look at yixing trying to pass that trophy😂😂did he just went “look at this,artist!!”?!?! sehun smile though😅

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EXO Reaction: What They Sound Like During Sex

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Anonymous said:

Can you do a thing on what exo would sound like during sex

A/N: This is just going to be a brief description of what I think they will sound like without any audio

Xiumin: Long and low moans reverberating in his throat

Luhan: Short, gasping, desperate groans through bit lips

Kris: Curse words mumbled under his breath

Suho: muffled grunts in the back of his throat

Lay: throaty grunts dropped from his lips

Baekhyun: murmured dirty talked punctuated with groans

Chen: composed and smooth dirty talk followed by deep grunts

Chanyeol: long, low, incredibly desperate, pleading moans

DO: muffled sighs of satisfaction couple with groans

Tao: desperate whines as he needs more

Kai: low grunts and groans dropping from his lips like jewels

Sehun: everything, whines of desperation, moans of pleasure, cannot be quiet


This is never not funny

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Day Twenty Eight || Bias At A Radio Show

The Fantastic Kim Bro’s radio show counts right? They were so sweet, and chill the whole time. It’s so nice to see them being relaxed with each other and open with the fans. Plus who doesn’t like an hour and 4 minutes of XiuChen?