jones n. wiedle


Rainbow Connections by Garfunkel and Oates

A song about gay weddings. Animation by Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera. Background art by Jones N. Wiedle.

man okay fuck tumblr’s callout culture

right now there’s a callout post going around for jones n wiedle, creator of the webcomic helvetica, special inspiration of Papyrus and Sans from Undertale, and a good buddy of mine

and, get this, it’s over the fucking drawings of starscream in a dress again

you know, that whole fucking bullshit about “cultural appropriation” and “fetishistizing of minors”  that came from a drawing of Starscream in a japanese schoolgirl uniform

yes, you read that right

starscream in a schoolgirl uniform

the giant robot plane thats a million years old

people made a stink out of that for attention

and the heinous perpetrator of the cultural appropriation for drawing this starscream dress drawing?

a seventeen year old japanese girl

ain’t that fuckin’ rich?

oh but it gets better

in the crusade for Justice against this actual child, they aggravated her heart condition and put her in the hospital

so, in their quest to defend a (mechanical) (thousand year old) (fictional) minor, they put a real minor in the hospital

for attention

and now, some hack asshole is trying to drag jones over this same crock of shit over a bunch of made-up reasons

again, for attention, because all of the info in the callout post is false

i’m fucking sick of this. stop harassing and hurting people you don’t know to get your fifteen minutes of internet fame, you heinous sacks of shit. is tarnishing the reputation of a hard-working, talented, good person REALLY worth the five followers you’ll gain on this shitty website? 

if you follow me or if you’re reading this, don’t just believe anything you read online. don’t read unsourced callout posts and just accept it at face value. you’re being played.

let this post be a general “fuck you” to anybody that thinks that making up shit about people for attention is okay. it’s not okay. you’re a fucking asshole. I know what it’s like to be dragged through the mud and have lies spread about you for no reason. shit’s not fun. if you do that or if you support that sort of thing, please go fuck yourselves.