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Getting ready for a Disruptive Science Handgun class? Here’s a run down of what we recommend bringing. 

Glock 17 (Timberwolf pictured)

G-Code mag carrier and OSH Holster

Troubleshooter Ballcap

HSP Gasket EyeWare with Hellfire Lens

HSP Klean Canteen and Carrier

Jones Tactical EDC Belt

Sordin Supreme Pro-X

Truck Gun Sling - A Response to a question

A reader asked this question in regards to our Truck Gun Post:  “Do you recommend anything special for sling management when you have your AR in the car with you?”

Yes.  I highly recommend some type of sling keeper/sling holder for your weapon’s sling when using it in the purpose of a vehicle weapon.

There is a tremendous amount of information to cover in the subject of a vehicle rifle (like length choice, bag, no bag, where to store it, how to store it, etc) and we may eventually cover some of these.  The important thing to note in this post is no matter how the weapon is stored, the sling should be attached to the weapon, kept stored in a way where it won’t interfere with deployment, and have the ability to ‘get out of the way’ quickly.

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Whether your typical day includes insertion by helicopter or insertion of a Double Whopper into your mouth, the new Cobra IDR from High Speed Gear is the perfect choice for a belt.  It’s adjustable– which comes in handy following the aforementioned flame-broiled deliciousness.  And Cobra buckles can withstand thousands of pounds of load– which is also helpful when consuming Burger King products.  In all seriousness, the new Cobra IDR is a breakthrough in tactical belt technology.  It combines a stainless steel D-Ring with the invincible AustriAlpin Cobra buckle.  HSGI uses two layers of 1.75" Type 13 webbing sewn together with five (5) rows of 138 Nylon thread, thereby creating the rigidity you want in the perfect gun belt.  These are brand new items from HSGI and are available in Black, Coyote Brown, Olive Drab, and Multicam (shown) in sizes from 28" - 50".  Note: the Multicam pattern is quite good at concealing stains created by BK’s onion ring sauce. Try one today (the belt, not the onion rings!) Only $75 with FREE SHIPPING!

Jonesing for an EDC Belt

The difference between a ‘Great’ product and a ‘Good’ product is the difference that goes beyond price and turnaround time of that product.

For me, it’s a matter of quality and passion. When you look at a Jones Tactical belt with it’s straight line stitching, attention to detail, and the durability of the materials used you can see that a lot of time and passion was put into the making of that product. I equate that similarly to

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Mossberg M500SP Updated on Flickr.

This shotgun has fired thousands of rounds and has continued to be updated and tweaked into the optimal configuration. The SureFire pump has been upgraded to LED and the sling has been upgraded to Jones Tactical. Extensive gunsmithing has made this a honey to shoot and a faithful friend.

New Jones Tactical two point sling (TPS-01) and SureFire has been converted to LED.

Explored May 20, 2008