When asked what their strangest fears were:
  • Kristen Wiig:*Talks about hating the feeling of fabrics in her mouth*
  • Melissa McCarthy:*Talks about hating dry towels when she is freshly out of the shower*
  • Leslie Jones:*Talks about hating brushing her teeth alongside someone else*
  • Kate McKinnon:Mine is being wrongly convicted of a crime in a foreign country.

Ghostbusters B-ROLL - Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth.  



SDCC interview with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat talking about S4. [x]

Ghostbusters head cannons
•every time a girl hands Holtzmann her phone for her number, Holtz puts the ghost emoji next to it and says “who ya gonna call”
•Growing up Holtz became obsessed with Buffy because of Willow and Terra and every Friday she likes to rewatch old episodes with anyone who will watch them with her.
•All of the Ghostbusters live in the fire house, taking up the old rooms firemen would sleep in for their shifts.
•Holtz always makes a mess no matter what she does, leaving Erin to clean up after her.
•Erin quietly tries to organize Holtz’s stuff in hopes she won’t notice and start doing it too.
•Holtz picks up on what Erin is doing and starts organizing her things just to see the smile on Erin’s face.
•Every Halloween they decorate the fire station as a haunted house to scare little kids.
•Erin let’s Kevin pass out the candy and mini cans of Pringles because it makes him extremely happy to see their smiles.
•Holtz loves cats and tries her hardest to convince Abby to let them get one.
•Without Abby’s permission, Holtz starts feeding stray cats in the alley.
•The cats start to follow Holtz around everywhere she goes.
•Erin starts naming the cats and giving them background stories.
•Patty’s not the biggest fan of the cats and sides with Abby in getting rid of them but loves that they make Holtz happy.
•In hopes to lose the cats, Abby and Patty suggest they get a dog instead.
•After over hearing their talk about a dog, Kevin brings Mike in and hides him in Abby’s room, in hopes to surprise her.
•When Holtz is happy she sings what she’s doing and gets affectionate with everyone.
•Holtz overly flirts with Erin to watch her squirm and blush.
•After a few months, of busting, the group starts to collect a following of little girls who look up to them called “the ghost girls”.
•Every once in a while letters from little girls will come in the mail and get pinned on their walls.
•Patty starts her own mini library and finds a cork board to pin up articles and strange deaths.
•Abby starts a web series where she talks about what they’ve been up to and the science behind the Ghostbusters.
•Abby brings on each Buster as a guest and acts like she’s never met them.
•Holtz tends to lick things as a way to show that they are hers.
•Erin collects mugs, ting bow ties, and items with ghosts on them.
•Holtz quickly catches on to Erin’s collecting and sometimes gives her a random mug just to see Erin’s face light up.
•Holtz and Patty are amazing gifters and always know what the others want.
•While Abby and Erin always give lame gifts.
•Holtz loves Abby and Erin’s lame gifts because she knows they were at least thinking of her.
•After several nights sleeping in her lab, Holtz finds a gross couch to sleep on and moves it to the second floor, so she doesn’t have to walk to her room at night.
•Patty’s library ends up growing so big that it takes up half of the second floor, despite Holtz’s complaining.
•The girls put aside one day every month, no matter the weather, to sit on the roof and watch the stars together.
•None of the Ghostbusters have time to cook, so Kevin volunteers to do the job and ends up finding a passion for cooking.
•All of the girls make time to go grocery shopping together, just to spend time together.
•Holtz always buys Pringles in bulk out of fear that she’ll run out.