papermoon262  asked:

Jasmine x Jonesy for the 'if they had kids' meme


  • Name: Gemma Niki Jones (also goes by Gem anD YES HER MIDDLE NAME IS AFTER NIKITA!!!)
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: She has coloring like her mother with hazel eyes and brunette hair, but the shape of her face/features more closely resemble her father’s. 
  • Personality: Gemma is a very sweet girl. She always tries to find ways to make the people around her smile and she’s one of those people everyone wants to be best friends with just like her dad.   
  • Special Talents: Jonesy put a guitar in her hands at a young age, so she’s good with that and she’s also a really talented singer. Jasmine made sure her daughter knew some kickass self-defense (so don’t fuck with her), but she rarely has to use them. Gemma also got a love a painting from her aunt Nikita. 
  • Who they like better: She loves her parents pretty equally even though Jasmine can be too overprotective at times and Jonesy embarrasses her on occasion because that’s just what parents do. 
  • Who they take after more: I’d say she takes after her father. She’s more on the goofy creative side like him. 
  • Personal Head Canon: Uncle Alex bought Gemma her first set of expensive paints/brushes/etc and then she insisted on doing his portrait which she still has up in her room among all of her other artwork. 
  • Face Claim: Daisy Ridley