I have a real problem. Well, I have many but that’s not the point here, lol. One of the problems I have is resisting the lure of making something new. SimPearls always has contests that interest me, I try to enter them and then get sidetracked making something new.. I told myself I was not going to do that this time. I am such a liar. So: here are a few new things I made (and I actually have my contest entrieS just about done! Yay me!)..

There are 2 fireplace screens - these were inspired by a recent fireplace fix by Shastakiss, I liked the look of the screen that’s part of the mesh and was going to separate it. Well the polycount was more than a bit high so I made my own (the arch screen is based on the screen of that fireplace and is still a bit high poly). Then there are 2 upholstered coffee tables - one of them is slaved to Jonesi’s bed blanket (with it’s own wood recolors), both have just 1 slot on the top and you can both in your game if you’d like since they have different GUIDs. The last item is a serving tray. I couldn’t find one I liked then I saw the trays in Veranka’s bakery conversion - even those weren’t quite what I wanted.. so I edited one of hers, added handles and a slot and made many recolors. (Credit to Shasta for one of the fireplace screen textures!)

Fireplace Screens (both) Deco>Misc for 200 Simoleons (2282 polys/562 polys); Serving Tray - Appliances>Misc for 15 Simoleons (298 polys): Coffee Tables (both) - Surfaces>CoffeeTable for 155 Simoleons (2330 polys)


Just a couple of little notes: the fireplace screens can be used with any fireplace. The sides/legs may cut into the base of the fireplace depending on which fireplace you use. Sims will still light/poke fire/warm themselves like they should BUT if you haven’t placed any deco on the fireplace mantle before you place a screen, you might have to delete the fireplace/buy a new one/place deco/then place a screen. No cheats are needed to place a screen but if you want it closer to the fireplace you will need to use cheats.

P.S. The serving tray textures are squished due to the mapping but I promise they are not squished in game!


It’s all about the flow, and the snow.