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Top 10 KDrama Actors Rated By Prettiness According To Me For Your Aesthetic Pleasure

(+ GIFs of them smiling because all the modelling in the world can’t be more beautiful than their smiles)

10. Nam Joo Hyuk (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Bride of the Water God)

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9. Ok Taecyeon (Let’s Fight, Ghost!, Who Are You, Dream High)

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8. Kim Min Jae (The Best Hit, Twenty Again, Goblin)

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7. Seo In Guk (Reply 1997, Shopaholic King Louis, Master’s Sun)

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6. Ji Chang Wook (Healer, Suspicious Partner, The K2)

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5. Lee Jong Suk (W: Two Worlds, Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice)

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4. Seo Kang Joon (Cheese In The Trap, Cunning Single Lady, Entourage)

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3. Choi Si Won (She Was Pretty, The King of Dramas, Oh! My Lady)

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2. Choi Minho (To The Beautiful You, Hwarang, Medical Top Team

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1. Park Hyungsik (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang, High Society)

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2014 in K-Drama Kisses.

A compilation of the best kisses (in my opinion) in no particular order.

Dramas: Her Lovely Heels, Another Parting, Pride and Prejudice, A Witch’s Romance, My Love From The Stars, King of High School Life Conduct, Fated to Love You, It’s Okay, That’s Love, Pinocchio and Surplus Princess.

"The List" Compiles Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends After Acting As Enemies

“The List” Compiles Co-Stars Who Became Real-Life Friends After Acting As Enemies

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The April 17 episode of tvN’s “The List 2017” put together a list of actors who went from playing enemies to becoming close friends in real life.

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook

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Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook starred in the hit drama “Goblin,” where they started off bickering but ended up being bromance goals. The two actors proved they were close friends in real life when Gong Yoo appeared as a guestat …

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Fall Songs Recommendation

Hi~ long time no see! It’s almost fall here in Seoul, the weather is really nice lately~ so after lo~~~~~~ng time I decided to do songs recommendation for fall~ here you go^^

윤종신 - 좋니 / Yoon Jong-shin - Like It

“혹시 잠시라도 내가 떠오르면걘 잘 지내 물어 봐줘”
“If you’re ever reminded of me, please ask how i’m doing”


정키 - 부담이 돼 (Feat. 휘인) / Jungkey - Anymore (Feat. Hwee-in)

“그저 함께한 이 모든 게 힘들었다고 말하잖아”
“Everything from when we were together, shows that things were hard”


박원 - all of my life / Park Won - all of my life

“you are all of my life 네가 날 채웠는데”
“you are all of my life, you filled me up”


정승환 - 이 바보야 / Jung Seung Hwan - Fool

“소중해서 불안해서 다 망쳐버린 걸 알아 다 미안해”
“Because you were precious, because I was nervous, I know I ruined it all, I’m sorry for everything”


가을방학 - 가끔 미치도록 네가 안고 싶어질 때가 있어 / Autumn Vacation - Sometimes I Want to Hug You Like Crazy

“아무도 이해할 수 없는 얘기겠지만 그렇지만 가끔 미치도록 네가 안고 싶어질 때가 있어”
“No one could understand, but sometimes I want to hug you like crazy”


정준일 - 안아줘 /  Jung Joon-il - Hug Me

“이렇게 니가 한걸음 멀어지면 내가 한걸음 더 가면 되잖아”
“If this takes you a step further away from me, all i have to do is take a step closer, isn’t it?”


김동률 - 그게 나야 / Kim Dong-ryul - How I Am

“그 시절을 아직 살아가는 한 사람 그게 나야”
“I’m still living in the old days, that is how I am”


정준영 - 공감 (Feat. 서영은) / Jung Joon Young - Sympathy (Feat. Seo Young-eun)

“언제부턴가 네가 보고 싶지 않았고 그 어느 샌가 네가 더 이상 필요한지 몰랐어”
“At some point, I stopped missing you, at some point, I didn’t know if I even needed you”


크러쉬 - 어떻게 지내 / Crush - How Are You

“넌 어떻게 지내? 어떻게 지내 나 없이? 하루가 참 기네”
“How are you? How are you without me? A day is really long”


임세준 - 오늘은 가지마 / Im Se-jun - Don’t Go Today

“오늘은 가지마 오늘만 가지마”
“Don’t go today, just don’t go today”


미드나잇 램프 – 지금도 그때와 같아 / Midnight Lamp – Same as Before

“넌 어떻게 지내는지 궁금해져서 문득 찾아보다 대화 명 사진으로나마 알 수가 있었어”
“I suddenly wonder how you’re doing, only to find out through your profile pictures”


윤건 - 힐링이 필요해 / Yoon Gun - I Need Healing

“Healing이 필요해 난 니가 필요해”
“I need healing, I need you”


태연 - 11:11 / Taeyeon - 11:11

“넌 내 모든 걸 갖고서 떠나도 내 맘은 시계 속의 두 바늘처럼 같은 곳을 두고 맴돌기만 해”
“You took all of me and left, but like the two hands of the clock in my heart, I keep lingering in the same place”


어쿠루브 - 잡지않았어 / Acourve - I Let You Go

“같이 걸었던 그 길을 지날땐 혹시라도 너와 마주칠까봐 괜히 둘러보곤 해”
“When walking down the streets we walked together, I look around with the slightest hope of seeing you”


나얼 - 같은 시간 속의 너 / Naul - You From The Same Time

“이제 우리 같은 시간 속을 남처럼 그렇게 걸으면 돼”
“Now we’re living in the same time but walking in it as strangers”


헤이즈 - 비도 오고 그래서 (Feat. 신용재) - Heize - Because It was Raining (Feat. Shin Yong-jae)

“나 널 아프게 했던 못난 놈이니까 널 다시 품에 안을 자격도 없으니까”
“Because I’m a fool that hurt you and I don’t even deserve to hold you in my arms ever again”


새봄 - 네가 선인장이라도 (With 굿나잇스탠드) / Saevom - Even If You Were a Cactus (With Goodnight Stand)

“난 바래질 것들에 애쓰지 않아 하지만 너라면 순간을 믿어“
“I don’t believe too much in moments, but with you every moment I cherish“


볼빨간사춘기, 스무살 - 남이 될 수 있을까 (We Loved) / Bolppalgan Puberty, 20 Years Of Age - Can We Be Strangers? (We Loved)

“괜찮은 척해도 먹먹해진 기분은 진해져만 가 떨쳐내려 괜히 웃어보아도 숨길 수 없는 걸 이별이 오는 걸 우리의 시간은 멈춰버린걸”
“I pretend to be fine but I feel frustrated, even more, I laugh to shake it off, but I can’t hide it, farewell is coming, our time together has stopped”


타린 - 커피 엔딩 / Tarin - Coffee Ending

“거짓말 같아요 꿈이라면 깨워줄래요 메뉴는 똑같은데 그대가 없네요”
“It’s like a lie, if it’s dream please wake me up, the menu is the same but you are not here”

Korean Celebrities Turn Out In Full Force For Coldplay, Concert Takes Moment To Honor Sewol Ferry Victims

Korean Celebrities Turn Out In Full Force For Coldplay, Concert Takes Moment To Honor Sewol Ferry Victims

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British rock band Coldplay has stolen hearts all over the world during their decade-long career and South Korea is no exception!

Through April 15 and 16, Coldplay held concerts in Seoul Olympic Stadium with an audience of 45,000 each night. Many of these included Korean celebrity couples enjoying a date night out like Rain and Kim Tae Hee, Lee Hyori and (non-celebrity husband) Lee Sang Soon, and 

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