phone up. “Where are you from?” you ask and he somehow understands. “Korea!” he says in a Korean style way. “Oh cool!” you say and find your number on your phone. He smiles and is proud of himself for being able to talk, and then goes up behind you and looks over your shoulder. “Number?” he asks and you nod again. “Yes, this is my number!” and he gets your number and then quickly disappears again. Later on the night he then texts you in broken english, having gotten help from all the guys to form a correct sentence. … (to be continued? haha)

Kris: Since he is fluent in english, this request doesn’t really fit on him…  Sorry! (Here, take my random gif as an apology! xD)

Lay: He would be super respectful and calmly approach you, using very short and simple sentences. He would be able to make sense, but he doesn’t understand a lot of what you’re saying. “Hello my name is Lay!” he says cutely and smiles, showing off his adorable dimples. “Hello Lay, I’m Y/N.” you answer and he smiles even more, knowing that he made himself understandable. He keeps eye contact with you while gesturing towards a table a little further away from all the others. You nod and smile brightly. “Yes?” he asks with a high pitched tone. “Yes!” you say and start to walk towards the table. He pulls out the chair for you, being a real gentleman. He then sits down himself and smiles to you again. “So, Lay? Where are you from?” you ask him since he doesn’t start the conversation. He listens carefully and nods slightly. “China!” he then says when he understands. He then thinks for a little bit and tries asking you some things. You understand and answer. The conversation goes on for long and you really click well!

Luhan: He would overrate his own ability to speak english and just go for it, but you doesn’t understand what he says at all and he gets super embarrassed and leaves without saying anything. Even though he messed up, you manage to get an impression of him and you think he’s cute. Therefore you decide to try to talk to him again, and this time he is much more humble and quiet. “Hello again, uhh I thought you were quite cute just now… Where are you from?” you ask, hoping he will understand. A big smile forms on his lips because he understood you. “I think you cute also! But I’m manly, not cute!” he says and laughs, a little hurt by being called cute (LOL, sorry not sorry). You also laugh and nod. “I china.” he says and smile to you. He hums and thinks for a bit to work up the courage to ask for your number. “Hmm, I can have phone?” he asks, not sure if he did well, and takes his phone out of his back pocket and points at it. Even though what he said didn’t completely make sense, you nod and take out your phone and show him your number so he can do his thing. When he is done writing down your number he smiles. “I will write you?” he says and waits for an answer. You nod, and he nods back. Then you separate and the next day he writes to you…

Sehun: He would have spotted you sitting with your girlfriends, and he would tap Suho’s shoulder and get really excited about seeing a pretty girl like you. *In korean* “Have you seen her? She’s so beautiful!” he would say, freaking out. *GIF* “I wanna talk to her! What do I say??” he ask Suho. Suho answers with something like: “Hello I’m Sehun, can I get you a drink?” and Sehun practices the sentence for about half an hour before he goes over to you. He smiles awkwardly at you and says his sentence, begging to dear god that he said it correctly. Even though he has a thick accent, you understand and smile to him. “Hi Sehun? Yes of course!” you say and stand up, signaling to your friends that you’re gonna go with him. He blushes when all your friends look at him and giggle. “I Korean are, so my english not good.” he says while walking, being serious and trying to be calm. You nod and smile at him. “Ohh okay! Cool!” you say and sound very enthusiastic to encourage him. He buys you the drink you want with difficulty but he ends up managing to get you the right one. He smiles to you and you smile back. You talk for the rest of the night, starting to understand each other by using lots of hand gestures and simple words.

Suho: When he sees you sitting all alone and looking sad by a table he quickly decides to go over and talk to you. He puts his head in front of yours and smiles brightly. “Hello, I’m Suho can I get you a drink?” he says with a cute accent. You smile, happy that someone is talking to you. You blush and look down, and he just keeps smiling sweetly. “Yes please” you say, and smile to him, still quite flustered. He then puts his hand out for you to take and bows slightly. You take his hand and get off your chair and follow him to the bar. He looks back at you and smiles again. When you reach the bar he helps you up on the bar chair and also gets up on one himself. “Two ‘Original Mai Tai’s please” he would say confidently to the Bartender, while resting his arms on the counter. His accent would be noticeable but you wouldn’t say anything about it since he had used the correct grammar and words up until now. Then he would ask you some stuff and keep the conversation going, though making a few mistakes. At the end of the night he would ask for your number and you would nod happily.

Tao: (Tao has gotten a lot better at English since being in America, but I will do this reaction using his “old” skills - meaning that he is not very good at english in this one c:) He would approach you confidently, kinda forgetting that he’s not so great at speaking english. He pokes your shoulder and smiles to you. “I’m Tao, what are you?” he would ask, not knowing that it didn’t mean exactly what he thought. You laugh a little and smile to him. “Sorry, what do you mean ‘what am I’?” you ask and look curiously at him. He doesn’t understand what you say so he just ends up staring confusedly at you.

Xiumin: He would be kinda scared to approach you because of the language barrier, but he would man up and go over to you. “Hi, I’m Minseok!” he would say with his high pitched tone, smiling nervously. You smile back at him not noticing any accent so you think he’s fluent. “Hello ~ I’m Y/N!” you say and he understands. “Can I ask you to have drink?” he then says, and that’s when you notice a quite strong accent and also not very perfect english. You smile anyways and nod to him. He nods back and goes to the bar alone. He later comes back with two drinks and sits down across from you. He starts a conversation by asking you basic questions like what your favorite color is. You talk together for quite a long time, and he definitely struggles with explaining what he means, but you somehow understand anyways.


/ sorry for any mistakes… it’s late and I’ve been working on this for over 3 hours so I’m tired… thanks for reading it anyways though! <3 /

EXO Reaction to You Fan Girling over Got7′s Just Right

Okay, so this video made me fall completely in love with Got7. The song is so catchy and such a cute meaning behind it. I think JB and Mark are my biases for Got7 :) I hope you like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: “Okay, yes, it is a cute song and a great meaning, but do you really have to drool over Mark like that? I think I look way better than him.” He pouted as he watched you playing the music video on repeat. “Fine, I will just watch some girl group videos.”

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Chanyeol: The moment he heard the music again he let out a groan. You had been listening to Got7’s new song on repeat for the past two days straight. “Whatever, it’s not like Jackson is a better rapper. I could do his rap easily.”

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Chen: “Ha! You are funny if you think I’m going to be jealous of such a young idol like Yugyeom. I am way better looking than him.” He pointed out as he blocked you from trying to poke his nose.

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D.O.: “Yeah, I think Youngjae has a good voice, but do you really think it is better than mine?” He asked quietly as he stared at you watching the video again. You kept repeating any part that had Youngjae and he was starting to get annoyed. (ft. Kai judging with him)

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Kai: He watched as you tried to do the dance along with the song. “You know I could teach you to dance if you want. But maybe you should do one of our dances instead… Oh, no, you want to just copy Jr. That’s fine I guess?” He pouted as he watched you trying to copy the dance again.

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Lay: He listened to the song with you and smiled every time you did. “You were right, jagi, this song is really cute. I wish we could do a cute video like that.” He said as he clicked the repeat button and started the video again.

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Sehun: “What the hell do you mean BamBam is the cutest person alive? Have you seen my aegyo?” He asked as he started acting cute. He didn’t want to admit that he was jealous of the other idol, but you could tell easily from the way he was acting.

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Suho: “Do you think JB is a better leader? Well he doesn’t have to deal with 8 kids.” He grumbled as you started smiling brightly at JB’s part in the video. He was pouting as you watched it over and over again. “JB, JB, JB, that’s all you say. You know I could probably introduce you guys if you wanted.” He reminded you.

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Xiumin: “How can you keep listening to the same song? It’s not like any of them are as cute as me.” He said as he tried to pull you away from the screen. He gave you a flirty look, but when that didn’t work, he decided that he would have to resort to drastic measures.

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I love love loved all the beautiful confetti photos from the Lotte Lovely Young Concert. I really tried to find the ‘most’ artistic one (imo ofc) for everyone. Two photos of the maknae because you can’t see his face in the one I liked best. Enjoy!