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Top 10 most anticipated comics of 2016

Now we know comics get announced often only 3 months before release but of the comics we know are releasing here’s what I’m most excited for.  That said if you want to see my month to month hype I do a series whenever books are solicited  as well as talk about every comic I read in my Diary of an aspiring comic book writer series #DACBW. I won’t be mentioning already released series but quickly I’ll mention series that are just one issue one Insexts, Tomboy, and HellCat all had good starts and are ones i’m excited to read moving into the new year.

Raven: It’s New 52 Raven so I have little interest but it could be a really cool series. This is one I just hope is good more then I think will be good. I really don’t have much to say about the story I don’t think we really know the plot or anything like that. I don’t think it will really even be good I just hope it will so here is to hoping.

MockingBird: Female team creating a badass secret agent woman story sounds brilliant to me. Some Fresh talent on the book too so while I don’t care much for the character I do care for some exciting new life in the industry. Following an agent type character isn’t anything new for female characters but there is so many things that aren’t new for male characters that just get a pass so I am just excited to see someone cool taken a lead.

Poison Ivy: I rather like the writer of this book, the covers aren’t exactly making me jump at the book. That said Ivy needed a series, she is getting one and I am super excited to see it.  Ivy tries to solve a murder from what it seems or a series of them and I’d be down for an Ivy taking down bad guys in a very anti hero way book any how so this is really cool.

Bryan Lee O'Malley “Next Book”: It’s  at the bottom of the list because we know nothing about it other then all the sketches Bryan Lee O’malley puts up. However, all his books have been great and I really like the designs here so sign me up for this book. (Note this might be a 2017 release I don’t think we know for sure).

The Unbeliveable Gwenpool: This could be awful but it could also be amazing and while the Gwenpool stories at the back of Howard the Duck didn’t catch me her Holiday special scene was solid for me. This book seems to be a metaphor for being a teen where she knows she is in a comic book but has no powers. However, assuming she is the main character since she read marvel comics before coming into the universe she thinks she can just do anything. It’s about finding out your actions do have repercussions and stuff like that. It could be really cool, the art on this book is awesome, I am very excited to see what’s going on here.

Snotgirl: Speaking of Bryan Lee O’malley his first book to not be totally his creation Snotgirl is coming out with him as the writer.  It’s about a girl who can do stuff with her snot. It sounds gross, weird but potentially amazing. I really love seeing leading woman be allowed to be gross and this is going to at least be one for the history books.

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems: I love Steven Universe and it getting a new comic is super exciting because when the old one was out I wasn’t really into the show so I missed out on issues. This new series will start out with the Crystal Gems camping so that is exciting. Also with a lot of the big twists revealed for Steven Universe and even more by the time this comic releases I imagine we may be seeing a lot more cool things. Also if this book keeps the format of an indie creator getting to do a back up that means supporting very small creators and that is always great.

Faith: The first woman of this body shape to get her own superhero comic ever is releasing and even though it’s a mini series this is one I really want to support just to show we do want diverse body shapes in our superheroes. The plot is something I should maybe know but I kinda wanted to avoid accessing any real info on this one just to do it totally fresh. I know she is a hero who can fly, she is a nerd, and she sounds really cool. She seems like a perfect hit for people who enjoy Ms. Marvel.

Jonesy: The story of a girl with the powers of cupid who can make anyone fall in love with anyone, except herself. Jonesy falls in love and has to deal with that. I think this story looks super cute, they added a preview in the back of one of the comics I read recently but I forget what issue it was. Anyway the writing seems solid, I adore the art and this is currently looking like the new indie book I’ll be drooling over.

Legend of Korra: Every month’s solicitations I run to Dark Horse hopping that this comic will release. One of my new favorite artist Brittany Williams working with a great writer to tell further adventures of one of my favorite universe is so exciting. The focus on KorraSami is also the most exciting angel. Obviously you need to be a fan for this comic to excite you but I’d be lying to say this wasn’t my most hype comic of 2016. Will most of these be better, possibly but I want me some more Korra and this will give it. Plus with one of my new favorite artists of all time in this book Brittany Williams doing art hype has only gone up.